Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hockey Night in Canada New Anthem - Canada Gold...

Hockey Night in Canada has a new theme song. After a National Search, soliciting more than 1500 entries from fans and all members of the Canadian Public and the attraction of the $100,000 prize money to the winner, the winner which was decided by votes of the member of Public through Texts, emails and phones is Canadian Gold, composed by an Albertan Elementary School Teacher, beating Sticks to the Ice by a 13-year Toronto Boy.. But why the search and the dropping of the 40 year-theme song that besides from the O’Canada, the National Anthem, is the only other Canadian song that are distinctively recognizable all over the world? Also known as Canada’s second National find out how it all started you may start here, Iconic song sparks Hockey fight in Canada

Sticks to the Ice-- by Robert Fraser Burke--Runner Up

The Winner--Canada Gold--by Colin Oberst


And the Iconic 40-year-old Hockey Theme Song (a.k.a.the second Canada National Anthem) now the property of TSN (Toronto Sports Network) as re-recorded by the 54- member Toronto Symphony Orhestra for TSN.

If you are wondering about the announcer sign-on at the beginning of the videos, it was the voice of Foster Hewitt, Canada’s Premier hockey play-by-play broadcaster and the mentioned of Newfoundland was before the Colony joined Canada in 1949...

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Election Day - Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Go Out and Vote!!!

For your Riding and Candidates go to this ridings and candidates

For where each major party stands in every issue from war in Afghanistan, Economy, crime, poverty, foreign affairs you may check the complete and latest update of the Party's stands on Today's issues

The Parties:

Conservative Party of Canada --- Leader - Stephen Harper
Mar. 04, 2008

Liberal Party of Canada --- Leader St├ęphane Dion
Mar. 04, 2008

New Democratic Party of Canada --- Leader - Jack Layton
Mar. 04, 2008

Bloc Quebecois --- Leader Gilles Duceppe
Mar. 04, 2008

Green Party of Canada --- Leader Elizabeth May
Mar. 04, 2008

Libertarian Party of Canada
Sep. 21, 2008

Progressive Canadian Party
Sept. 2l, 2008

Christian Heritage Party
Sep. 21, 2008

Communist Party of Canada
Sep. 21, 2008

First Peoples National Party of Canada
Sep. 21, 2008

Canadian Action Party
Sep. 21, 2008

Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party ...
Sep. 21, 2008

Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada
Sep. 21, 2008*

*date of filing with Election Canada.