Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Baptism of Emily

Emily Christening December 23, 2007...Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. Emily Christine with Dad and Mom and Ninangs and Ninongs... Philadelphia Familia de la Vida... Emily Christine is the daughter of my Nephew, our eldest brother's son, (now retired and residing in Manila) and sister to older daughter Francine (chin chin). Family live in Philadelphia and both parents are RNs... Somewhere in the 5th av and 53rd street to see the bright lights at Rockefeller Centre, Christmas night..with uncle Gene, also her physician... She came to see the snow, but the streets of NYC are clear and the temps above freezing, but may see some by Jan. 5 before returning home to California. Also 2 days late for Emily's baptismal party; blame the late Christmas Break...bibs in NYC HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL AND TO ALL A PROSPEROUS 2008...From me, bibs, the newest bibs and sister chin and the whole family...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Pixs Say it All...

Snow, Snow and more snow...


Dec 16, 2007 06:00 PM Andrew Chung
Staff Reporter
If Toronto were human, today it would be undergoing thousands of emergency angioplasties to unclog every inch of its 5,200 kilometres of roadways in a scale of operation not seen since the "disaster" of 1999.
So if you're wondering when your street will be cleared, the answer is, soon. Harried city workers are asking for patience - promising to get to you eventually.
the cleanup begins
digging up the white stuff.

But if you click in here, all sunshine enough to melt the snow and ice...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lord Black of Crossharbour, 61/2 years, $6.1millions forfeiture and $215 thousands fine..


Black fell down the Black Hole...

Paying the Price...the rise and fall of Lord Black of Crossharbour61/2 years,$ 215 thous, $6.1 millions forfeitures and both sides claim victory...

The time and life of Once a Great Canadian wiki here before he renounced his citizenship and becomes the Baron Black of he will be known..The Lord of the U.S. Penitentiary....

Conrad Black, Business Magnate, Once the owner of Newspaper Empire, Knighted by the Queen of England, Lord Black, Baron Black of Crossharbour, Historian and the latest to be added to his long and illustrious career and resume, a convicted felon, sentence 6 ½ years, $125, 000 fine, and $6.1 Millions forfeiture.

In Sentencing Conrad Black Judge Amy St. Eve in Chicago courtroom told him:

“Mr. Black, you have violated your duty to Hollinger International and its shareholders. I frankly cannot understand how somebody of your stature could engage in the conduct you have engaged in and put everything at risk ... In the U.S., there's equal justice under the law. No one is above the law and that, Mr. Black, includes you."

Mr. Black who through his lawyers asked re-acquisition of his Canadian Citizenship after Renouncing it, to accept peerage or Knighthood conferred by Queen Elizabeth II but not after suing then PM Martin for not giving him an exemption retaining his Citizenship while accepting the peerage.

Note: The Nickel Resolution of l919 barred Canadians from accepting knighthood or peerage from the Crown of England, unless after renouncing the citizenship.

The reason of course of Mr. Black wanting his citizenship back is to avail the prisoner exchange program, where each country can have each citizen serve his or her sentences in her or his country of citizenship and in the U.S. the felon there is no parole eligibility although a prisoners can pare 15 % of their sentences for good behaviour, while in Canada, prisoners are eligible for parole after serving one third for good behaviour and compulsory parole after serving two thirds. That is for crimes with no minimum sentences, like first degree murder or serious crimes.

Well, both sides claiming victory. On the prosecutors side, headed by the U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, who said that they have a case of fraud to prove and they did and 6 ½ years is a lot of time and warning to anyone about stealing money from anyone.

From the Defense, Toronto Lawyer Eddie Greenspan, said they came in the trial accused of stealing $90 millions and expecting 20 years and what his client got is 6 ½ years and $6.1 millions way down from what he was accused of.

