Sunday, September 30, 2007

Party's Over-Tories (Conservatives) Plan Anti-Drug Crackdown.

Party is over, but who could blame him?

Federal Health Minister Tony Clement says, (Tories' drug strategies) the Harper government will soon unveil a $64 million drug strategy. It will involve increased criminal penalties, prevention and treatment programs and a crackdown on smuggling.

Lest everyone forgets, the proposal by the previous government of the Liberals to decriminalize use of Cannabis and possession of small amount had not been enacted and passed as law and the current Conservative Government of PM Harper decided to shelve it.

During an Interview after the a symposium designed to bring together Canada’s arts and health communities to combat mental health issues yesterday (Saturday), Health Minister Tony Clement announced the Party is Over and the Government in a few days will be in business of Anti-drug strategy.

Reported increases in arrests for possession and use of marijuana in major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax and Ottawa, was due to many young people under the impression that the Bill decriminalizing the use of Cannabis had been passed and many boldly use cannabis than ever before..

The Conservatives’ wide-ranging $64 million anti-drug strategy is expected to combine treatment and prevention programs with stiffer penalties for illicit drug use, and a crackdown at the border against drug smuggling.

Health Minister Clement in the past, opposes the harm reduction strategies which includes among others where governments provide safe injection sites for drug addicts where nurses supervise and provide clean needles to users to avoid spreading the disease such as AIDs and Hepatitis.

At a Canadian Medical Association meeting last month, he was quoted saying “harm reduction, in a sense, takes many forms. To me, prevention is harm reduction. Treatment is harm reduction. Enforcement is harm reduction.

A day after that speech, 130 physicians and scientists signed a petition condemning the Conservative Government “potentially deadly” misrepresentations of the positive evidence of harm reduction programs.

Dr. Keith Martin, a B.C. Liberal MP and former substance abuse physician, said that the renewal for safe injection sites operating license will not get approval from the current government. And he has this to say about the Tories anti-drug strategies:

“I can’t understand why the Conservatives are embracing a war-on-drugs approach that has proven to fail. By all means, go after the pushers. By all means, absolutely go after the organized crime gangs that are the real parasites in this situation. “But for heaven’s sake, treat the user as a medical problem and adopt the solutions that have proven to work in other countries.”

My Say:
Well, the former Liberal Government strategies of Fighting Drugs, its use and possession had not succeeded. I would give this Government a Crack at doing their plans and see if it will succeed where all others had failed. Drugs addiction has not only contributing to increase in criminal activities, but also cost society in term of more Health Care spending and also the interruptions of family lives and the economic loss is also huge.

Take a look at how many Grow-ops discovered by the Law in the Toronto area during 2006. Check and see why a new Anti-Drug strategies are needed...

A very Important Reminder to those who drive with a lead foot and say "ain't too drunk to drive tonight, darling". The New Street Racing Law takes effect Midnight tonight (Sept. 30, 2007) and the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) warms that this will be 'shock and awe' to those that have the inclinations to do following things.

>>go over the limit at more than 50 kms, car will be impounded on the spot and license suspended for one week immediately (pending resolution of the charges) and minimum fine of $2000.
and a few other stunts that might endangered those who want to share the roads. For those that still do not know, the immediate suspension of Licence of 1 week for these offences pending resolution of the charges, have no right for appeal.. take a look at what's coming on your streets and highways and drive accordingly or be very ready to get a Bus Pass out or have money for a ride home. The Police will just drive the apprehended driver to a safe place and it is your responsibility how to get home. Street racers warned..OPP warns street racers to get a bus pass don't blame me, I warned you...Mario Andretti!!!

UPADATE ON THE New Street Racing Law, October 1, 3:l5 am:

The law was in effect barely less than 24 hours ago and the Police already announced as of 8:00pm yesterday, Sunday that the already netted 28 drivers, breaking the 50 kms. over the limit. Following are the excerpt from the announcement:

For the 28 drivers charged today, the costs hit home immediately: vehicle impounded for seven days, driver’s licence suspended for seven days and, if found guilty in court, a minimum $2,000 fine.

It was enough to drive one young man to tears after he became one of the first stopped by the Ontario Provincial Police after the law — aimed at drivers doing more than 50 kilometres over the speed limit — came into effect today.

