Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Mistake Corrected..the Mullins-Johnson Case...

William Mullins-Johnson gets a hug from his aunt, Linda Lariviere, yesterday. He said most family members spurned him after his conviction.

Yesterday, the Court of Appeals of Ontario, acquited Mullins-Johnson for the Murder and Rape of his 4-year old niece for which he already spent 12 years in Jail..

For details of this case you may check the previous entry, in which I first posted the developments leading to the latest decision by the Appeal Court archives...

Also the Crown Prosecutor offered an Apology to Mullins-Jonhson and family on behalf of the Attorney General of Ontario..

Mullins-Johnson's lawyers, James Lockyer, David Bayliss and Michael Lomer, are also asking the court to more formally express a belief in their client's "factual innocence," if indeed that's what the court believes. "This is a human request ... not a legal one," Lockyer told the panel, which reserved its decision on the issue.

For more of this, and how the Panel came to its decision you may go the toronto star for details ..