Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Baptism of Emily

Emily Christening December 23, 2007...Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. Emily Christine with Dad and Mom and Ninangs and Ninongs... Philadelphia Familia de la Vida... Emily Christine is the daughter of my Nephew, our eldest brother's son, (now retired and residing in Manila) and sister to older daughter Francine (chin chin). Family live in Philadelphia and both parents are RNs... Somewhere in the 5th av and 53rd street to see the bright lights at Rockefeller Centre, Christmas night..with uncle Gene, also her physician... She came to see the snow, but the streets of NYC are clear and the temps above freezing, but may see some by Jan. 5 before returning home to California. Also 2 days late for Emily's baptismal party; blame the late Christmas Break...bibs in NYC HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL AND TO ALL A PROSPEROUS 2008...From me, bibs, the newest bibs and sister chin and the whole family...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Pixs Say it All...

Snow, Snow and more snow...


Dec 16, 2007 06:00 PM Andrew Chung
Staff Reporter
If Toronto were human, today it would be undergoing thousands of emergency angioplasties to unclog every inch of its 5,200 kilometres of roadways in a scale of operation not seen since the "disaster" of 1999.
So if you're wondering when your street will be cleared, the answer is, soon. Harried city workers are asking for patience - promising to get to you eventually.
the cleanup begins
digging up the white stuff.

But if you click in here, all sunshine enough to melt the snow and ice...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lord Black of Crossharbour, 61/2 years, $6.1millions forfeiture and $215 thousands fine..


Black fell down the Black Hole...

Paying the Price...the rise and fall of Lord Black of Crossharbour61/2 years,$ 215 thous, $6.1 millions forfeitures and both sides claim victory...

The time and life of Once a Great Canadian wiki here before he renounced his citizenship and becomes the Baron Black of he will be known..The Lord of the U.S. Penitentiary....

Conrad Black, Business Magnate, Once the owner of Newspaper Empire, Knighted by the Queen of England, Lord Black, Baron Black of Crossharbour, Historian and the latest to be added to his long and illustrious career and resume, a convicted felon, sentence 6 ½ years, $125, 000 fine, and $6.1 Millions forfeiture.

In Sentencing Conrad Black Judge Amy St. Eve in Chicago courtroom told him:

“Mr. Black, you have violated your duty to Hollinger International and its shareholders. I frankly cannot understand how somebody of your stature could engage in the conduct you have engaged in and put everything at risk ... In the U.S., there's equal justice under the law. No one is above the law and that, Mr. Black, includes you."

Mr. Black who through his lawyers asked re-acquisition of his Canadian Citizenship after Renouncing it, to accept peerage or Knighthood conferred by Queen Elizabeth II but not after suing then PM Martin for not giving him an exemption retaining his Citizenship while accepting the peerage.

Note: The Nickel Resolution of l919 barred Canadians from accepting knighthood or peerage from the Crown of England, unless after renouncing the citizenship.

The reason of course of Mr. Black wanting his citizenship back is to avail the prisoner exchange program, where each country can have each citizen serve his or her sentences in her or his country of citizenship and in the U.S. the felon there is no parole eligibility although a prisoners can pare 15 % of their sentences for good behaviour, while in Canada, prisoners are eligible for parole after serving one third for good behaviour and compulsory parole after serving two thirds. That is for crimes with no minimum sentences, like first degree murder or serious crimes.

Well, both sides claiming victory. On the prosecutors side, headed by the U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who said that they have a case of fraud to prove and they did and 6 ½ years is a lot of time and warning to anyone about stealing money from anyone.

From the Defense, Toronto Lawyer Eddie Greenspan, said they came in the trial accused of stealing $90 millions and expecting 20 years and what his client got is 6 ½ years and $6.1 millions way down from what he was accused of.

I wonder who really is victorious, one guy is going to prison, the shareholders lost millions, another tale of greed and most like what Judge Amy St. Eve, could not understand why, a man born wealthy, have everything, made more, arrogant to no limit, insulted his own country and now beg to be taken under her wing again. Yes, Canada may be one or perhaps the most compassionate nation in this planet, yet she has her limit, Will she takes Mr. Conrad Black again as her Citizen? Majority of Canadians don’t think so...

Here are some of the famous or infamous quotes from Mr. Black and you may search for more...

Thursday, December 06, 2007

'PORN' Furor Grips MPs


Government MP James Moore

update: 9.05 am, Dec 7, 07...And here's some more from the NDP, (New Democratic Party, or Socialists).. Yesterday, Deputy Leader Libbyy Davies offered yet the latest mea culpa, a stunning climb down from her party's accusation that a Liberal Candidate had tried to bribe his NDP rival into quiting the race. The result was devastating for the Liberal Candidate as he was dumped by then PM Paul Martin as the Party Flag Bearer after the allegation became public. The candidate already settled the lawsuit and still has to receive an apology from then PM Martin for dumpint him without looking at the matter further. Election Canada had cleared him of all look at the accusation of the NDP Junkyard Dog Tatics Check the star

Shame and Scandal in the House?

Opposition MP attacked a member of the Governing Party, accusing him of viewing some kind of 'Soft Porn' in the House of Commons, only to Apologize hours later when told by the young MP that the pictures of scantily clad woman he was looking at his laptap was that of his girlfriend.

New Democrat MP Irene Mathyssen launched an explosive attacked in the house of common that she saw Conservative MP James Moore looking at Playboy type picture of a scantily clad woman at his laptop moment before the parliament has to adjourn last Tuesday.

Noting that the Conservative Government cuts to a number of women’s program, Mathyssen said that Moore action give the impression that the government is no friend of women especially the 18 anniversary of the Montreal massacre of 14 women.

Since December 2004, when the chamber received a number of technological upgrades, MPs have had access to wireless Internet. Unlike many work environments, however, there are no restrictions placed on what websites politicians can look at.
MP Mathyssen said that she will make a formal apology in the house of commons at the earliest possible time and MP Moore when asked if he will file a lawsuit, has no comments.

MPs are protected from lawsuits and immune from prosecution of the actions and speech delivered in the House, but MP Mathyssen repeated her accusation to the reporters outside the house. We’ll see...for detail of the Porn that was not check just my girlfriendbut thanks for the compliments...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

First of Many-Snow Storm hits GTA

not a nice day for biking

First major snow storms hit most of Midwest and Eastern Canada, including GTA.

Well, the weatherman forecast this is going to be the year of La Nina, meaning a cold and bitter winter and more snow. Well, He is right if last night is the indicator. Woke up for my mid-morning coffee walk and have to struggle a 10 minutes walk to Tim Hortons into a 20 minutes and had to stop to help a woman driving her brand new Honda Accord stuck in a driveway in a “fresh” snow. Finally a fellow helping me pushing the car decided to ask her if she will allow one of us to drive and she willingly allowed the fellow to do it and it was the driver, not the snow that got the car stuck, she was spinning the wheels so hard. We gave her a quick tips of how to get unstuck in snow in any kind of situation, whether driving a four wheels traction or rear wheels or front wheels.

After the coffee, went back home, cranked up the old trusty snow thrower and made two passes over my neighbors walkways, shovels the edges and went back browsing the net.

And the weatherman says more snow expected for tomorrow, Monday and warning the early morning motorists to work to drive according to road conditions. And don’t forget to maintain that safe distance to the car in front.

To look on how the boys and girls work so hard to make our roads and highways safe to drive and ready during and immediately after a major Snow Storm, check this Video courtesy of the toronto star.

And to monitor the conditions and collisions and road emergencies, here are the maps of the of the monitoring cams and overhead displays along the major highways and roadway

For Southern Ontario Residents you may check here for up to the minute Weather Warming and do it before you go out especially on inclement weather to make sure you’ll get where you’re going....

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Explorer...Now She is Lost...

The Explorer lists in Antarctic waters yesterday after it hit some ice. The ship’s 154 passengers and crew escaped after a Norwegian boat picked them up.


