Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Something Different..Worst Canadian of all???

"Rock star" ex-PM Trudeau is worst Canadian: poll
Mon Jul 30, 11:45 AM
WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) - Pierre Trudeau, the former prime minister who worked to unite French and English Canada, topped an Internet poll as the worst Canadian, a history magazine revealed on Monday.

"For many Canadians, he is just larger than life. Whether you love him or hate him, he is the guy who shaped Canada," said Deborah Morrison, president of Canada's National History Society, which publishes The Beaver magazine.

"He was our first rock-star politician," she said.
Trudeau was reviled by some for his flamboyance and liberal social policies, while many Western Canadians disliked his energy and farm policies, Morrison said.

Trudeau, who was named the third-greatest Canadian in a 2004 television contest, pipped serial killers Clifford Olson, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, singer Celine Dion and disgraced newspaper tycoon Conrad Black in the new poll.

The magazine organized the open poll, which received 15,000 submissions, to promote its August issue.

Current Prime Minister Stephen Harper was No. 6 on the worst Canadians poll, and former prime ministers Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien also made the list.

Morrison said she was initially surprised that Trudeau topped the poll, but realized he was an obvious target for Canadians, whom she said had little knowledge of their country's short history.

"He in many ways became the inevitable choice, because for a lot of Canadians, he is the history figure they know," Morrison said.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Something Political...

PM Harper with other G-8 Leaders during the
Last summit.

Today received an email from the Conservative Party, after a conversation with volunteer fundraiser that we could have an Election before the year’s end. Being a long-time Card-Carrying Party Member, we are, along with other parties members, the voters and the General Public, time to again participate in our democratic duty of electing our next Government if an election is called.

Since our election campaign expense now has to come from only two sources; from individual contribution of citizens, subject to limits and from the Government, it is imperative that we support the process. But donating to a Candidate or to a Party or to a Party Association, an individual is not only doing his or her share in making Democracy works, but get back part of his contribution from the Government in the form of Tax Refunds of Reduction of Tax Payable..

And here is the formula for Tax Credit of political Contributions.

The refund (or reduction in tax payable) depends only on the amount donated and not on taxable income. One only needs to file a tax return in order to receive it. The 2005 tax credit formula is:

for contributions between 0 and $400, you will get back 75%;
for contributions between $400 and $750, you will get back $300 plus 50% of the amount over $400;
for contributions over $750, you will get back $475 plus 33 1/3% of the amount over $750 up to a maximum of $650 annually.

Maximum individual Limits including Candidates... $5400 annually...


Dear Mr. Vic ... .....

Thank you for your generous contribution of $( amount) when we spoke to you on the phone on Saturday, July 28, 2007.


St├ęphane Dion and his "new" team are confused, divided and for themselves: they will not get things done for families and taxpayers.

It seems all but inevitable that unwanted and unnecessary election will be forced on Canadians in 2007. Your generous gift is helping us be prepared to stop St├ęphane Dion.

As a minority government, we can't prevent an unwanted election. But we can prepare for victory.

Thank you once again for your generous contribution and your on-going support of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The Fundraising Department

Friday, July 27, 2007

Political Scandals, We Too Have them...

Premier McGuinty, Left, with Citizenship Minister Mike Colle during happy days.
Provincial Minister of Citizenship Resigned Amid Scandal!!!

The Provincial Election is set for October 10 and the Government of Premier McGuinty (Liberal Party) just lost its First Cabinet Minister due to Scandal.

Citizenship Minister Mike Colle resigned after Auditor General Jim McCarter slammed spending Controls on the Grants to Multicultural Groups as "among the worst that we’ve seen" after finding out that Grants were doled out without proper Paper Works and in some instances Much More than what the Groups were asking for. And the Election Campaign will Start in a little more than six weeks from now.

Colle's resignation comes despite earlier attempts by the government to defuse the controversy over the grants in the face of a series of Toronto Star revelations and opposition party attacks.
But the Government could find a little comfort as the Auditor ruled out favouritism in awarding Grants to community Groups.