“A young man started crying as his mom’s car was impounded,” said OPP Sgt. Cam Woolley, unable to say if the tears were prompted by the temporary loss of the car, the potential fine, or in anticipation of mom’s wrath.

Another driver, who just got his new car, promptly lost it after he was clocked doing 174 km/h on Highway 401, which has a 100 km/h speed limit. “He only had the car for two days, and the car will be impounded longer than he owned it,” Woolley noted.

for more of the lead-foot who ignores the new traffic law check...some just don't get it

Now, don't wonder why vast majority of Ontarians are inclined to obey the law, instead of breaking it, the Pain of Penalties and the enforcement of the law that cater no favour to whom the "braves" (or idiots) who dare...

And before you go have a little Sunshine and have a pleasant week ahead.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Election Hottest Issue: Public Funding for all Faith-Based Schools..

Hottest Issue of this Provincial Election Campaign: Public Funding for all Faith-Based Schools...

Aside from the Current Government Broken Promises, one that is still very
Fresh on every voter's mind was the Premier McGuinty last Election Campaign Promise not to Raise Taxes during its Mandate. But as soon as the Liberals took power, they imposed a Health Premium for those earning $20 thousands or more with the minimum of $300. That’s is not a Big Tax, but the issue is a Broken Promises.

Now comes opposition leader John Tory of the Progressive Conservatives Party campaign program to extend Public Funding for all faith-based Schools same as Catholic Schools as long as they adapt the Ontario’s curriculum and hire the Province accredited teachers..Initial cost for the funding is around $400 millions for 53,000 students of Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and other faith-based schools. That represents approximately 3% of the total students. Catholic Schools have the enrollment of 600,000 students.

The Liberals and the New Democrats oppose the Conservative proposal, while the Green Party wants to have only one Secular Public School system with no funding for all religious schools, taking away funding fo Catholic Schools.. Public funding.

Other Campaign promises:
John Tory..Progressive Conservatives....More aid to Autistic Children.

Howard Hampton..New Democrats....Pay for delisted services, such as Physiotherapy, chiropractic and optometry services, once covered, but delisted by the Liberals. bring back delisted services..

While the Liberal Leader McGuinty, keep attacking the Tories comparing them to the Previous Government which his party defeated the last election..attack..

And the countdown continues..l4 days to go and counting...

Conservative Leader John Tory listens during a discussion on autism in London, Ont., yesterday as Leela Sharma and Madi, her 7-year-old autistic daughter, look on. Tory pledged more support for families dealing with autism.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Referendum Issue..same, same or Proportional Representations?

Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory, campaigning in one of the Ridings vowing to address the Energy Issues (fast-tracking of More Nuclear Plants) if he wins the Government this October 10 election...

Energy Issue is taking centre stage as the election campaign enters final stage...

Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory vows that if he is elected Premier that he will fast-track building of more Nuclear Plants by any means possible, an apparent reversal of the stand he took a few months ago.

The stand in which earlier this year, Tory called for the resignation of Environment Minister for exempting the Liberal Nuclear Plan from Provincial Environment Assessment, as Minister Laurel Broten noted that The Environment Assessment for Nuclear plans is entirely Federal.

The pledge came yesterday as energy issues took centre stage in the campaign to the Oct. 10 provincial election, with NDP Leader Howard Hampton calling for lower electricity rates to help struggling Northern Ontario mills and Premier Dalton McGuinty rejecting the idea.

For more of the election issues you may want to check the Toronto Star coverage of the Election.

For this week Toronto Sun's sunshines..Sunshine Girls

Referendum Issue:
This coming provincial election, there is also a question regarding the reform of how the MPP (members of Provincial Parliament) would be elected.

At present we have a direct voting system known as First Past the Post or whichever candidate in a Riding, whether representing a Political party or independent, gets the most vote, will represent the Riding. This year there will be 107 Members, Four more than the last parliament. The Party who wins the most seats wins the Government and its leader will become the Premier.
That is regardless of the Popularity vote.

The referendum will ask the voters if Proportional Representation will be introduced by 2012. The Parliament membership in this proposed referendum will compose of 90 directly elected members and 39 from the parties in proportion to their popular votes. Thus, other parties with garnered some popular votes, but do not translate to winning any seat, will have representation in the Parliament out of the 39 remaining posts. The Green Party, which fields candidates in all ridings this election but may not win a single seat, will have a chance to have members appointed by the a Party to represent the total popularity votes out of the 39 reserved seats (the Green, according to the polls could cast 10% of the Popular votes).