`They promised an adventure but I don't think they ever intended to make it this good'

Now She is Lost...

The Explorer ended her 40 years of crisscrossing the Antarctica as she becomes the First Ship to sink in the frigid depth of the Ocean.

The first ship built to sail the Antarctic, she has the Firsts of many.

Operated by Toronto-based G.A.P. Adventures, Explorer is a small ship (75 meter long and 2,200 tonnes) with capacity of 100 passengers and 54 crews. But she was built to crunch ice as she plies the ice surfaced Antarctica.

All l54 passengers and crew were safely rescued by the National Geographic Expedition Ship Endeavor along with another bigger Norwegian Tourist Ship, The Nord Norge who arrived at the same time responding to the distress calls, and taken the passengers and crews on board and transported them all to Chile’s Air Force Base..

When Kruess’s ship arrived at the same, it was already four hours of waiting for the passengers and crew on board life boats and zodiacs and still dark.
There were 90 passengers, including 10 Canadian tourists, who paid Toronto's G.A.P. Adventures for a trip on its Antarctic cruise ship. Two of the crew were Canadian as well.

And here is an observation from Captain Kruess, Master of Expedition:

We experience breathtaking things down here, the landscapes, the whales, the penguins, the seals, it is difficult to describe, but this was the most dramatic thing I have ever seen,"

Kruess had worked on the Explorer for "one full Antarctic season" a few years ago, and knew many of the crew.

"We all know each other down here," he said
In an interview with the Star, Kruess called the rescue a masterful execution of seamanship and once the passengers and crew were accounted for, the shock set in that the Explorer, the ship that many of them had at one time or another worked on, was lying on her side, sinking as floes surrounded her.

And from one of the Endeavor’s crew “It was a small ship with a great crew, great camaraderie and lots of like-minded travellers. She went through some of the most incredible places in the world”.

The Explorer, she had gone places where few ships had been, finally gone to where few ships would ever want to be, under...

Read more from the pages of the toronto star, canada's largest...

--------------------And in a Sad Note:
Are we going for the Record?:

With Three Homicides (murders) in a span of 12 hours to Yesterday, the tally for this year is already 77, closing in the record of 89 in l991 and out of these, 35 were victims of guns...five more days and a month more to go and this could be one bloody year to remember..

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Taxing Bottled Water wouldn't just wash up....

Toronto City Council Plans to Tax Bottled Water Won’t Wash Up.

The idea was floated by one city councillor to tax bottled water at 5-cent for water bottled in the Province and 10-cents bottled outside at point of sale. But considering the number of retailers, this type of tax collection is soo expensive that the city Budget Chief is opposed to the idea and is not even certain if the city has the power to impose such tax. Under the law, the city can only collect taxes on alcohol, tobacco and entertainment, like concert tickets.

Unlike the province or the federal government, which already collect sales taxes, the city would have to set up a new bureaucracy.

I don't want to set up a department that's going to cost $8 million to $10 million to collect $15 million," said the budget chief.

But she added that if the city could have a sales tax that would generate $400 million a year, she'd be prepared to consider.

The idea of taxing bottle water is more of conservation than revenue. Most of these bottled water source are the same source of the tap water. And only 65% of bottles used for bottled water and other liquid drinks are recyclables and it took 20 million barrels of oil to produce the bottles for bottled water in America every year and imagine the oil used to transport them. Just turn on your taps, chill it and bottle it yourself and refill. Great lakes water tastes Great.

Before taking another sip from that expensive bottle of water, take a look at these facts..

Monday, November 19, 2007

Black-Focused Schools within the System??

Donna Harrow, left, and Angela Wilson say black-focused schools are available, as a right, if only the board follows its own alternative schools policy

Black Schools in Focus....

Royson James-Toronto Star Columnist:
There's a good chance that a mug shot of a young, black male will be on the pages of this newspaper this weekend – another victim of gun violence and public retribution that flows from the gang-and-drug culture. Almost immune, Torontonians spend little time connecting the dots between blood on the streets and failure at school. Until, maybe, when a stray bullet hits an innocent bystander like Jane Creba* in a public space.

*Jane Creba was a 15 year-old, on a Boxing Day shopping (a holiday after Christmas Day, Dec. 26, 2005) when she was fatally hit by a stray bullet fired during a running gunbattle between gangs of Black Youths, right on the busy downtown Toronto Streets.
Angela Wilson and Donna Harrow, both black parents have connected the dots and asked the Toronto District School Boards this summer to experiment with the black-focused schools as way of reaching at -risk students before they become thugs.
The Proposal ignited a fiery debate, that even the Premier toss his own Two Cents’ worth.
Donna Harrow, a grandma and runs a downtown community program has these to say:

The kids are killing each other. If we don’t take this as sympton of something, we are remiss as adults. It’s not going to fix itself.

Common estimate of Blacks dropping out of school at 40% and at age 16 more than half fell far behind in the Public School system that the only option is to quit.

'I can count more people who died from violent crime in Flemingdon Park than graduated from university'---MICHAEL COTEAU, school trustee.

Yet, Premier Dalton McGuinty says he's uncomfortable with an alternative school that aims to reach such kids. It upsets his sensibilities – along with those of many middle-class blacks – because it would be race-based.

The Toronto board has 33 alternative schools, created for all kinds of reasons – some pressing, like fear of physical attacks on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students; others merely philosophical, such as parents wanting a looser, less formal and structured school environment for their kids. Or one that stresses performing arts. Or year-round schools, of which there are an additional four. In all, 4,852 students attend alternative Toronto public schools.

This debate will get heat up, depending and how the pages of the dailies turn up with more mug shots of young Black Males victims of the night before and mug shots of Young Black males wanted for killings...or like Royson James wrote, when another stray bullet hit another innocent bystander in the Public Space like Jane Creba, that wakes up the consciousness of the whole city that there is a problem that’s needed some fixing, whatever it takes.... Check the pages of the Toronto Star for more details....

"This is a program that we need. I'm in the system. I'm a teacher. This is not the ultimate solution. But we take what we can get." -Kevin Cato, teacher

"There are important things to work through – content of curriculum, discipline, approaches to learning and navigating the differences in class, race, culture and differing immigration experiences of blacks. That doesn't mean it's not worth a try. I'm curious to see where it goes." "I'm trying to figure out why the angst. This is the fourth or fifth time this has surfaced. If it's about the achievement of black students, we should be willing to try what's possible. We need a curriculum and a school program that responds to the needs and expectations of students who are black." - Carl James, professor of education and sociology, York University

"You're talking about a 40 per cent failure rate. If this were any other community, something would be done. They would get on the stick." - David Watkins, teacher

We don't want a school where the first call is a call to the police; that has to stop. People are going to be teaching the children who are academically bright, capable, disciplined. We know they can learn. I've seen them in Africa, the Caribbean, in England. I've seen black schools where children sit and listen to their teachers and it can happen here as well. There are no guns. There is no need to beat them up." - Winston LaRose, Jane-Finch Concerned Citizens

"It must be funded by the government. It must be monitored by the best minds in our community and the broader society. What do the best minds mean? People who are trained with the sincerity and the morality and the understanding and the pride in our people. Not just see them as a number who come and because they come with a hood and a baggy pants, you pass judgment. You must love to educate. And ultimately, the Safe Schools Act that brings the police in and kick them out of school – there must be a way to respond to that, so we can show the world that we are about excellence and we are about education. - Dari Meade, concerned citizen

Friday, November 09, 2007

Lest We Forget...


The Canadian War Cemetery at Groesbeek is located atop a low, green hill just inside Holland on the Dutch-German border. More than 2,300 Canadians are buried or memorialized there, along with another 300 or so Allied war dead, mostly British.

On the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month...

A tribute by the Veterans to their fallen comrades... please watch and listen to this reading of "In Flanders Fields" by three World War II veterans for whom this poem has special significance.

In Flanders Fields
by John McCrae, May 1915

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep,
though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Are They Less Canadians???


