Monday, October 08, 2007

American Desperately Seeking Medicare....

Jeanne Sather as pictured in her WEBSITE... assertivepatient .com,

Lately, we have been bombarded with a few ‘Brouhahas’ directed to the medical profession of the Philippines and also to the former President, what most Filipinos all over the globe considered as some kind or racial slurs and belittling of the Filipinos as a whole.

Well there are too many already who have taken the cause; wrote about them, demanding this and that from the parties of interests so instead this Entry is about one American in particular who again raise the issue of the U.S. very “excellent” health care for many but not all Americans.

It concerns one American named Jeanne Sather who initially as joke put out an ad which contents I will post here:

Me: Writer, artist, teacher ... mother of two almost-grown sons ... vegetarian (but you don't have to be). Loves animals (two large dogs and three cats), gardening, house projects. The beach. Books. Travel. Financially solvent except for absurdly expensive health insurance premiums and medical costs.

You: Age 45 to about 57. Canadian citizen living in Vancouver, B.C., or willing to relocate there. Cancer patient or survivor. Open-minded. Bit of a risk taker. Warm hearted but not clinging. bald OK.

Check this article from to know more about Sather search for Canadian Husband..

This ad solicited all kind or responses, some for support and also scorn from both Americans and Canadians.

Just two days after she posted her ad on her blog assertivepatient .com, on Labour Day, Sather received her first serious response. That set her wondering if she could connect with someone who could solve her financial worries.

What began as a joke has become a serious enough quest that Sather has found herself fantasizing about marriage to two men she has never met.

A third proposal is from a female University of Toronto student who is not gay but nevertheless offered to marry Sather.

And here's what a female U.T. student has to say of her proposal: "The fact that your country doesn't have a universal health-care program when most every other industrialized nation in the world has seen to putting one together is completely inexcusable".

"As such, I'm offering my hand in marriage if it will help you receive treatment without having to declare bankruptcy."

To read more of the articles and the one from Canadian Daily check this out..Deserately Seeking Medicare..

Although most Americans are covered by their “Excellent Medical” care, there are also a large percentage that fall thru the Non-Universality of the system that is Profit Oriented. And considering the cost of today’s Health care, it will put even a middle class family among the marginalized segment of the great American society.

This coming Presidential Election, presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton floated the idea of adapting a universal health care scheme for the whole U.S.A. The idea was floated during the tenure of her Husband Bill Clinton, but never gain any ground due to strong resistance from the Insurance business and the profitable health care providers.

Will the Americans ever see a Universal Care system the likes of United Kingdom, Canada and most industrialized countries? It will take a great courage and convictions for any administration to push the system, considering that Health Care American style is a Big Business. Still it is possible. Americans are a people of great convictions and courage and can do whatever they set out to do. She is economically sound and ready for such system, but then it is up for the Americans as Americans are the master of their own fate...

And most of my family members reside, work and study in America and that is including our bibs...