This Proportional System, as some critiques would suggest would undermine the individual Accountability of the Member as he or she is only accountable to the party he or she represents, but not the constituents of any riding. While its supporters insist that is a fairer systems, a chance to have a non-seat winning party or even a Party whose share of popular votes does not translate to equal percentage of seats, voices heard in the Parliament, instead of just in the Media and in the Streets.

Well, in the End issue as important as this will be decided by the Ontarians. This system will be popular among the supporters of weaker Parties, such as the New Democrats, always the 3rd party among the 3 Mainstreams, (in the last provincial parliament, all members represent only these 3 major parties) who consistently gets 18 to 20 % of the Popular votes, but only wins 10% of the seats. But for the other Two main parties and their supporters , this system is foreign and my bet will soundly rejected.. And considering that the two main parties command somewhere in the 70% of the votes, the Chances of this Referendum issue to win the Yes vote is very dim indeed.

And by the Way, the Alimodiananon sa Canada, the association of town mates from the the town of Alimodian, Iloilo along with our town mates in the U.S.A. and all over the world, celebrated our Town Fiesta Yesterday, Saturday, September 22, in honor of St. Thomas of Villanova, the Patron of the Poor and also our town patron Saint.

A mass was said by a visiting Priest from General Santos and after we had a buffet of all kinds of Filipino dishes including the always omnipresent Pizza for the kids, who always would scream Pizza, and also the olds..
To view the pictures taken by our resident professional photagraphers inday Lyn and dol Noel with his Canon SLR go to gallery and enjoy

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Election Ontario Countdown..Leaders Making Hay with Farmers..

Update: 9:00pm The First Televised Leaders Debate is now History. For the Media anylysis of the Leaders' Debate check the account from the Toronto Star...leaders' debate

Today's September 20, 10:00am update:

First Leaders Debate, sans Green Party, of the 2007 election campaign starting at 6:30pm and last for 90 minutes.

And from the Toronto Sun Daily here are the personal vitae of the Three Leaders:

JOHN TORY Conservative

- Age: 53

- Training: Lawyer

- Best round: Almost knocked out lefty David Miller in 2003 Toronto mayor's race, with 38.5% of the vote to 43.5%.

- Win streak: Party leader since 2004, he easily won his seat, Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey, in a 2005 byelection.

- Party cred: Shrewd political backroomer, under the spotlight for first time, he's run campaigns for many others.

- Ring style: A former Rogers Cable exec and CFL boss, he's not afraid to tackle but has never fought such a title bout.

- TV election debates: None, the rookie in the ring.


- Age: 52

- Training: Lawyer

- Best round: Took down front-runner Gerard Kennedy for the Grit leadership in 1996, in a gruelling, five-ballot win.

- Win streak: Four straight election wins since 1990 on his Ottawa home turf, filling the shoes of his late MPP father.

- Party cred: The only rookie Liberal elected in the NDP's 1990 rout of the ruling Grits, he led them back to power in 2003.

- Ring style: Raised in a family of 10, he can scrap with the best but quiet, persistent jabs are often his best weapon.

- TV election debates: Two under his belt, 1999 and 2003.


- Age: 55

- Training: Lawyer

- Best round: Cracked Bob Rae's first cabinet lineup in 1990 in an all-important role, as Ontario's attorney-general.

- Win streak: Five straight election wins dating back to 1987 on his Fort Frances home turf, in a vast northern riding.

- Party cred: Took its helm in 1996 after the Rae government was booted, keeping the NDP pulse alive at Queen's Park.

- Ring style: Ivy League-educated, on a hockey scholarship, he can punch with logic or union-hall verbal barrages.

- TV election debates: Two under his belt, 1999 and 2003.

My bet-Howard Hampton can easily wins the debate, but the election, Nah!! Ontario voters one time gave the New Democrats (socialists) during the Leadership of Bob Rae a crack at Government, but Tommy Douglas Bob Rae wasn't...

the toronto sun

New Democrats Leader Howard Hampton, the Best with the Tractor, 3rd in the Opinion Polls...

Party Leaders Make Hay with Farmers: Election Ontario Countdown..

Crosby, Ontario International Plowing Match, Sept. 18..