Ken Cao, centre, from Markham, fishes with friends near Jackson’s Point on Lake Simcoe. There have been reports of assault, mischief and theft against Asian-Canadian fishermen in the area.

Hate Crimes or Just Hooliganism? The Human Rights Commission will soon find out and the Police is investigating them as Hate Crimes...

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has launched an inquiry into a string of recent assaults against Asian Canadian fishermen.

Chief commissioner and former Toronto mayor Barbara Hall made the announcement just days after York police revealed they'd laid more charges in the recent attacks.

"The first part is we're setting up a hotline, which we'll run for a month. We're encouraging people who have experienced violence or witnessed violence to contact us," Hall said after the news conference. "Then we'll be providing support, whether it's legal support (for anyone seeking damages) or counseling."

The commission plans to report back with recommendations.

A month ago, the Toronto Star broke the story about Asian Fishermen victimized by theft, assaults and mischiefs and four cases were confirmed. Since, more came forward, saying they too had been a victim of what the local youths called “nippertipping”.

"Nippertipping," a term coined from a derogatory word for the Japanese and the rural prank known as cow tipping, consists of sneaking up behind fishermen and shoving them in the lake.

Account of assaults stretch from Peterbourough to Kingston (Peterborough is 135 kms from Toronto, while Kingston is 260, both East) although is some cases in Westport for example, (45 minutes north of Kingston), some residents say the motivation for the attacks is not “racism’ but illicit nighttime fishing in supposedly protected sanctuary.

A coalition of Asian Canadian community groups called on police to investigate the attacks as hate crimes. Both York police and the Ontario Provincial Police announced they would be calling in their hate-crimes units, and last Sunday, police announced they had laid charges in four of six confirmed assaults.

Throughout these developments, a 23-year-old Toronto man has been fighting for his life. Yesterday marked an important day for Colin and Terry Berwick – their son, Shayne, pulled through a milestone surgery.

His skull was successfully put back together."You just can't imagine. The first time he opened his eyes. Elation. You just can't describe," Colin Berwick said yesterday after leaving the hospital. "Things are still crazy. I'm only working half days. I go to work, come home, pick up Terry. We're at the hospital every day. (Our son) Michael is there every night. Then on Saturdays we try to take some time for ourselves. We volunteer at the arena."

Doctors initially gave Shayne a 10 per cent chance of surviving. He and some friends had been fishing off Mossington Bridge in the town of Sutton, late at night Sept. 16, when two of his friends where pushed into the river by some locals, police said.

A fight broke out between the two groups. Shayne and his friends sped away from the bridge in a Honda Civic. One of the town kids chased them in a truck, police said, eventually running them off the road. Shayne and a friend were thrown from the car.

He's been in hospital ever since.

Trevor Middleton, 20, of Sutton was charged with two counts of criminal negligence causing bodily harm. On Oct. 22, police said he would also be charged with two additional assaults in the bridge incident. Last Sunday, Nicholas Perry, 19, also of Sutton, was also charged in the same altercation.

Police also learned of a fifth incident on Aug. 5, where a 37-year-old Toronto man was thrown into the water. Scott MacEachern, 19, who had already been charged in connection with an assault Aug. 6, was charged.

"We've now laid charges in four of six known incidents," Staff Sgt. Ricky Veerappan said following yesterday's news conference. "These are being investigated by the hate crimes unit, these are lengthy investigations, and we're still looking for witnesses."

"This is incredible news," said lawyer Avvy Go.

"Since the story was reported, we've heard of at least one incident going back as far as two years ago," she said.

People who believe they've been the victim of a racially motivated assault while fishing can call 1-866-237-1897 after Nov. 7. Interpreters fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Korean and Tagalog are available.

From the Toronto Star, published November 3, 2007 in its Toronto and Area Section

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jimmy the Slasher (tax Cuts) and shootout in Downtown TO

Trick or Treat!!! Finance Minister Jim Flaherty doling out Tax Cuts instead of candies this Halloween.

Jim the Slasher...Finance Minister Jim FlahertySlashes Taxes Left and Right..

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's election-ready minority government has offered most Canadians tax savings of several hundred dollars a year by trimming income taxes and cutting the GST by one percentage point

With the Government projecting a Budget Surplus surpassing last year $13.8 billions, it is getting ever ready for Election by further trimming down the Good and Services Tax another 1% from 6 after another 1% was trimmed last year. Personal Income tax was also lowered .5 (half a percent) point to 15 %.

And here is what the Slasher said about his mini-budget (annual budget would be tabled in Spring):

Canadians deserve a tax cut and all Canadians will get one.

And here are where the taxes are cut:
1. Goods and Services Tax..further 1% from 6% on top of 1% reduction last year, effective January 2008..Cost to Govt. in lower tax revenue $5 billions.

2. Income tax for personal income cut to 15 % from 15.5%, retro-active January 1, 2007.

3. Personal Exemption increase to $9,600 from the current threshold of $ 8,929 (the amount where all Canadians can earn without having to pay Federal Income Tax. And will further increase to $10,500 next year..

Combining 2 and 3 would mean income tax savings next year of $300 on average for a family bringing in between $30,000 to $45,000 a year. A Family earning 15 and 30 thousands would save 180 in 2008.

And while the two income tax measures will benefit all taxpayers, they are of particular value to low-income individuals. As a result, 385,000 people will be removed from the income tax rolls altogether, Flaherty estimated.
Including the latest GST cut, the government yesterday proposed personal tax reductions of $9.4 billion annually.

Flaherty also used his budget surpluses, which would have hit $16 billion this year without the new tax measures, to reduce corporate taxes "much deeper and much faster than ever contemplated before."

(So everyone gets a Treat from Ottawa this Halloween.)

Finance Minister Flaherty had to deliver his mini-budget in National Press Theater across the House of Commons because the opposition NDP (New Democtratic Party) refused his 11th hour request to deliver the Mini in the house.

NDP Leader Jack Layton said he would not co-operate with the Conservative Publicity Gimmick.
(No wonder the NDP ever since its founding could not win a Federal Government, even though its Provincial counterparts have been winning governments most especially in Saskatchewan and Manitoba).

Well the NDP has always been in opposition, so it is getting comfortable with its role, whereas the Liberal and the Conservative have been alternating leading the Government. Forget about the Parti Québécois, it is only running candidates in the Province of Quebec, not Federally all over...

And what the Provincials and Municipal government have to say about the Federal surplus. Nothing much except asking some handouts, instead of putting their own houses in order...

For the mini budget and more, it’s h e r e


Betsy Powell
Crime Reporter--Toronto Star
A wounded man was the only victim of a running gun battle between two armed groups who fired at least 40 shots on a downtown Toronto street early yesterday, police said.
The fusillade blew out car windows and left bullet holes in storefronts on Adelaide St. W.

It was 3 am and the rival gangs decided to shoot it out after a night a partying and maybe some ‘praining’.

For eye witnesses accounts and video visit thetoronto star here

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tackling Official Corruptions...the Canadian Way..

Federal Auditor General Sheila Fraser..started the ball rolling after an article in a Daily Paper Globe and Mail questioned the Government in what it suspected as "fraud" in Sponsorship Program...

Tackling Official Corruptions, the Canadian Way..

Corruptions by Elected Officials and Public Servants are happening in almost Every Government and Country anywhere. It is endemic to most countries where Governments are weak and to some where Poverty and Widespread Inequity are the realities of everyday existence. But First World countries are not exempt, not even in our case to which a few years ago the now famous Sponsorship Programs Scandal was exposed and made every Canadian wondering why such corruptions of the scope unimaginable would ever happen in this Country so Proud of its Transparency and Accountability of the people who were elected to led.

What is the Sponsorship Program?

It was the Federal Program set up in the wake of 1995 Quebec Sovereignty to help promote Federalism and the money was supposed to be used to raise Canada’s profile in Quebec.

