Friday, April 20, 2007

Something Terrible Happened Here:

Mullins-Johnsons - stayed 12 years behind bars for wrongful conviction of the strangulation of her 4 year old niece Valin Johnsons.
Something Terrible Happened Here:

William Mullins-Johnson spent 12 years behind bars after he was wrongly convicted of first degree murder of her 4 year-old niece Valin Johnson, by strangling after sexually assaulting her.

Marco Trota remains in custody convicted of second degree murder of 8 month-old son Paolo, while his case is under review by the Supreme court.

Brenda Waudby was charged with the 1997 beating death of her 21-month-old daughter, Jenna Mellor.
Those charges were eventually dropped and Jenna's babysitter was convicted this year of beating her to death.

Altogether there were l3 convictions all involving the killings of Children as the results of Expert Testimonies of Dr. Charles Smith, Pathologist for Hospital for Sick Children from l991 to 2002.

Yesterday, Ontario’s Chief Coroner released a damning report prepared by five international experts on Dr. Charles Smith's work that found that he likely made errors in 20 cases in which people were charged with killing children.

In 13 of those cases, people were convicted of criminal offences. One of those individuals was Mullins-Johnsons.

Mullins-Johnsons 36, was released from prison just over a year ago after independent experts concluded that her niece Valin had died of Natural Causes.

Now here is what all the parties have to say except Dr. Smith or his Lawyers:

Mullins-Johnsons: ( wrongfully convicted of sexually assaulting and strangling his niece): "I was put into an environment where I had to hide a lot," Mullins-Johnson said softly, as he faced the cameras.
"I was in an environment where potentially my life was at risk every day."
Mullins-Johnsons also said that he felt the sense of relief that finally people believe him.

Dr. Barry McLellan, chief coroner for Ontario:
"I am very surprised with the overall results of the review and concerned about the results," said Dr. Barry McLellan, chief coroner for Ontario, whose office prepared the report.
McLellan said his office is now studying cases handled by Smith from the time he was hired in l981 to l991.

Lawyers for the Association in Defense of the Wrongly Convicted, who fought for Mullins-Johnson's release, sharply criticized Bryant (Provincial Attorney General) for not immediately calling a public inquiry:

"Of course, confidence in the administration of justice has been severely affected by today's announcement and rightly so," lawyer James Lockyer said. "And it takes a public inquiry then to restore that public confidence in the administration of justice."

And from the Politicians:

Attorney General Michael Bryant said he found the report profoundly disturbing, and didn't rule out the possibility of a full public inquiry into cases in which Smith either performed autopsies or provided professional opinions into baby deaths in Ontario.

"It's unacceptable that it happened," Bryant said. "It's wrong. Now we need to not only get to the bottom of it but prevent it from ever happening again."

Bryant said former chief justice Patrick LeSage and a medical expert will conduct a review of Smith's work to determine how things went so wrong, and how similar miscarriages of justice can be prevented in the future.

Me and my big mouth Address to the Attorney General: "Call a Full Public Inquiry Now, which you should be had called long time ago. Remember in 2002 that Dr. Smith was Reprimanded with Caution by the College of Physicians and Surgeons for his works on Three suspicious deaths?"

The 18-month review on Dr. Charles Smith’s work was done by 5 internationally respected Medical Experts from Canada, Finland, Northern Ireland and England.