He maybe No. 3 in Opinion Polls (last among the mainstreams) but he is number on the Tractor.
New Democrats Leader Howard Hampton easily beat the other two leader by plowing the Straightest furrow at the Fastest Time. But will it translate into votes this October 10 election, remain to be seen.

Dressed in their country-best jeans and checked shirts, Premier Dalton McGuinty and Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory joined Hampton and a number of eastern Ontario candidates at the match on a farm north of Kingston. The event is an annual ritual but takes on added significance in an election year.
Politicians were eager to make their case before the agricultural community, with McGuinty on the defensive over his record with farmers and Hampton and Tory on the attack.
"It influences the rural vote to some degree," said Bruce McCready of the Ontario Ploughman's Association. "You can't change that many people's politics, but it all helps."
And Here’s what the Champion Plower has to say about the Government or Premier McGuinty, the Liberal Leader:

“The Liberals haven't done enough for farmers who face hard times with the rising dollar, foreign subsidies and low prices for some commodities. They see the $40,000 pay raise for Dalton McGuinty while many of them are having to subsidize their farm by working off the farm."

And the other Opposition Leader, Conservative John Tory has also something to say, of course this is the campaign period and if the Farmers really listen to them, or maybe they do...

Tory noted 650,000 Ontario jobs depend on a healthy agriculture industry and said he's talked to "far too many farmers who are in doubt ... whether they can tell their sons and daughters whether there's a future for them at all in farming."

For More of What the Farmers had to say and the spectators about the Leaders and the Promises and Election Programs and about the Local Candidates and Also the VIDEO of the PLOWING Competition and comments (or Judging) go to: (copy and paste)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Election Ontario-Election Day...October 10---the countdown begins..

Premier Dalton McGuinty and Wife Terri

Today's Issue: September 18, Tuesday Morning 9:00am Eastern Daylight...Today’s Issue: Should public funding extended to all faith- based schools?

The current Liberal Government is against the idea and would not even consider calling a referendum on the issue.

The opposition Conservative proposed the issue and will start the initiative of implementing public funding to the approximately 53,000 students of other faith- based schools (about 3% of the total) if it wins the government this coming election.

The other two parties, the New Democrat is against and the Green would like to revert back to Secularism.

At present the Catholic Schools get the same public funding as the Public Schools. Together both School Boards serve 95% of the students from Junior kin to Senior High (grade 12). While 2% are students of purely private or others, and 3 % of other religious based schools, e.g. Muslims, Hindus, Jewish, etc...

According to the Surveys done by two different pollsters, the results were entirely the opposite:

A CTV News-Strategic Counsel poll released last night found 71 per cent of 850 people surveyed oppose the funding of "private, faith-based schools," with just 26 per cent in favour. The poll, conducted last Thursday to Sunday, is accurate to within 3.4 percentage points.
An Environics poll last week showed dramatically different results, with 48 per cent supporting the extension of funding to schools of all religious denomination, 44 per cent opposed and 8 per cent undecided.
At the moment, I belong to the undecided..for now, I would continue the policy of giving tax credit (percentage) for the fees to the faith-based school to the amount not more than of that of public funding. Or go with Green Party Leader Frank de Jong pledged to eliminate all funding of faith-based schools and ensure world religion classes are taught in one secular public system.

September 16, 5:00am eastern daylight...

Election Update (provincial): Today, the New Democrats announced the Party Policy towards Intensive Behavioural Intervention (BPI)-a very expensive one-in-one treatment in a classroom for all autistic children, while the Governing Liberal insists that the issue go beyond funding, but the lack of trained support providers in the province which it said the govt. already started addressing by hiring more specialists and expand college training for more therapists. The Conservatives also pledge to address the issue, but no specific yet... It's about time the Autistic Children will get all the attention and intervention needed, spare no expense, we will foot the bill.


And from our 'USELESS BUT AMUSING SKILLS' file: when asked to recite a couple of lines from the poem they know by heart, the campaign front runners (party leaders) cheerfully obliged:
Read it Here

MORE ON ELECTION UPDATE Sept 17, 5am: this site will be updating and concentrate on Election Ontario issues for the next few weeks until election day of October 10. Election results will be available hours after official polls closing.