How the Scandal was exposed?
In 2002 the PM of the day, Jean Chretien was forced to address the issue when the Globe and Mail, a major daily paper, Under the Access of Information Act, tried to find out why the Government paid $550,000 to the advertising firm Groupaction Marketing for a report that could not be found, and no one at the Public Works ministry or the ad firm could answer it.

PM Chretien called on federal Auditor General Sheila Fraser to look at the matter. She found out a lot to launch a full investigation and ask the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to get involved as well..

Short of two years later, Fraser released her explosive report, and not shy to use the words such as “appalling”and “scandalous” to describe how the Liberals abused the system.

She found out that money in the amount of $100 millions were paid to various communications agencies in the form of commissions and fees and said the program was basically designed to generate commissions to the said companies than to benefit Canadians.

That Public Works officials “just broke every rule in the book” awarding contracts to the company Groupaction which was paid millions. Details of federal Auditor General Sheila Fraser’s report can be checked here (auditor’s report 2004)

PM Chretien had already resigned after 11 years and Paul Martin replaced him as the Party Leader and PM and Martin promptly called on Justice Gomery to conduct an Inquiry and promised to resign if there was evidence that he knew of the frauds in the program. Final reports didn’t implicate Paul Martin, but he resigned after the Liberal lost the government after the election that was called when the Parliament lost the confidence of the Government due to the Scandal.

Justice Gomery's Reports phase 1 and 2 can also be read here..phase 1 and phase 2 and final report

Important note: Both PM Paul Martin and former PM Chretien appeared before the Inquiry to give testimonies under oath. For PM Martin it was the first time since Canada was Six Years old that a sitting PM appeared before a Public Inquiry.

The RCMP was also involved, investigating allegations of fraud beginning in May 2002.


Justice Gomery's reports were conclusive and painted the picture clearly of what happened to the program. Who were responsible and also recommended to the Government of measures to strengthened accountability in governance.

RCMP criminal investigations resulted in Criminal Charges and Convictions for the officials and business people involved in frauds and conspiracy.

Former PM Chretien against his strong protestation was implicated lightly as not diligence in his watch, but absolved of any direct knowledge of fraud committed by his party members and officials. He was a Good Prime Minister and still other than this scandal during his Eleven Years as PM, will be remembered as One Great Leader and a very distinguished career for his decades of government service in many other positions.

PM Paul Martin was not implicated as having any knowledge of the ongoing scandal while Finance Minister during the time.

Although he lost the government due to the scandal and resigned as party leader, he came out clean and his reputations untarnished. Another Good Leader who didn’t have much chance to prove himself, but proved it in another capacity as Former Finance Minister, bringing Canada to a healthy budget surplus, that is still enjoyed by the current government, from deficit in previous years. A very successful businessman in his private life, a well respected family man and he has done a good job to his country and people in public and private.

Thus, we have concluded one of the biggest scandals in our history as a nation born some 140 years ago (1867). We may have some in the future, but I believe that if it ever happens again, we have the resolve to face up to it and have the courage to deal with it squarely and in our own way bring each and everyone to proper resolution...

For indepth details and related items you may go tothis site

And for more readings here arethe top 10 scandals in Canadian Political History...some were just scandals and remained scandals while others were later proven more than just scandals, some funny, some serious..

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Government Introduces Law banning veiled voting...

Lifting the Veil

Just last month, Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand, challenged the government on the law that requires voters in federal elections to identify themselves and noted that the law does not specify... how? And said that he will allow Muslim women voters wearing veil to vote without uncovering their faces for identification. Threat and counter threats of lawsuits between the Government and the Chief ensued, but during a press conference the Chief challenged the Government if to show faces is what the MPs intended, then change the law and the Government responded by doing just that, introducing the law banning veiled voting". And more debates ensued...funny those politicians..

And here are the Two Cents from some of them:

Peter Van Loan, the minister responsible for democratic reform:
said he hopes the bill will settle the potentially corrosive debate over the accommodation of diverse religious beliefs.

Liberal deputy leader Michael Ignatieff:
I do not want this debate imported into the House of Commons,"
While he supports requiring all voters to identify themselves, he added "What I don't like about this whole project is the idea that we take a bunch of women wearing veils and we make a whole big deal about this . . . Let's not have politicians fishing around and creating divisions between Canadians about this."

Mohamed Elmasry of the Canadian Islamic Congress:
the law is unnecessary and will feed discrimination against Muslim Canadians. And he suggested the Tories are hoping to make "political mileage among Islamophobes."

Sameer Zuberi, of the Council on American Islamic Relations-Canada:
the federal Tories are trying to "win over Quebec" by jumping on an issue that is already raging in the province. He questioned the urgency of the matter given that "there are hardly any" women in Canada who choose to wear niqabs or burkas to cover their faces.

The issue of veiled voters first came up during the Quebec provincial election last spring, adding fuel to an already heated debate over how far the province should go in accommodating newcomers. Action démocratique du Québec Leader Mario Dumont's popularity surged after he suggested Quebec has gone too far in catering to immigrants.

Last month, the issue popped up on the national radar during three federal byelections in Quebec. Marc Mayrand, the country's chief electoral officer, opened a political storm when he said the law did not require byelection voters to uncover their faces.

For details and more Two Cents from all parties of interest, you may go to the link in first paragraph, for the background and how it all started here is my previous post on the subject but here is for the sunshines of the week...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Measures Against Crime and Terrorism...

UPDATE: TTC’s Cameras face Probe...

Toronto Star
Oct 25, 2007 04:30 AM Paola Loriggio
Staff Reporter
Ontario's privacy commissioner will investigate whether installing thousands of security cameras in Toronto's transit system would breach riders' privacy.

Privacy commissioner Ann Cavoukian's involvement was in response to a complaint filed yesterday by the London-based organization Privacy International, which argues there is no public-interest justification for the $21 million security system approved by the TTC last spring.

The London organization contends the security project violates Canadian privacy laws.
TTC chairman Adam Giambrone, who has not seen the document, said the transit authority is acting in line with privacy regulations.
He said the cameras will not be monitored and that only police can access the footage.
"This kind of system is common in transit communities across Canada," including Montreal and Vancouver, Giambrone said.

The project calls for up to 10,000 cameras to be installed in TTC subway cars, buses and streetcars, on top of the 1,500 or so currently in place.
Many of the new cameras have already been installed but are not yet switched on, Giambrone said.

The project's completion is scheduled for June.

"It would be unusual if only Toronto were segregated when every major city with a transit authority has a surveillance system," Giambrone said.
He said the TTC will co-operate with the probe by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, but will not interrupt the project unless a stop order is issued.

The commissioner's office will take a full look at the complaint, though it's too early to say how this will play out, spokesperson Bob Spence told The Canadian Press.
"We're looking at exactly why they're putting up cameras – are they putting up signs so that people are aware of the cameras?"

Well, there you go... Less than a week after the installation of the surveillance cameras had been announced, challenge number one has already on the book...

In my Main Entry, I am quite sure that someday if the challenge is brought before the courts, the installation of Cameras will be upheld as reasonable since all precautions and assurances to respect privacy of every citizen been carefully considered...but it is always better to have all the challenges cleared, before switching the Cameras on...

TTC announced Installation of Additional 10000 Cameras on all TTCs vehicles, stations and properties...

TTC chairman Adam Giambrone shows off a newly installed security camera at Ossington subway station yesterday. (Alex Urosevic, Sun Media)

Every Rider in Toronto Transit System will be on Camera.
Another anti-crime, anti-terrorism measure will be in place by June. In a world where a threat from terrorists attacks anytime is now everyone subconscious state of mind, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC, the public mass transit system, serving 1.5 million riders daily) is trying to help ease up this concern a lot.

City Councillor and TTC Chair Adam Giambrone is quoted here for his Security Measures..
"There will be cameras everywhere. Everyone who enters the TTC legally or illegally will be photographed. He said the photographs will be accessible only to police to help solve crimes"."

