Friday, April 10, 2009

a week with Francine and Emily

with lolo gene and sometimes her Physician

and lola joy her Pedia...

Emy with dad and mom and lolo natic and lola mart

Emy with mom

walking Francine to the School Bus P.U. Corner (junior kin)

the house the girls call "home"

emy with "lolo"

Francine and Emily

Got snowed on the way somewhere in Buffalo, missed a few turns and a few more misses with the first use of the GPS, but this new tech guided me and sis right to the door of our grandnieces Francine and Emily in Hatboro, PA with very little delays as it re-calculated the route as soon as I missed the highlighted 3d maps plus the play by play (turn by turn) instruction of the pleasant voice prompts of "Samantha".