The first Party Leaders televised weekly debates will be on Thursday Evening. The issues and subjects of the debates are not published yet, but it will touch on the two main issues, medical care and education and also the crimes. Not sure if the Green Party leader, which do not represent any seat in the legislature will be represented in the debates, but the environment is also one of the forefront among the issues: Election Ontario

Is this a dirty campaign or not? Health Minister Smitherman said that candidate Klees of the opposition Tories, mused during one of the debates among local candidates that patients should be charged User Fees every time they visit Emergency rooms for non-emergency cases to avoid abuse of the privileges and clogging up emergency rooms, but not mentioning that the Party Leadership do not support such policy as it against the rule of the Federal Law to charge any patient for Medical care. This idea had been floated around just like calling for 911 and ambulance and fire for non emergency cases, but it is kind of hard to judge which are emergencies before the facts...and to punish people without malicious intents is against the spirit of the fair and honest democracy, which this country was founded upon... come on, let not indulge in dirty campaign without disclosing the party's stand.
Patient's user fee

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Chief versus the Prime Minister


And the argument is about something that is a non-issue, but now becomes the main issue. The subject, the Muslim Women and a very few minority who wears Burgas and Veils who do not object at all for uncovering their faces if required and even their own community who insist that wearing them are for Cultural and Social Reasons and nothing to do with Muslim Faith, has now become the centre which the Parliament would have to clarify or may have to re-examine the recently passed law that requires visual verification for Federal Elections.

And here is the Argument on the side of the Chief. The PM has said much of his piece in my previous post (scroll down to Breaking News), but knowing the young PM, he's hot blooded and sometimes his step is a little too fast for him.

He also said that all parties participated in a conference call on July 26, in which the veiled-vote issue had arisen, and they were all informed of the way Elections Canada was planning to interpret the law.

The chief said he is just following the law by allowing some Muslim Women to vote with their faces covered. The law state that if challenged the voter should identify self by presenting two ids and the Chief said if the voter refuse to show his or her face, a sworn statement is acceptable. He also added that visual verification is not required for those who votes by Mail and Proxy and said last election there were 80 thousands who voted by mail.

He is throwing back the Controversy at the lap of the PM and other politicians - arguing that they have all ample chance to make clear that people need to show their faces at the voting booth.

Chief Marc Mayrand replaced JP Kingsley who resigned the post last February after 17 years of service. Of course he was appointed by the current Government of PM Harper, but that doesn’t mean that his Independence is somehow affected.

Election Canada is an Independent Agency responsible for Federal Elections and Referendums and Reports to Parliament. The Chief is Appointed by the Governor General at the Recommendation of the Government of the Day and has the tenure of up to 65 years of age or resigned and can only be fired with cause by the Majority vote of the Parliament, the Senate and the House of Commons.

For Ontario Voters this coming October 10 election, don’t worry, Election Ontario doesn’t care if you wear a golie mask or paper bag over your head, it loves you to come and cast your vote, just show your voter’s Election Notice or your ID and do your civic duty.

The Muslim Canadian Congress says Elections Ontario should require everyone to show their face when casting a ballot.
A spokesman for the group says veils and burkas are worn for cultural and social reasons and have nothing to do with the Muslim faith.

the argument

Not a big deal... sure the parliament will thresh out this issue and make it very clear with election canada the intention of the law. Nobody wants this matter up to the court to decide.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Drama at City Hall...Staged or Real??

Today's Toronto Sunday Sun's Sunshine Girl. A daily must see for those who appreciate the Sun..

Nothing to do with Today's Entry...but the weatherman said today's weather going to be little colder 24C high and cloudy (intermittent showers) and here's Angelic Angela to put a little warm on everyone's Sunday..For more of Sun's Sunshine Girls visit this site:

Toronto City Hall

Tempers and Insults flew at The City Council Meeting as the First days of the Cut of Services come into effect starting Today. The cuts were announced by Mayor David Miller few weeks ago after the Council defeated the new measures of "taxation" proposed by the Mayor to cover the shortfall. Now, they are blaming each others.

The cut that causes most concern, especially among the Seniors and Parents of Young Children is the closing of 130 Community Centres on Mondays and to the lesser extent of 16 Public Libraries on Sundays, until the city puts its house back in Order...

To read the council members throwing insults at one another check the Council Chamber...

Toronto Star

And also from the people who are directly affected by the cuts, the Seniors, the Parents of Young Children and the workers. Never mind the Politicians, they’re all full of hot air and they could had done something before these matters come to this point. The Provincial Government and even the Federals are ignoring their cries anyways. But just like anywhere, try to give themselves a raise and quietly and softly they become friends again..hehehe...might even see them having lunch together...