"Workers or police at the TTC's command centre will be able to instantly view live video or hear audio from any of the security cameras installed on subway cars".

"We don't believe this is an invasion of privacy since police will be the only ones with access to the information. We believe the cameras will help solve crimes and act as a deterrent. We want to ensure the safety of the public traveling on the TTC"."

Controllers will also be able to obtain a live audio feed for incidents on other TTC vehicles for emergency issues..

The Chair added:
"The tiny cams (12000 of them) are one of many features of an overall TTC security plan that includes increasing the amount of TTC constables and adding motion detectors on its property".

TTC spokesman Marilyn Bolton said transit officials worked with police to obtain good-quality cameras that can capture images that will stand up in court.

"Our employees have no access to the images," Bolton said. "The information is not available to everybody."

Councillor Peter Milczyn added his two cents:

"There was a need for the cameras to protect the traveling public.
This is something that we need in our society today. They can help with terrorism and day-to-day cases."
(Now you said the dreaded word T).

But on the other side of the coin, Alice Barton, of Toronto Public Space Committee, said her group disagrees with the use of the TTC cameras, which she feels violate the privacy of riders.

"We are very opposed to the use of cameras in public spaces . It is very intrusive when police can keep track on the movements of people."

She said her group is concerned that police will have full access of the images without oversight of their use.

But then it was calls from the public for cameras that escalated after a number of robberies and shootings, including a stabbing in one of the subway stations. Police issue photos by TTC on a regular basis for wanted criminals.

Proponents also maintain the cams can be used -- as was done by police in London, England -- to nab terrorists or break up their cells.
For more of the story visit the other Toronto's daily toronto sun. and for the sunshine of your life just point your mouse you are the sunshine of my life and clik..

My thoughts: someday some accused arrested and charged as the result of the images and audio taken by the TTC cams will challenge its constitutionality as a violation of privacy. But recent rulings by the courts that give precedence to Public Safety may rule that such limits to privacy rights are reasonable under Section 1 of the Charter which states:

1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.
So, the question if this measure and other measures being installed and implemented by the TTC are reasonable limits? I believe so, considering the crimes and vandalism on the properties of the Publicly Funded Transit system is on the rise and the threats of Terrorism on a daily basis is of everyone concern, the courts would be taking the safety of the public as their primary consideration and would let the limits stand as constitutional...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Take it or Leave it...

Prime Minister Harper responding to the Liberal Amendment to his Anti-Crime Bill...
Take it or Leave it..Government warns oppositions to pass the Bill without changes

That’s the message of PM Harper Minority Government to the Oppositions in the house for the Omnibus Crime Bill to be introduced after the Throne Speech that outlined the Government Plan of Action during this year’s session of Parliament.

That daring do challenge was the result of Opposition Liberal Leader Stephan Dion announcement that his Party is not ready for an immediate election for not supporting the Throne Speech.

Some of the provision of Tough Crime Legislation is the Automatic Refusal of Bail for Gun Crime and the other contentious one is the Strike Three you’re out Provision for individual convicted of Serious Crimes.

And still the other one is the raising the age of consent of sexual activities from 14 to l6...for details on this proposed change, you may read here the intentions of the ressurected bill , the move that will Bring Canada in line with other countries such as U.S, Britain and Australia.

The proposed bill revives Criminal Code reforms to:
*Automatically refuse bail to those charged with gun crimes.

*Provide longer mandatory minimum jail terms for gun- and gang-related crimes.

*Make it easier for police to detect and charge drivers impaired by drugs.

*Raise the legal age of consent for sexual activity to 16 from 14.

*Make it easier to prosecute and indefinitely jail "dangerous offenders" after three convictions for serious crimes.

With the omnibus bill, and the threat of a confidence vote on it – which could trigger an election if the government doesn't win – the Conservatives are boasting of having boxed in the Liberals.

"If they have a problem with the area on dangerous offenders and that's the hill they want to die on – standing up for dangerous offenders in this country – that's their decision," said Nicholson.

Liberal justice critic Marlene Jennings said the Liberal caucus would have to decide, given the government's threat, "if that's a battle we want to fight."

The Prospect of Election is still with us, if the Liberal do not support the Bill without Changes or do not support the bill at all, as promised by the Government every vote will be a vote of Confidence and the defeat of any bill as outline in the Throne Speech will be a lost of Confidence...

To read the details of this Take it or Leave it offer check the Threats Here..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Mistake Corrected..the Mullins-Johnson Case...

William Mullins-Johnson gets a hug from his aunt, Linda Lariviere, yesterday. He said most family members spurned him after his conviction.

Yesterday, the Court of Appeals of Ontario, acquited Mullins-Johnson for the Murder and Rape of his 4-year old niece for which he already spent 12 years in Jail..

For details of this case you may check the previous entry, in which I first posted the developments leading to the latest decision by the Appeal Court archives...

Also the Crown Prosecutor offered an Apology to Mullins-Jonhson and family on behalf of the Attorney General of Ontario..

Mullins-Johnson's lawyers, James Lockyer, David Bayliss and Michael Lomer, are also asking the court to more formally express a belief in their client's "factual innocence," if indeed that's what the court believes. "This is a human request ... not a legal one," Lockyer told the panel, which reserved its decision on the issue.

For more of this, and how the Panel came to its decision you may go the toronto star for details ..

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Federal Election in fall or winter... the Trap is set....

Prime Minister Steven Harper... confident and ready for Election...

Update: October 18, 2007 8:30 am.. the official opposition Liberal Party decided that it is not ready for Election now. Leader Stephan Dion announced in the House that his party is not going to vote against the Throne Speech by the Governing Conservatives..the other two parties already announced that they are not going to support the Speech, but between them, they don't have enough numbers to force an Election. So for now business as usual...

Canadians, are you ready for the Fall Election? Or maybe the same as the last one, in Winter?
The sign is that, the Minority Conservative Government is primed and ready for election. The PM may not call it, but let the oppositions get in the trap and it is about to be set...

And from today’s Toronto Star headlines the trap is set.. Read the rest of the story of the possible showdown this fall or winter ...

OTTAWA — Since his first Speech from the Throne 20 months ago, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made a high art of treading thin political lines and carving off even thinner wedges of territory in which he can plant the Conservative party's flag.

He has courted ethnic votes across the country, ramped up support for the military, shifted focus on the environment and championed a get-tough approach to criminal justice. This is to say nothing of the many efforts Harper has made to win over Quebec voters.

His second throne speech, which will be delivered Tuesday evening, is expected to trumpet those causes as promises both made and kept, and to build on them in small but meaningful ways. Harper has promised a tax cut, a limit on Ottawa's ability to spend money in provincial jurisdictions, more crime bills and additional initiatives to protect the environment.

But the Prime Minister's framing of the debate that begins with the throne speech also promises to kick off a frantic period of political jousting in the capital. It will ensure that MPs are never more than a phone call away from Parliament Hill. They will be keeping their flashy election signs even closer.

In his search for a stronger hold on power, Harper has laid down an aggressive ultimatum to opposition parties that puts the trigger for an election in their hands, but ensures that he remains the one directing the firing squad.

His audacious threat to make every piece of legislation that stems from the speech subject to a confidence vote – meaning a defeated bill would spark an election – appears designed to force the hand of a Liberal party in disarray that is ill-prepared for an election. It comes from an election-ready government that, as of last week, was said to be writing the throne speech, campaign platform and debate preparation all at the same time.

What is the Throne Speech...

A Speech from the Throne is prepared by the Prime Minister’s office and delivered by the Governor General (as the representative of the Queen) that reveals to the House of Commons and Senate, the work the Government proposes for the new session of the Parliament. It contains comments on the state of the nation and outlines measures on which the government will seek Parliamentary action.

The Parliamentary system of Government as adapted in most commonwealth and former British colonies follow the system of the present United Kingdom set-up, although some have modifications and refinements, best suited for each independent country.

Canadian system as it is now, the Party in Government has a mandate of 5 years (usually election is called in four years) but the Government of the Day has the option of calling it anytime within the process.

