Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Election Hottest Issue: Public Funding for all Faith-Based Schools..

Hottest Issue of this Provincial Election Campaign: Public Funding for all Faith-Based Schools...

Aside from the Current Government Broken Promises, one that is still very
Fresh on every voter's mind was the Premier McGuinty last Election Campaign Promise not to Raise Taxes during its Mandate. But as soon as the Liberals took power, they imposed a Health Premium for those earning $20 thousands or more with the minimum of $300. That’s is not a Big Tax, but the issue is a Broken Promises.

Now comes opposition leader John Tory of the Progressive Conservatives Party campaign program to extend Public Funding for all faith-based Schools same as Catholic Schools as long as they adapt the Ontario’s curriculum and hire the Province accredited teachers..Initial cost for the funding is around $400 millions for 53,000 students of Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and other faith-based schools. That represents approximately 3% of the total students. Catholic Schools have the enrollment of 600,000 students.

The Liberals and the New Democrats oppose the Conservative proposal, while the Green Party wants to have only one Secular Public School system with no funding for all religious schools, taking away funding fo Catholic Schools.. Public funding.

Other Campaign promises:
John Tory..Progressive Conservatives....More aid to Autistic Children.

Howard Hampton..New Democrats....Pay for delisted services, such as Physiotherapy, chiropractic and optometry services, once covered, but delisted by the Liberals. bring back delisted services..

While the Liberal Leader McGuinty, keep attacking the Tories comparing them to the Previous Government which his party defeated the last election..attack..

And the countdown continues..l4 days to go and counting...

Conservative Leader John Tory listens during a discussion on autism in London, Ont., yesterday as Leela Sharma and Madi, her 7-year-old autistic daughter, look on. Tory pledged more support for families dealing with autism.