A very interesting case the Auditor highlighted, the Ontario Cricket Association asked for a grant of $150,000 and instead got a $ 1 million and more than half of the Money still sitting on the bank. And the Auditor General added, "they clearly did not need a Million Bucks, this isn’t Cricket".

He suggested the furor over the grants, made in the last two years with no formal application process or criteria, was a case of the government shooting itself in the foot.

"We found no evidence that any organization received a grant because it had political ties. However, in some cases those ties did exist, and, when this is combined with a process lacking openness and most of the normal accountability controls, it can create the perception of favouritism if the organization ends up obtaining a grant," McCarter wrote.

Both the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats vowed to remind voters about the Liberal imbroglio as the election approaches

Premier McGuinty quickly apologized to the People of Ontario and this what he had to say:

The lax oversight was "clearly not in keeping with the respect our government must have for every dollar taxpayers send us," McGuinty said yesterday.

"I want to apologize to the people of Ontario for not living up to the high standards that we have set for ourselves and that they are entitled to expect from us. I want Ontarians to know we are implementing all of the auditor's recommendations."

Judgement Day will Come October 10 if the "voters of Ontario" will accept the Premier’s Apology or Not.

For this voter it is not an issue, because I belong to the opposition party. And the Premier was very slow in acting about this issue that has been lingering for a while after it was Revealed by the Media and the Oppositions.

Something Good: A 64 years old Senior, 5'7" took down two robbers, both over 6 feet tall and young at a pharmacy, after he stumbled into Crime in Progress as he was filling up his Prescription. Roy to the Rescue... check this link...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Another Bloody Weedend... 11 Years Old one of the Victims..

Tuesday July 24, morning...

Update: Toronto Police Arrested two Suspects in the killing of 11 -year-old Ephraim Brown and Charged of First Degree Murder:

Here is the Link:::

They can be legally owned, the great source of pleasures for sportsmen and collectors and efficient tools for the Law Enforcement Officers, but in the hands of gang members, drug dealers and youngsters who are lost and desperate, they are the greatest source of griefs, heartaches, and pains that will forever be borne by the those that are left behind; the mothers, fathers, the sisters and brothers, sons and daughters and the society that will be asking itself, where did we go wrong??

Left: Glock (Gaston Glock of Austria)Model 17 in 9mmParabellum..1911A-1 cal.45 by Sringfield Armoury... From my own Collections..background red wines of Australia...

Camisha Brown, 15 is hugged by a relative during the press conference as
she pleads for information in killing of brother, Ephraim Brown, 11.

Another very young child killed, caught in a cross fire between gangs rivalry, in the same troubled section of the City where gun plays, drug dealings and now even the innocent minors are no exception to violence.

And provincial politicians, always quicker on the draw, again making noises of asking the Federal government to ban Handguns, which by law are already banned for anyone to Carry except by Law Enforcement Officers.

Ephraim Brown, 11 years old, the 43rd homicide victims of the year was killed in an exchange of gunfire in a housing project near Jane St. And Sheppard Ave. After two rival gangs came face to face at one of several birthday parties held in the area.

Provincial Atty. General Bryant said he will ask the Federal government to strengthened further the Gun Control law. And this is what he wants the government to do, which do not make sense at all...

"Thousands of guns are stolen every year and there are too many on Toronto's streets, . It's time to crack down on illegal gun traders and make it harder to get a handgun, adding he will ask the federal government for support in "closing the loopholes that exist to get a handgun".

First and foremost, stealing guns is a criminal offense and the Police should crack down on those criminals. Or better still allow gun owners to use them to protect their possessions, which in our law we could not unless for self defense and somebody breaking into your vault for your collection of firearms is not considered Self-Defense and Gun owners can not legally have their Guns abled while at home. They are by law only for lawful purposes like Hunting, Target Shooting and Collections.