In a majority government, where it can proceed and implement it’s own programs and can assure of the vote of the house of commons, it will call election almost to the expiration of its mandate. But it is a different matter for a minority government (which the sitting government is the minority). It is governing with the support of anyone party or combination of parties, in every major legislation that it proposes. And the defeat of the Budget is an automatic loss of confidence that will necessitate dissolution and call for election.

And also a minority government can call an election when it feels the tide is in its favour to return a majority government. But short of calling the Election, it can force the opposition by exactly doing what the Current Government is doing. Setting the Trap and let the oppositions decide if they are as ready for the Showdown...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Liberals back in Government with a Majority...

A triumphant Dalton McGuinty gets a congratulatory kiss from wife Terri, as supporters chanted, "Four More Years".. First Back to Back majority for the Liberals in 70 years...

Provincial Election Results:
Liberal Back in Government with a MAJORITY:

Liberals: 71 seats - 42 % popular, lost 1 seat.

Conservatives: 26 seats -32 % popular vote. gained 2 seats.

New Democrats: 10 seats - 17 % popular vote. Gained 3 seats same popular vote.

Green: 0 seats - 8% popular vote..about the same as last election...

(four seats added from 103 to 107, regular re-adjustments).

Forgiving his broken promise not to raise taxes in 2003, voters yesterday handed Premier Dalton McGuinty the first back-to-back Liberal majority government since Mitch Hepburn won 70 years ago. Read the complete coverage here..

I would say, Conservatives leader John Tory ran a very, very bad campaign...

First, the issue of Publicly funding all faith-base schools at an estimated initial costs of $400 annually for 53,000 thousands students, a 3 % of the total provincial students (Separate School system, the Catholic Schools account for 600,000 students) and could grow up is just too much for the voters. I mentioned in previous post that this is the hottest issue, that voters almost disregard all other issues Election hottest issue..

However, the gravest concern with the Conservative plan came from within the party, where there are still wounds from Davis's (former Conservative Premier) Catholic school funding proclamation a generation ago. The unrest within the party forced Tory to reverse his stance and say that a free vote would be held in the Legislature on the issue.

Second, Party leader Tory run against Liberal Education Minister Kathleen Wayne, a very popular member of the Liberal who promised to also strengthened her Education Ministry, hoping to Unseat the minister on his promise of Funding all faith-based schools that even Fragmented his own party candidates. Tory Failed to win a seat.

Tory has forgotten the rule of Politics, a good manager does not really translate to being a winning politician. That he can not underestimate the voters by forcing his agenda before consulting the public for their sentiments or even his own caucus, which were not unanimous with his major campaign programs..

For Referendum results, the first referendum in 83 years was a disappointment, not because the voters voted 2-1 to stay for the same First Past the Post system than to change to Mixed Member Proportional Representation, but because of the failure by referendum body to fully inform the voters what the Referendum was about...

I myself was surprised that so many voters do not even knew or understood what a mixed member proportional meant. Considering that the province has no referendum experience for the last 83 years, this is not surprising....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Election Day - polls open 9:00am to 9:00pm EDT

Party Leaders: Left top-Dalton McGuinty-Liberals
Right top-John Tory-Conservatives
Bottom left-Howard Hampton, New Democrats
Bottom right-Frank De Jong-Green

Last words from the Leaders:

Dalton McGuinty:We’re working with Toronto and cities across Ontario — fixing the problems created by the Harris Tory party. We have uploaded costing and responsibilities. We’ll keep working together, and we have asked the federal government to do its part too.

John Tory :Throughout this election, I strived to be straightforward, honest and accountable. I have not shied away from difficult issues or from real voters, and have willingly answered all of their questions.
My party has laid out a plan that is affordable, realistic and fair for every person in Ontario.

Howard Hampton:More and more people are coming to the New Democrats. They know we're the only party they can count on to stick up for them and fight for a fair deal for Toronto.
The NDP has run a positive campaign, speaking about issues that working families care about. We put forward a clear alternative – six practical, fully-costed and affordable commitment.

Frank De Jong:Ontarians should vote for the Green party because ours is the only party that's willing to say what needs to be said, and to do what needs to be done to ensure that our children and grandchildren have a future.
Our policies recognize that the health of our society, environment and economy are interdependent, and that any solution to current challenges must address that reality.

To read more of the last words from the four leaders, you may go to the Star forcomplete coverage

Reminders to all Voters: If you can not be able to vote before going to work, that by law each eligible voter is allowed a Three Hours window after the polls opening and before closing. That you should be off by 6:00pm or start after 9:00 up to 12:00 noon..inform your employer if you're going to vote... it is the Law...

9:50 am - just back home from 3 kms. walk to the polling place to cast my vote. all the way to the Public School Gym where the polls located there was not a single campaign poster along the way. There are few in some houses down our road and they are all small ones in a removable posts displayed on the lawn. clean up is done within two days after election day.

How we vote in the Provincial Election:
The voting process is as simple as it can get. Voter bring along a registration notice mailed at least two weeks before election day to the polling place where young clerks will direct the voter to the poll assigned. Present the registration card to the returning officer and he or she will jot down the voters name along with the registration number, cross out the voter's name in the list and the clerk will give out the ballots with his or her initials. An id (preferably driver's license or any valid photo id maybe asked for verification) then a voter will proceed to a table where a pair of two cardboard boxes with a pencil and mark X opposite the name of candidate of choice, only one candidate..Candidates are listed in alphabetical order and noted within the box under which party they are running for.

Takes less than a few seconds to do the X inside the small circle and this year there is a referendum proposed by the Citizen Assembly to give the voters a choice to change the election system to Mixed Members Proportional Representation or stay with the status quo First Past the Post system. also an X will indicate the choice.

After all the Xes done, bring back the ballots to the clerk folded with the clerk's initial showing. The returning officer will note in his logbook that voting is done. Ballots are returned back to the voter to drop in a ballot box where they will stay until the closing time, where they will be brought to a location for electronic counting.

Results will start pouring in the Media counts within 30 minutes and as long as everything is going fine, final tallying will be available by midnight, 3 hours after closing, unofficially, but usually the same as the official results. Ballots are kept in safe locations known only to the election officers and witnesses, and will be retrieved only under court order if there is any election protest or if automatic recount would not resolve the issue...Automatic recount is only done if the winning candidate margin is too narrow within the pre-established number.

If the party who win the election is in majority, the mandate is four years at a fixed date for the next election, unless the parliament is dissolve for any other reason. If it is a minority, election can be called anytime if the government loss the confidence of the Parliament...done my civic duty in about a minute...


Monday, October 08, 2007

American Desperately Seeking Medicare....

Jeanne Sather as pictured in her WEBSITE... assertivepatient .com,

Lately, we have been bombarded with a few ‘Brouhahas’ directed to the medical profession of the Philippines and also to the former President, what most Filipinos all over the globe considered as some kind or racial slurs and belittling of the Filipinos as a whole.

Well there are too many already who have taken the cause; wrote about them, demanding this and that from the parties of interests so instead this Entry is about one American in particular who again raise the issue of the U.S. very “excellent” health care for many but not all Americans.

It concerns one American named Jeanne Sather who initially as joke put out an ad which contents I will post here:

Me: Writer, artist, teacher ... mother of two almost-grown sons ... vegetarian (but you don't have to be). Loves animals (two large dogs and three cats), gardening, house projects. The beach. Books. Travel. Financially solvent except for absurdly expensive health insurance premiums and medical costs.

You: Age 45 to about 57. Canadian citizen living in Vancouver, B.C., or willing to relocate there. Cancer patient or survivor. Open-minded. Bit of a risk taker. Warm hearted but not clinging. bald OK.

Check this article from to know more about Sather search for Canadian Husband..

This ad solicited all kind or responses, some for support and also scorn from both Americans and Canadians.

