Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Election Day - polls open 9:00am to 9:00pm EDT

Party Leaders: Left top-Dalton McGuinty-Liberals
Right top-John Tory-Conservatives
Bottom left-Howard Hampton, New Democrats
Bottom right-Frank De Jong-Green

Last words from the Leaders:

Dalton McGuinty:We’re working with Toronto and cities across Ontario — fixing the problems created by the Harris Tory party. We have uploaded costing and responsibilities. We’ll keep working together, and we have asked the federal government to do its part too.

John Tory :Throughout this election, I strived to be straightforward, honest and accountable. I have not shied away from difficult issues or from real voters, and have willingly answered all of their questions.
My party has laid out a plan that is affordable, realistic and fair for every person in Ontario.

Howard Hampton:More and more people are coming to the New Democrats. They know we're the only party they can count on to stick up for them and fight for a fair deal for Toronto.
The NDP has run a positive campaign, speaking about issues that working families care about. We put forward a clear alternative – six practical, fully-costed and affordable commitment.

Frank De Jong:Ontarians should vote for the Green party because ours is the only party that's willing to say what needs to be said, and to do what needs to be done to ensure that our children and grandchildren have a future.
Our policies recognize that the health of our society, environment and economy are interdependent, and that any solution to current challenges must address that reality.

To read more of the last words from the four leaders, you may go to the Star forcomplete coverage

Reminders to all Voters: If you can not be able to vote before going to work, that by law each eligible voter is allowed a Three Hours window after the polls opening and before closing. That you should be off by 6:00pm or start after 9:00 up to 12:00 noon..inform your employer if you're going to vote... it is the Law...

9:50 am - just back home from 3 kms. walk to the polling place to cast my vote. all the way to the Public School Gym where the polls located there was not a single campaign poster along the way. There are few in some houses down our road and they are all small ones in a removable posts displayed on the lawn. clean up is done within two days after election day.

How we vote in the Provincial Election:
The voting process is as simple as it can get. Voter bring along a registration notice mailed at least two weeks before election day to the polling place where young clerks will direct the voter to the poll assigned. Present the registration card to the returning officer and he or she will jot down the voters name along with the registration number, cross out the voter's name in the list and the clerk will give out the ballots with his or her initials. An id (preferably driver's license or any valid photo id maybe asked for verification) then a voter will proceed to a table where a pair of two cardboard boxes with a pencil and mark X opposite the name of candidate of choice, only one candidate..Candidates are listed in alphabetical order and noted within the box under which party they are running for.

Takes less than a few seconds to do the X inside the small circle and this year there is a referendum proposed by the Citizen Assembly to give the voters a choice to change the election system to Mixed Members Proportional Representation or stay with the status quo First Past the Post system. also an X will indicate the choice.

After all the Xes done, bring back the ballots to the clerk folded with the clerk's initial showing. The returning officer will note in his logbook that voting is done. Ballots are returned back to the voter to drop in a ballot box where they will stay until the closing time, where they will be brought to a location for electronic counting.

Results will start pouring in the Media counts within 30 minutes and as long as everything is going fine, final tallying will be available by midnight, 3 hours after closing, unofficially, but usually the same as the official results. Ballots are kept in safe locations known only to the election officers and witnesses, and will be retrieved only under court order if there is any election protest or if automatic recount would not resolve the issue...Automatic recount is only done if the winning candidate margin is too narrow within the pre-established number.

If the party who win the election is in majority, the mandate is four years at a fixed date for the next election, unless the parliament is dissolve for any other reason. If it is a minority, election can be called anytime if the government loss the confidence of the Parliament...done my civic duty in about a minute...