September 10, 5:00am current temp. 14 today's high 20 low 14...

Breaking News: PM Steven Harper threatened legal action against Election Canada if it doesn’t back off its decision of allowing Muslim women to vote covering their faces. Election Canada is an Independent Agency responsible for conducting elections and referendums and reports to the Parliament.

Last spring the Parliament passed Bill C-31, a law designed to have visual identification of voters and Election Canada is supposed to implement the law, not to make its own.

Today, Election Canada is holding a news conference to address the issue and to also address the Protests even from the Muslim Communities that do not agree with its decision. All political parties are solid in their opposition to the electoral body decision. Where’s JP Kingsley in times like this?

Toronto Star

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Provincial Election...October 10, 2007

Howard Hampton, New Democrat Party Leader

Liberal Party Leader Dalton McGuinty

Conservative Party Leader John Tory and wife Barbara Hackett

Gentlemen, On your Post, Get Set, Goooo...

They’re off and running. Actually only John Tory, The Provincial Conservative Party Leader started his campaign for October 10 Provincial Elections for Members of Ontario Parliament. Premier Dalton McGuinty, Liberals Leader won’t officially start his campaign until next Monday when the writ is signed, while New Democrats Party Howard Hampton, start his by joining the Labour Day parade, without announcing any party policy.

And here are what we expect from the Three Parties representing the Members of the Parliament:

Although the Liberals have not started their campaign yet (they are the government) Finance Minister Greg Sorbora announce that if the Liberal is re-elected it, would create a New Statutory Holiday in February (one of the Months without a day-off, the other are November and June) probably on the third Monday.

Opposition John Tory, can’t wait to question the timing of the announcement and asked...why just now? And added it is cynical (the opposition Leader forgot that this is Election campaign). Of course people have been asking ever since for a long weekend in mid-winter, imagine from January 1 until the Good Friday?

And here’s the Major Issue this Election and the Party’s stand on them:

But the major issues in the campaign will focus on the economy, the environment, help for cities and the working poor, along with the hot-button issue of funding for faith-based schools, which Tory ignited by saying he would fund them, while McGuinty supports the status quo – funding for public and Catholic schools.

Don’t Know yet where the NDP stands on these issues.

The Parties go into the campaign with these standing:

Liberal: 68 out of 103 seats
Tories : 24
Democrats: 10
I seat vacant.. There will be an additional 4 seats to be contested this October 10 election (re-adjustment)..

And also there will be a referendum for Proportional Representation System of electing members and if carried will take effect in 2011.

Finally NDP Leader has something to say:

Hampton said the Liberals can't be counted on to keep their promise of a new holiday given that the government effectively killed a private member's bill in 2003 that would have created such a holiday.
"Dalton McGuinty found the time to give himself a $40,000 raise but didn't get around to giving working families a much-needed day off," Hampton said in a statement.

I’d say what about a Statutory Holiday in November? Third Monday would be perfect...

Care to read more related articles?
Toronto Star

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Gunfight at the Cigar Store...

Police checking a 'getaway van' with a blown out rear and driver side window after a shootout between the armoured truck guards and the robbers during a foiled robbery. Hospitals are advised to lookout for gun wounded patient as the police had suspected one or more of the robbers been wounded....

Score 1 for the good guys, 0 for the bad guys.

One robber maybe wounded after a shootout between the Brink Guards (armoured courrier) and suspected three robbers during an attempted “hijacked” during one of the cash pick ups.

One of the guards suffered a gash on the forehead where he was pistol whipped by one of the robbers. The guards who gave his name only as Steve said he was OK.

Police advised hospitals in the area to look out for gun-wounded patient.

The robbers abandoned their first get away car with blown out rear window and driver side glass.

Witnesses said at least three men bailed from the shot-up minivan, ran south across the road to a semi-vacant parking lot and jumped into another vehicle to flee the scene.
The armoured car pick up at the same high end cigar store at the same time every time and may have been stalked out by the robbers. Plenty of cash on that truck, plus the cigar are selling at $500 per box, could be Cuban and perhaps the reason why the Robbers choose the particular store just in case all they can snatch are the loots from that store. Only the guards can open the safe once the cash on them...Usually on this type of Robbery the Bad Guys get away with something, not a shootout “stolen getaway van”.

toronto star