Just two days after she posted her ad on her blog assertivepatient .com, on Labour Day, Sather received her first serious response. That set her wondering if she could connect with someone who could solve her financial worries.

What began as a joke has become a serious enough quest that Sather has found herself fantasizing about marriage to two men she has never met.

A third proposal is from a female University of Toronto student who is not gay but nevertheless offered to marry Sather.

And here's what a female U.T. student has to say of her proposal: "The fact that your country doesn't have a universal health-care program when most every other industrialized nation in the world has seen to putting one together is completely inexcusable".

"As such, I'm offering my hand in marriage if it will help you receive treatment without having to declare bankruptcy."

To read more of the articles and the one from Canadian Daily check this out..Deserately Seeking Medicare..

Although most Americans are covered by their “Excellent Medical” care, there are also a large percentage that fall thru the Non-Universality of the system that is Profit Oriented. And considering the cost of today’s Health care, it will put even a middle class family among the marginalized segment of the great American society.

This coming Presidential Election, presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton floated the idea of adapting a universal health care scheme for the whole U.S.A. The idea was floated during the tenure of her Husband Bill Clinton, but never gain any ground due to strong resistance from the Insurance business and the profitable health care providers.

Will the Americans ever see a Universal Care system the likes of United Kingdom, Canada and most industrialized countries? It will take a great courage and convictions for any administration to push the system, considering that Health Care American style is a Big Business. Still it is possible. Americans are a people of great convictions and courage and can do whatever they set out to do. She is economically sound and ready for such system, but then it is up for the Americans as Americans are the master of their own fate...

And most of my family members reside, work and study in America and that is including our bibs...

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ontrario Vote Countdown -- Three more days to go...

Ontario Vote Countdown – Three more days to go...

Parties Platforms: start with governing party, the Liberals to Conservatives, the official opposition and the New Democrats, the other party in Government. The Green party, although has candidates in every riding is not included as it has to win a seat yet.

Liberal Party Platforms: * Continue levying health tax up to $900 per person.

Begins measuring emergency room wait times.

100 new medical school spaces.

Free PSA test for men and fertility test for women.

Electronic health records for every citizens by 2015.

Progressive Conservatives:
* Phase out Health tax over four years.

Electronic health care records by 2014.

Send out Premier John Tory to the U.S. to lure more than 9000 Canadian Doctors working there. (Come home sis and bro-in-law).

Allow more Private Clinics but only if Ontarians would be able to pay for care with OHIP cards (our health care cards, all residents have one)

Allow private sectors to build more modern Health-Care facilities.

New Democrats:
*Reduce health tax for people earning less than $80 thousands and eliminate it under $48 thousands.

Raise price of cigarettes by 17% to encourage smokers to quit.
Resume health care coverage for optical care, physiotherapy and chiropractic care removed by the current Liberals.

Minimum of 3.5 hours of personal daily care of residents of nursing homes.

Note: the NDP platforms look so good, but chances of winning the government is quite dim.

On Education:

**Expand kindergarten to a full day.

Ban trans fat from school cafeterias and require healthy menus.

Introduce on line Homework help.

$300 “textbook and technology” grant for post secondary students.

$10 Millions to prepare school to deliver Autism Therapy (I like this one).

Review school funding by 2010.

Conservatives: **$400 millions to extend funding to all Faith based schools following the Ontario curriculum and hiring accredited Teachers.

Annual Review of school funding formula.

Frequent standardized testing of students.

Limit homework to TEN MINUTES per grade level each night.

$75 millions annually to expand Autism therapy into classrooms. (Even better).

New Democrats: **$800 million to expand kindergarten to a full day.

$100 million to improve services for children with autism. (much better than the Liberals).
Roll back and freeze University and College tuition to 2003 level.(University and College fees are not fully funded, but subsidized to up to 60 % and student loans are available to qualified post secondary students).

$75 Millions more for School supplies so Parents would no longer to have to hold Bake Sales (True: some parents do hold bake sale to supplement their children school supplies).

I just post the platforms for two of the most important issues in our society. To check the rest regarding the Environment, Poverty, Economy, and download to Municipalities and Cities you may check the complete list at this PDF files..Political Parties Election Campaign Platforms here...

My comments: The polls show that the Liberal is still leading three days going into the polls. Polls survey give the Liberal 43%, Conservative 32% and the New Democrats 18%. The rest are for the Green party and other independent candidates. You may check the complete polls surveys by several polling agencies,surveys here.

The Conservatives going into the Campaign as the favourite to unseat the Liberals. But their Trojan Horse that may bring back the Liberals is the Promise of Public Funding to all Faith based schools that the Public is not quite ready to embrace yet. Although party leader John Tory, did a “wee bit” of backtracking that if elected Premier, he will allow a Free Vote on the issue. Maybe a little too late, because the issue even caused fragmentation within the Party Caucus.

On Matter of Referendum..Note; the parties are not allowed by law to campaign on referendum issue:

The YES VOTE: Allowing Mixed Members Proportional(MMP) Representations in Provincial Parliament. Explanation: if carried, the Parliament will be adjusted to 129 members from l07 by 2012, 90 of which will be elected directly by voters in 90 ridings and the other 39 from the Party List in proportion to their Popular votes..

The NO VOTE: Maintain the Status Quo or First Past the Post ( or a simple majority votes).

My Prediction: the NO Vote will carry the day. Voters, minority of which would like to see other parties, like the Green or even Communist Party get representations in the Parliament, the Majority still prefer the old system where Members are Accountable to both their Parties and the Voters of every riding. Most voters feel comfortable meeting their representatives face to face and talk about the issues of the day and that is not possible for party list members that represent no riding and only accountable to their parties and the chance of representatives nominated by their parties not acceptable to the General Public...I will vote a Big NO.

For Ontarians of voting age, no matter how you vote, Please go out and Vote this Wednesday, October 10, 9:00am to 9:00pm. Plenty of time before and after work. Or make sure to remind your employer that a THREE HOURS window is in effect and it is the Law. And even if not registered go to your polling station, (the list is available from Election Ontario) and register right at the Polls. Bring at least two ids with photo. Do not let others speak out for you... Vote...

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Filipino Housekeeper Found Slain in her Employer's House...

Jocelyn Dulnuan - Peel Police file photo...

UPDATE: October 7, Sunday 12:15 pm

Help sought to help send Jocelyn home.

A trust fund for Jocelyn is set up and be ready by Thursday at Dominion Bank.

Meanwhile, the friends of Jocelyn has not heard from the Philippine Consulate about the request to help facilitate the shipment of her body to her family home. There were already reports that the Department of Foreign Affairs has instructed the Philippine Consulate in Toronto to extend full assistance to the victim. For details of the update, you may read it here
help sought..

Maid Found Slain..Peel Police released the name of the Filipino Maid found slain in her Employer’s House Monday afternoon. Jocelyn Dulnuan, 27 years old and has been here since November of last year on working permit.

Homicide detectives have remained tight-lipped about who killed the 27-year-old and why, but friends say she'd been feeling uneasy.
"There's a second door in the back of the house that leads to the basement where her room is. She told me the last time I saw her that there's a river behind the house, so someone could just pass onto the (property) there, around the gates," said Lyn, 27, who is also a housekeeper. Lyn, who did not want her last name published, said she spoke with Dulnuan the morning she was killed.

Peel homicide Insp. Norm English refused to say how many suspects are being sought or reveal details of the crime, including how Dulnuan died and when.
"The persons that would know that are the killers and I'll hold that off until we interview them," he said at a media conference.

Peel police assured the public this is an Isolated case and the place was targeted for some specific reason (but would not say if it's roberry) and its Homicide Investigators are working around the Clock to try and solve the Crime. Forensic personnel are doing the painstaking gathering of evidence and said it may take a week to process the Crime Scene..
And it is also asking anyone with any information to call the Peel Police or Peel Crimes Stopper.

Jocelyn Dulnuan is a graduate of Criminology from the University of Baguio and has worked in Hongkong, where her mother is laso working, before moving to Canada.