Secondly, all handguns, acquired legally are registered and a pre-investigation by Police are required and safety courses are now mandatory. Police have the authority to check for Proper and Safe Storage and may cancel the privilege upon infractions.

But the problem with our Political Leaders, afraid of being labeled politically incorrect, they are scared to address the real issues. The Gun Violence and Crimes, vast Majority of Which happened in the same neighborhoods of housing projects, and can be identified with a Specific group of Gangs and Drug Dealers and small time hoodlums and Mostly the victims are Young Blacks from mostly Single Parents families. That these kids are raised with only a mother without the proper community guidance during their growing up years and can easily become the preys of Gangs Leaders and Druggies. This issue had been known to all the Politicians all the time.

The concentration of these families in Housing Projects, without the sufficient community support as to entertainments, sports and other diversions for the kids to indulge to, will be a magnet that will later attract them to the life of Crimes.

To always blame the Gun Laws and its deficiencies will never solve the problem. There are already Millions of Guns of all kinds in Existence, legally owned and illegally, they won’t just disappear.

Meanwhile, here are some that could be done while the politicians are all putting their heads together to address these issues, before another child is Lost...

** Enforce the "No Carry Law" without Mercy.
** Enforce the Maximum penalty for Gun crimes, instead of the usual Slap in the hands handed down by the courts.
** Try Minors involve in Gun Crimes in Adult Courts as they are used by their adults counterpart to do the crime, or offer them plea bargains and court protections and testify against their mentors and masterminds, or simply name names...
** More stringent background investigations for those wanting firearms acquisition permits.
**And more stringent enforcement of Safe Storage guidelines and proper check by the authorities, instead of the usual "owner's responsibility rule". (don't always assume that all abide by the provision of the Law), as substantial guns in the streets were stolen from Legal Gun owners.

Other than Blanket Ban on Firearms, which may not stand Constitutionally, there are a lot both the Provincial and the Federal Governments can do. Meantime our Local Police should put more resources and insure more visibility (patrols) in these neighborhoods where gun plays are common occurrences and they know where they are, everyone does. Jane and Finch areas, St Jamestown, Entertainment district downtown, Malvern, Lawrence and Don Mills, and a few more other areas , but without sacrificing their response time in all other places...


Deadly weekend
12:58 a.m. – Ephraim Brown, 11, is shot and killed outside a Jane St. and Sheppard Ave. W. area apartment building. A 21-year-old man walks into an area hospital a short time later with a bullet wound to the leg.
1:56 a.m. – A 31-year-old man is found shot to death outside a Bleecker St. apartment near Bloor St. E.
2 a.m. – One man dies following a double shooting near Duncan and Adelaide Sts. in the heart of the Entertainment District.
3 a.m. – Kimel Foster, 21, is shot dead and a 31-year-old man is shot in the abdomen as about 50 people leave a birthday party at the Town Talk bar on Vaughan Rd. near Oakwood Ave.
5:54 a.m. – Two men are shot outside a Barclay St. home near Bathurst St. and Wilson Ave. following a dispute. Another man is charged.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Weird Things About Myself, Past and Present...

"Six Weird Things About Myself".

Tagged by Major Tom who’s been tagged by someone else to tell the world about the six Weirdest Things About Myself And Here are the Six that first came to mind.

1. When I was in High School I was surprised of myself of how good I could be one year and be the worst student the next. Took me Six Years to finish it altogether and that surprised even my teachers in my "good years". This is weird knowing that I could have done it in time with honours too.

2. I started drinking hard and smoking like chimney at a very young age trying very hard to keep away from the knowledge of my father who must had known all the way, because as soon as I reached the age of Majority 18, he just told me "now you don’t have to hide anymore" and handed me a package of Freshly Bought Marlboro, a bottle of imported Johnny Walker, my favourite brands . We became friends all the way.

That one is also weird because I was thinking I was smart enough to hide the stink of Tanduay and Tuba (this one you can smell from miles).

