Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Prime Minister on High Gas Prices...

Canada's Prime Minister Steven Harper

The Prime Minister on High Gas Prices..

PM Harper says Canadians hit hard by High Gas Prices should not look to Ottawa for relief at the Pumps..
Harper says that the ability of the Government to affect the price of gasoline is so small that it is not worth doing at all...

The PM says that the Energy Prices in his belief will continue to rise and you can not fool the Public into thinking otherwise.

In response to a question on Fuel Prices, the PM said that the “ability of the Government to affect the Price of Gasoline per se is so small that it is not worth doing”.

“What you’ve really got to do is lower the costs for consumers generally, rather than try to fight the upward trend in the Price of Gasoline”

The PM also said that overall Tax Cuts, like the two percentage points his government taken off the GST (goods and services tax), from 7% to 5%, are the best way to bring saving s to consumers.

Pump prices have risen 11.6 per cent from last April, while fuel oil and other fuels surged 36.9 per cent...

Oil Prices have doubled from where they were a year ago, surpassing a record $132 US on commodities market yesterday. Yet the Prices at the Pump while painfully high have not doubled.

According to this week’s survey of pump prices by consulting firm M.J. Ervin, Canadians paid an average $1.27 per litre. Last May, a year ago today, the average was about $1.12 a litre, the difference of average 15 cents...

The Price of the crude oil last May was $66 a barrel and this May $132, the difference of $66..yearly double...

The average increase of 15 cents a litre is Big, but not as Dramatic as that of the Crude oil and why it that so?

There are other costs involved in the processing of fossil fuels into gasoline. You wouldn’t get a match to match increase in prices.

The increasingly very expensive raw product, the Crude is an important part of the equation, but there are other costs, like taxes as well as refining and marketing cost that well determine the final pump price.

Also the Fact that the Canadian Dollar is now in Parity with its US counterpart also keep pump prices relatively lower, since oil is benchmarked in U.S. currency..

Friday, May 16, 2008

Provincial Health Plan will Cover John changing into Jane..


Health Minister George Smitherman announced Monday that a new $500,000 fund will help families meet expenses incurred while waiting for organ transplants. "I can't pretend this is a perfect fix for the situation, but it's a good beginning," he said.

Provincial Health Plan will cover “Sex- Change” operations...

It was 10 years ago that the previous Progressive Conservative government declared the operations were no longer eligible under the taxpayer-funded Ontario Health Insurance Plan, which had covered the surgery since 1971.

Now the Liberal Government will again cover the Procedure..Health Minister George Smitherman said the decision to resume coverage will only cost the Plan $200 thousand (at approximately $20 thousand per procedure) as only 8 to 10 individual will pass the ‘very rigorous’ psycological evaluation required before sex reassignment surgery...(well what happenes if more than 20 or 50 passed the VERY RIGOUROUS psycological evaluation, George?)

It's a very serious medical condition that affects a very small number of people," he told reporters, noting that other provinces including Alberta pay for the surgery.
Smitherman acknowledged the coverage could be controversial in some circles, given the heavy demands on Ontario's health-care system from people with rare, life-threatening diseases, for example.

"I think that people should be careful not to use what is $200,000 on a $40.2 billion health budget as an excuse to try a bit of a `them and us' conversation," he said

More on if you want to be woman johnnyhere

In a Majority Decision 5-4 Canada’s Supreme Court struck down another provision of the law which deal with Young Offender’s Act which require young offenders convicted of Serious Crimes why they should be sentenced as Juveniles.

"Young people who commit crimes have historically been treated separately and distinctly from adults," said Justice Rosalie Abella, in writing for the majority.
"This does not mean that young people are not accountable for the offences they commit. They are decidedly but differently accountable," she said.

The ruling is seen by many legal experts as one of the most important judgments on youth justice in Canada in a century, solidly affirming the concept that young offenders do not have the moral culpability of adults and are entitled to be dealt with in a separate justice system.

The case before the Supreme Court involved a Hamilton teenager identified only as "D.B.," who was convicted of manslaughter for sucker-punching and jumping on another youth at a shopping mall in Dec. 2003. The victim, who'd been standing on the sidelines watching a fight, died of his injuries.

D.B. was on probation at the time.

The Crown was seeking an adult sentence of five years in light of the seriousness of the offence. The youth court judge, however, concluded a youth sentence of three years would be sufficient to hold D.B. accountable for manslaughter.

Writing for the minority Justice Marshall Rothstein said there is "no consensus" within Canadian society that violent young offenders must be subjected to lesser penalties for justice to prevail.

youths are different SC rules...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Rudolph must die! --How about Chicken Little?

A reindeer is seen resting in a field with its fawn at the Toronto Zoo. For the first time in the zoo's history, newborn calves were "euthanized due to being male" for herd management reasons, officials said. (Michael Peake, Sun Media)

Wait until Santa finds out. Toronto Zoo starts killing male baby reindeer to manage the herd. Staff are heartbroken -- and furious By Mike Strobel

Toronto Zoo brass say ... Rudolph must die!
Dear Santa: I hope you are sitting down.

The Toronto Zoo is killing baby boy reindeer.
Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now Prancer...

The first was dispatched shortly after his birth April 8.
His mom, Hayzel, bellowed mournfully for two days. You could hear her from Meadowvale Rd.

The second met the same fate at the point of a hypodermic on April 22.
His mom, CUPE, is named for the zoo staff's union.

And their only fault were being born of the wrong gender, boy!! one is coming anytime soon, and hoping it is a girl...
Read the rest at Toronto Sun here

Lucky Clucky feasts directly from the bowl of plenty while behind her Sally and Heidi forage on the backyard lawn. The chickens are illegal in Toronto, a situation their owner is hoping to change.

It is Legal in New York, Portland, Chicago and Seattle and dozens other cities in the U.S., but Toronto By-Laws forbid poultry for Health reasons but allow raising Pigeons provided they rest, roost or perch only on their owner’s property.
And which comes first, the Chicken or the Egg? Find out HERE