She left a 3-year old daughter and fiancee. The family would long to have the body home, but Unfortunately the Philippine Consulate can not fund the Shipment..

Friends are planning to set up a Trust Fund for Jocelyn.
For details of the case and more from the Police and Friends of Jocelyn, please read more at... toronto star, gta section here..

Monday, October 01, 2007

If I were an Idiot-I would be among the first 28s

A very Important Breaking News--9:30am, October 3..Police say they have reason to suspect foul play after housekeeper found dead in Mississauga.
Radio Stations reported in their News update that the victim is a 27 years old Filipino woman working as housekeeper maid in the sprawling two-story mansion.
Police said they will release the name of the victim at the news coference this morning..
For details of this incident check the initial reports at the Toronto Star here.

A very Important Reminder to those who drive with a lead foot and say "ain't too drunk to drive tonight, darling". The New Street Racing Law takes effect Midnight tonight (Sept. 30, 2007) and the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) warms that this will be 'shock and awe' to those that have the inclinations to do following things.

>>go over the limit at more than 50 kms, car will be impounded on the spot and license suspended for one week immediately (pending resolution of the charges) and minimum fine of $2000 and a few other stunts that might endangered those who want to share the roads.

For those that still do not know, the immediate suspension of Licence of 1 week for these offences pending resolution of the charges, have no right for appeal.. take a look at what's coming on your streets and highways and drive accordingly or be very ready to get a Bus Pass out or have money for a ride home. The Police will just drive the apprehended driver to a safe place and it is your responsibility how to get home. Street racers warned..OPP warns street racers to get a bus pass don't blame me, I warned you...Mario Andretti!!!

UPADATE ON THE New Street Racing Law, October 1, 3:l5 am:

The law was in effect barely less than 24 hours ago and the Police already announced as of 8:00pm yesterday, Sunday that the already netted 28 drivers, breaking the 50 kms. over the limit. Following are the excerpt from the announcement:

For the 28 drivers charged today, the costs hit home immediately: vehicle impounded for seven days, driver’s licence suspended for seven days and, if found guilty in court, a minimum $2,000 fine.

It was enough to drive one young man to tears after he became one of the first stopped by the Ontario Provincial Police after the law — aimed at drivers doing more than 50 kilometres over the speed limit — came into effect today.

“A young man started crying as his mom’s car was impounded,” said OPP Sgt. Cam Woolley, unable to say if the tears were prompted by the temporary loss of the car, the potential fine, or in anticipation of mom’s wrath.

Another driver, who just got his new car, promptly lost it after he was clocked doing 174 km/h on Highway 401, which has a 100 km/h speed limit. “He only had the car for two days, and the car will be impounded longer than he owned it,” Woolley noted.

for more of the lead-foot who ignores the new traffic law check...some just don't get it

Now, don't wonder why vast majority of Ontarians are inclined to obey the law, instead of breaking it for the Pain of Penalties is too much to bare and the enforcement of the law that cater no favour to whom the "braves" (or idiots) who dare...

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Party's Over-Tories (Conservatives) Plan Anti-Drug Crackdown.

Party is over, but who could blame him?

Federal Health Minister Tony Clement says, (Tories' drug strategies) the Harper government will soon unveil a $64 million drug strategy. It will involve increased criminal penalties, prevention and treatment programs and a crackdown on smuggling.

Lest everyone forgets, the proposal by the previous government of the Liberals to decriminalize use of Cannabis and possession of small amount had not been enacted and passed as law and the current Conservative Government of PM Harper decided to shelve it.

During an Interview after the a symposium designed to bring together Canada’s arts and health communities to combat mental health issues yesterday (Saturday), Health Minister Tony Clement announced the Party is Over and the Government in a few days will be in business of Anti-drug strategy.

Reported increases in arrests for possession and use of marijuana in major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax and Ottawa, was due to many young people under the impression that the Bill decriminalizing the use of Cannabis had been passed and many boldly use cannabis than ever before..

The Conservatives’ wide-ranging $64 million anti-drug strategy is expected to combine treatment and prevention programs with stiffer penalties for illicit drug use, and a crackdown at the border against drug smuggling.

Health Minister Clement in the past, opposes the harm reduction strategies which includes among others where governments provide safe injection sites for drug addicts where nurses supervise and provide clean needles to users to avoid spreading the disease such as AIDs and Hepatitis.

At a Canadian Medical Association meeting last month, he was quoted saying “harm reduction, in a sense, takes many forms. To me, prevention is harm reduction. Treatment is harm reduction. Enforcement is harm reduction.

A day after that speech, 130 physicians and scientists signed a petition condemning the Conservative Government “potentially deadly” misrepresentations of the positive evidence of harm reduction programs.

Dr. Keith Martin, a B.C. Liberal MP and former substance abuse physician, said that the renewal for safe injection sites operating license will not get approval from the current government. And he has this to say about the Tories anti-drug strategies:

“I can’t understand why the Conservatives are embracing a war-on-drugs approach that has proven to fail. By all means, go after the pushers. By all means, absolutely go after the organized crime gangs that are the real parasites in this situation. “But for heaven’s sake, treat the user as a medical problem and adopt the solutions that have proven to work in other countries.”

My Say:
Well, the former Liberal Government strategies of Fighting Drugs, its use and possession had not succeeded. I would give this Government a Crack at doing their plans and see if it will succeed where all others had failed. Drugs addiction has not only contributing to increase in criminal activities, but also cost society in term of more Health Care spending and also the interruptions of family lives and the economic loss is also huge.

Take a look at how many Grow-ops discovered by the Law in the Toronto area during 2006. Check and see why a new Anti-Drug strategies are needed...

A very Important Reminder to those who drive with a lead foot and say "ain't too drunk to drive tonight, darling". The New Street Racing Law takes effect Midnight tonight (Sept. 30, 2007) and the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) warms that this will be 'shock and awe' to those that have the inclinations to do following things.

>>go over the limit at more than 50 kms, car will be impounded on the spot and license suspended for one week immediately (pending resolution of the charges) and minimum fine of $2000.
and a few other stunts that might endangered those who want to share the roads. For those that still do not know, the immediate suspension of Licence of 1 week for these offences pending resolution of the charges, have no right for appeal.. take a look at what's coming on your streets and highways and drive accordingly or be very ready to get a Bus Pass out or have money for a ride home. The Police will just drive the apprehended driver to a safe place and it is your responsibility how to get home. Street racers warned..OPP warns street racers to get a bus pass don't blame me, I warned you...Mario Andretti!!!

UPADATE ON THE New Street Racing Law, October 1, 3:l5 am:

The law was in effect barely less than 24 hours ago and the Police already announced as of 8:00pm yesterday, Sunday that the already netted 28 drivers, breaking the 50 kms. over the limit. Following are the excerpt from the announcement:

For the 28 drivers charged today, the costs hit home immediately: vehicle impounded for seven days, driver’s licence suspended for seven days and, if found guilty in court, a minimum $2,000 fine.

It was enough to drive one young man to tears after he became one of the first stopped by the Ontario Provincial Police after the law — aimed at drivers doing more than 50 kilometres over the speed limit — came into effect today.

“A young man started crying as his mom’s car was impounded,” said OPP Sgt. Cam Woolley, unable to say if the tears were prompted by the temporary loss of the car, the potential fine, or in anticipation of mom’s wrath.

Another driver, who just got his new car, promptly lost it after he was clocked doing 174 km/h on Highway 401, which has a 100 km/h speed limit. “He only had the car for two days, and the car will be impounded longer than he owned it,” Woolley noted.

for more of the lead-foot who ignores the new traffic law check...some just don't get it

Now, don't wonder why vast majority of Ontarians are inclined to obey the law, instead of breaking it, the Pain of Penalties and the enforcement of the law that cater no favour to whom the "braves" (or idiots) who dare...

And before you go have a little Sunshine and have a pleasant week ahead.