3. What happened in High School was repeated in College, but I had a very good Excuse since I was a working Student, working full time with the Philippine Railway Co. and just taking night class just to make father happy, not really interested becoming an accountant. (Although taken and passed the CPA board, only worked as an accountant for exactly one day).

That is very weird, because as hard it took me to graduate it was an easy time passing the board exams.

4. Been good with Girls during my younger days, but can’t have a lasting relationship, because of the love affair with alcohol that sometimes I can’t even remember the name of my current girlfriend when asked. (Whoever wanted such a guy? Hehehe).
That is crazy weird, because now some of them have grandchildren and I can remember everyone of them, including their names and how they all started. Maybe too much time indulging about the past..another weird pasttime..

5. But like anything else, that even "true love" sometimes does not really last forever, I suddenly gave up both excessive drinking and quit smoking completely and one of the reasons was the coming of the little ones (my nieces and my nephews, one of them is already well-known) and the promise I gave my parents to look after the younger ones, that I ended up looking after even my elder siblings and their children and maybe their children’ children if I’m still around and the way it is going it may as well be, because we have no longer compulsory retirement and I believe I’ll be able to work till I’m, let’s say 90??

I thought all the time that I’ll be retiring from it all at 55... oh boy!!! was I wrong...

6. Right now, after driving everywhere and anytime for the longest time, all the time I feel something very strange when suddenly, I decided to go green by not replacing the old Junkie that quit on me after 17 years of dedicated and not a single day of complaint service.
Taking the Mass Transit system to work and everywhere has suddenly made me aware that there are hundreds and thousands of beautiful people, excited children, lovers whispering sweet nothing on each others ears, youths dancing to the sound of their ipods and oldies too (including me), passengers engross with their readings of romance novels and some who have not quite done with their grooming, traveling fellows that are friendly, bus drivers that are courteous and the most discipline commuters ever, no pushing, always an orderly lineup and courtesy among passengers especially giving up seats for expectant mothers....

That’s weird that after more than three decades of living here, just noticed that there are those things around, that even if I get a car or an SUV anytime, I’ll keep taking the Bus to work....

I would not tag this one as "permanent weird" yet, because who will know if I ever fall in love with driving ...again..let you know as soon as I get the car (and that prospect is not forthcoming) and I will be singing the Second Time Around... but I sure miss all the beautiful girls who always take the same Schedules..but not the few "smelly drunks" that kind of hard to get away when the Bus is jam-packed....

Who would I tag? I don’t have enough on my list, but let me try, and I’ll start with the always sport verns, Bw my fellow Torontonian, niceheart of winnipeg, major dude my kasimanwa of ca (sorry don’t know how to do the link by HTML yet), and the bibs ( she has her blogs, but she would not let me know her url but she read this and she knows she’s been tagged).
There you go, weird things, not as weird to some, most already happened, some still in progress.
But there are lessons we learned from the weirdest things we did, sometimes we found out they are not that weird after all, just normally weird..and sometimes we don’t make sense at all and that is the Weirdest Thing or Just me in my Weirdest Day....
For major dude klik: For the rest, please find them on my sidebar and for the bibs, forget it, she won't tell, and would not take bribe....that's weird too, because she is also from the family of prominent politicians that readily takes bribes, and that I knew...
major dude:


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lord Conrad Black of Crossharbour, Guilty on Four Counts...

Monica Prince, a juror in the Conrad Black Trial with daughter Denean and granddaughter Nicole.

The Fall of Conrad Moffat Black, Baron Black of Crossharhour...

After Twelve Days of Deliberation, the jury of Twelve, told Judge Amy Ste. Eve, that they had a Unanimous Verdict.

Conrad Black is Guilty on Four Counts, Not Guilty on Nine Others.
*one count of Obstruction
* three counts of Mail Fraud
His former business associates Jack Boultbee, Peter Atkinson and Mark Kipnis were also convicted on three fraud charges each.

The Jury Job is Done...

