Monday, August 18, 2008

The latest bundles from Davao..My late Bro's grandchildren..

Big Bundles Indeed...Bro's daughter Anne and sons, Chico and Mawe...

the two of us

Mawe is my name, and I follow Kuya Chico, the man

I am Chico, the First Born...

Mom and the Eldest son Chico.

we are Family, dad, mom (bro's daughter ann) chico and mawe, from the beautiful city of Toril, Davao City, Philippines.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Series of Massive Explosions Rocked Toronto

Sunday Morning, at about 3:50 am ED, when most of Torontonians were asleep, (I was awake and may had heard the series of Explosions, but never had given them some second thoughts as it was raining and could have been a series of thunders, with the absence of lightnings following, there was no mistaken that they were the sounds of Explosions that many reported could be heard miles away) a Series of Massive Explosions Rock the Northern Part of the City where a Propane Distributor-Dealers was located.

One employee,said to the truck Dispatcher for the Propane Company is not accounted for and Sadly one Firefighter Collapsed on the job and was rushed to the Hospital without vital signs and died..the cause of death still unknown..

Thousands of Residence within 1.6 km radius were evacuated and the Fire Dept. and Police reported only a few minor injuries among the victims:

thousands who fled blast told they can go home

Sunny Freeman
Staff Reporters
Bill Taylor
Thousands of people who were forced to flee after a series of explosions early today are being allowed to return home.

Calling it a "controlled return procedure," police began allowing some people back into the area around Keele St. and Wilson Ave. shortly after 8 o'clock tonight.
Some residents are being accompanied by police and other security personnel.
Although it was a miracle that thousands escaped unscathed from the series of massive explosions in the city's northwest end, a firefighter died and at least one other person remains unaccounted for.

The firefighter, identified this evening as Bob Leek, was declared dead after being taken to hospital with no vital signs. He collapsed on the grounds of the Sunrise Propane Industrial Gases distribution plant in the Wilson Ave. and Keele St. area that literally blew up early this morning, forcing thousands to flee.

Toronto Fire division chief David Sheen told reporters this afternoon that Leek, a 25-year firefighting veteran and a personal friend, did not die of any trauma inflicted at the scene, such as being hit by falling debris.

"It was not traumatic circumstances," he said, his voice quivering. "There was every effort made to resuscitate him."

The cause of death, or the exact time he died, are not known, officials said, and will probably be determined at an autopsy in the next couple of days.

Officials said this afternoon that 18 people were injured in total. The person unaccounted for is believed to be the propane plant's truck dispatcher.

Why would they allow a propane company to open up in a residential area?” said Fernando Caschera, 56. “I don’t understand.”
One resident asked...and this question will be front and centre during the Public Inquiry that will surely follows the Fire Marshall Investigations and the Police Investigations...Why???