I wonder who really is victorious, one guy is going to prison, the shareholders lost millions, another tale of greed and most like what Judge Amy St. Eve, could not understand why, a man born wealthy, have everything, made more, arrogant to no limit, insulted his own country and now beg to be taken under her wing again. Yes, Canada may be one or perhaps the most compassionate nation in this planet, yet she has her limit, Will she takes Mr. Conrad Black again as her Citizen? Majority of Canadians don’t think so...

Here are some of the famous or infamous quotes from Mr. Black and you may search for more...

Thursday, December 06, 2007

'PORN' Furor Grips MPs


Government MP James Moore

update: 9.05 am, Dec 7, 07...And here's some more from the NDP, (New Democratic Party, or Socialists).. Yesterday, Deputy Leader Libbyy Davies offered yet the latest mea culpa, a stunning climb down from her party's accusation that a Liberal Candidate had tried to bribe his NDP rival into quiting the race. The result was devastating for the Liberal Candidate as he was dumped by then PM Paul Martin as the Party Flag Bearer after the allegation became public. The candidate already settled the lawsuit and still has to receive an apology from then PM Martin for dumpint him without looking at the matter further. Election Canada had cleared him of all look at the accusation of the NDP Junkyard Dog Tatics Check the star

Shame and Scandal in the House?

Opposition MP attacked a member of the Governing Party, accusing him of viewing some kind of 'Soft Porn' in the House of Commons, only to Apologize hours later when told by the young MP that the pictures of scantily clad woman he was looking at his laptap was that of his girlfriend.

New Democrat MP Irene Mathyssen launched an explosive attacked in the house of common that she saw Conservative MP James Moore looking at Playboy type picture of a scantily clad woman at his laptop moment before the parliament has to adjourn last Tuesday.

Noting that the Conservative Government cuts to a number of women’s program, Mathyssen said that Moore action give the impression that the government is no friend of women especially the 18 anniversary of the Montreal massacre of 14 women.

Since December 2004, when the chamber received a number of technological upgrades, MPs have had access to wireless Internet. Unlike many work environments, however, there are no restrictions placed on what websites politicians can look at.
MP Mathyssen said that she will make a formal apology in the house of commons at the earliest possible time and MP Moore when asked if he will file a lawsuit, has no comments.

MPs are protected from lawsuits and immune from prosecution of the actions and speech delivered in the House, but MP Mathyssen repeated her accusation to the reporters outside the house. We’ll see...for detail of the Porn that was not check just my girlfriendbut thanks for the compliments...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

First of Many-Snow Storm hits GTA

not a nice day for biking

First major snow storms hit most of Midwest and Eastern Canada, including GTA.

Well, the weatherman forecast this is going to be the year of La Nina, meaning a cold and bitter winter and more snow. Well, He is right if last night is the indicator. Woke up for my mid-morning coffee walk and have to struggle a 10 minutes walk to Tim Hortons into a 20 minutes and had to stop to help a woman driving her brand new Honda Accord stuck in a driveway in a “fresh” snow. Finally a fellow helping me pushing the car decided to ask her if she will allow one of us to drive and she willingly allowed the fellow to do it and it was the driver, not the snow that got the car stuck, she was spinning the wheels so hard. We gave her a quick tips of how to get unstuck in snow in any kind of situation, whether driving a four wheels traction or rear wheels or front wheels.

After the coffee, went back home, cranked up the old trusty snow thrower and made two passes over my neighbors walkways, shovels the edges and went back browsing the net.

And the weatherman says more snow expected for tomorrow, Monday and warning the early morning motorists to work to drive according to road conditions. And don’t forget to maintain that safe distance to the car in front.

To look on how the boys and girls work so hard to make our roads and highways safe to drive and ready during and immediately after a major Snow Storm, check this Video courtesy of the toronto star.

And to monitor the conditions and collisions and road emergencies, here are the maps of the of the monitoring cams and overhead displays along the major highways and roadway

For Southern Ontario Residents you may check here for up to the minute Weather Warming and do it before you go out especially on inclement weather to make sure you’ll get where you’re going....