And now we’ll listen to what one of the Jurors has to say about the Trial:
(Pls. note that Jurors in the U.S. may talk to the Media after the verdict had been handed down, while in Canada it is Illegal to do so.)

Labeled by some Canadian Media as "blue collar jury" for having members drawn from blue collar workers of Chicago, and despite avoiding the Media during the trial, the label did not escape the Members of the Jury. And they are out to show that they will be able to hand down a verdict Fair and Square as one of the Jurors said during the pep talk among themselves:

"They're calling us country bumpkins. They think we're too stupid to figure out this case."
And the Jury the Media called "country bumpkins" and "blue collar jury" came back with a Unanimous Decision...How fair could you Get?

For more of what Juror pictured in this entry, has to say about the case clik the links:

-Frauds... Scams... Mail Frauds will somehow catch up on you, Mr. Black should have known. Investigated for the same wrongdoings by the RCMP in the past, but was never charged for lack of evidence, he had a choice, and His had caught up on Him...and the stain will mark the Legacy of a very intelligent man, although somehow vain, an accomplished Biographer, and a business Magnate.
Now, he wanted his Canadian Citizenship Back, after renouncing it, in order to Become a Life Peer in the British House of Lord. (house resolution of l919, would not allow a Canadian of British subject, now Canadian Citizen to become a member of any British Royalty or granted a peerage, whatever that means). And the reason why, because of the agreement between the two countries for its citizen to serve her or his sentences in each home country for the conviction in the other, and Lord Black figured out that Canadian Jails, if it comes to that, is still Home....

Pot laws thrown out, CBC reports

Jul 14, 2007 04:30 AM Canadian Press
Prosecutors say they plan to launch a speedy appeal of a Toronto judge's ruling that Canada's marijuana possession laws are unconstitutional.

CBC News reports the judge made the ruling in dismissing charges against a 29-year-old Toronto man charged with possession of 3.5 grams of pot.

The man's lawyer argued that the federal government made it policy, under Health Canada's Marijuana Medical Access Regulations, to provide marijuana for medicinal purposes, but never made it a law.

CBC News reports that Judge Howard Borenstein agreed that this brought all possession laws into question and dismissed the charges.

Borenstein says he'll wait two weeks before making his ruling official.
Defence lawyer Brian McAllister told the CBC that the ramifications of the ruling, if it stands, could be "pretty big."

Warning: Don’t go out as yet popping those weeds in Front of the Cops, be a little discreet, not good for the Kids...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Birthdays to the Two Beautiful Girls of Our Lives:

Bibs and kuya mik and cousins during our vacation to Lolo and Lola Hometown of Alimodian, Iloilo during one of our visits. Circa '98 and she was 8 years old...

This one at even much younger age, with auntie and family pediatrician, now in new york and married to fellow m.d., cousin ann, now a dentist, kuyas and mom in front of our residence in Brookside Hill, Cainta. Dad maybe taking the picture of his "customized" jeepney as the featured subject...
Her latest taken mid-june after Pao graduation ceremony, you know where??

And Now the Birthday Girl!!! Happy Birthday Andrea from all of us who loves you dearly....

July 6, l990

The grandchildren... the birthday girl, her 4rth, the same date as auntie bibs. with cousin josh, and second cousin chico. we call her chin chin , long for francine (from dad's francis, my nephew, my brother's) born in Pinas and now residing in the city of Liberty Bell, Philadelphia.

Francine, as she just arrived from the Philippines and a quick visit from another "lolo" from Toronto, who drove 10 hours to see the first of the next generation of the "cutests".

With Mom and Dad and cousin Josh during their visit to Uncle's graveyard early this year.

The Boy who loves to Eat and he is big and fatso. Well, living with grandparents will spoil the brat.

Grandpa and Grand Child. To chin chin Happy Happy Birthday and always remember to say your prayers before you sleep and remember grandpas and grandmas in them.. hugs, hugs and more hugs....
July 6, 2003