Monday, April 30, 2007

Ontario on the "Red Alert" (Early Warnings)

Ontario set to go on `red' alert

Apr 29, 2007 04:30
AM Josh Wingrove Staff Reporter

Plans for a provincial red-alert disaster information system were announced by the Ontario commissioner of emergency management yesterday.

The "Alert Ontario" system would be used in life-threatening situations for the public, including floods, tornadoes and pandemics, said Jay Hope. It would be employed in the same way as the Amber Alert missing-child system *, with broadcasts, road signs, email, text-messaging and lottery terminals used to alert the public.

A third alert level is proposed for lower-level emergencies.
Hope emphasized the growing frequency of disastrous weather, and urged Canadians to be prepared. "Emergencies are growing more and more – if not here in Ontario, then all around us," he said.Toronto has had its share of freak weather over the past few years.

Two summers ago, in the midst of an intense drought, the city was hit with a rainstorm on Aug. 19 that dropped 10 centimetres in one hour. Water rose to over a metre deep along Steeles Ave. and washed out a stretch of Finch Ave.

This is one good idea the Emergency people come up with. With all the weather emergencies and natural disaster happening, much of the destructive results can be minimized or avoided by timely warnings.

*The Amber Alert Missing- Child System has proven very effective in locating missing children during its existence. It broadcast the Alert in all available Media outlets including Road Warning Signs, Lottery Terminals besides all the normal outlets.

In the other not so happy note, the Toronto Raptors Basketball is on the verge of Elimination in the first round of NBA playoffs, trailing the New Jersey Nets 3-1. It is still possible to win three in row, but with the former Raptor Vince Carter playing his best playoff games ever, and point guard Jason Kidd back in old form that brought the Nets to the Final few years back, it’s a little too much of an undertaking, but again things are possible. Otherwise time to reflect on what has to be done next season for another exciting basketball and a better performance for the post season. Overall it was a good season.

Defending Champs Miami Heats already eliminated by the Chicago Bulls and the Orlando Magic as expected was no sweat for the Detroit Pistons.

My bet, it will be between the Bulls and the Phoenix Suns in the Finals. What’s yours?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

To Donate or not to donate, that is the Question...

Ontario's Education Minister Kathleen Wynne

To Donate or Not to Donate for Your School Boards, that is the Question:
Parents can now raise money for school auditoriums, additions, even a pool – any major construction – under policy changes adopted by the Peel School District board that are raising fears of a two-tier system.

In the past, some School Boards accept donation from parents for minor school project, but it was never an official policy of any District School Boards to raise funds from parents purposely for Capital projects.

But some Fifteen Years ago, the power of taxation was taken off the School Board to raise taxes for shortfall on the Boards budget and some affluent districts or communities have been accepting voluntary donations from parents, some for major project such as auditoriums, swimming pools or any major constructions. And it sparks fear over a Tow - Tier system.

Before I go on, secondary education in Ontario as well as the whole of Canada is publicly funded and is guaranteed to be Equally accessible to all Canadians and legal residents. Simply means what’s good for little Johnny or Zvi is also good for Juan or Ali or Chi Kuang Ho.

And here again, we listen to what the people whose words and actions matters most say about the issue:

From the Chair of Peel District School Board who started the ball rolling, Janet McDougald:

In the past, parents have raised funds for such things as computers and playground climbers, but in recent years groups have come forward who want to contribute "in a big way," by financing a renovation or even purchasing a portable."

Our policy did not address fundraising projects such as that," said McDougald. "We are definitely, in Peel, open for business and we welcome all opportunities that would increase success for our kids and opportunities – we want to be able to entertain these kinds of things.

My question for Jane: How about in some district where parents can’t afford to donate a portable, can we send their children to your school? Just you wait and Janet has already some kind of answer to this query.

But the trend is not setting well with some, especially this, from the Catholic School Board,
Oliver Carroll, Chair of Toronto Catholic District School Board:

You are just asking for trouble. The discussion have been a non-starter for my board. It divides communities when it’s over and done with.

Annie Kidder, People for Education advocacy group also added:

It’s a two ties of funding education, in an area where parents have the time and the money, a school might get a gym but what about a school in less affluent areas?

Answered Back Janet (I told you so):

We'll try to address some inequities. If we could have a community build us a bigger library or resource centre, or refurbish a science lab, that would be money freed up that could go to a school that doesn't have those things.

It's not perfect, it will create some inequities and the board is fully aware of that, but we have to take advantage of those (fundraising) opportunities.

Hold it a minute there Janet. Section 15 of our Charter, which deals with Equality is very clear about your last statement. I’m afraid somebody, sometimes in the future will challenge your Board policy and it will invalidate that specific one, then what?

Well, Janet is quite fully prepared and here’s more she wants to add:

While there have been no proposals since the policy changes were passed at the board's March 27 meeting, future projects will have to undergo a "viability review" to ensure the board can afford any ongoing costs and maintenance.
If someone wants to put air conditioning in a school, that's the small cost,"
We want to make sure that whatever is being built is consistent with our planning and our board goals.
If the community wants a swimming pool, but that school really needs a science lab ... we might say, `We want to work with you, but could you see a way to fulfill this priority

But Anne Kidder is not done yet. Remember her?, the Education for People advocate:

Kidder said the issue speaks to the funding problems boards face, because no government in recent years has paid attention to the spiralling costs of renovating, building or repairing schools, not to mention heating and lighting them.
"Schools do need upgrading and they do need work,". "I don't think they're all totally falling to pieces, but if you are a parent and you can see the need in your own school, I understand the desire to fix up your school.
"But governments are supposed to make sure that all schools are great, and when you rely on fundraising that's not going to happen."

Well, most had said their piece already, oh wait a minute, before I go to the one most important person, here another from the man of the cloth.

Rev. Stefan Wolf, parent council chair at Glenhaven Senior Public School in Mississauga:
(Mississauga is one of the cities composing the Peel Region)

In recent years the board has poured a lot of money into renovations and upgrades to the gym, windows, entrances, schoolyard and parking lot.
We are very pleased with the Peel board. However, the school is located in a highly transient neighbourhood that's considered at-risk, and fundraising is difficult. If it was up to the parents to fundraise for such building amendments, we wouldn't be able to do it."

And now for the Important Character, Ontario Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne (show us the Money).

While fundraising in general raises equity concerns, it is up to boards to set their own policies.

I don't think any board would want to see one school develop to the disadvantage of others, she said, adding she wasn't aware of any others following the Peel's lead.
"It's a delicate issue because trustees are responsible for all schools in their board," she said. "They have to make decisions that allow schools to be in relatively equal position."
Wynne noted the province has given boards money that allows them to leverage $4 billion for capital projects, which she called "a good start."

Me and my little message to the Honourable Minister: Threading a delicate line there Minister, but overall you have done a good job, actually an excellent job, too bad your admirer is a Conservative and will campaign against your party this fall election, but personally I wish you the Best....

Links to my daily paper (maybe the Star will waive my next year’s subscription payments) since I don’t make more than a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee on this Blog adsense..hehehe..

Friday, April 20, 2007

Something Terrible Happened Here:

Mullins-Johnsons - stayed 12 years behind bars for wrongful conviction of the strangulation of her 4 year old niece Valin Johnsons.
Something Terrible Happened Here:

William Mullins-Johnson spent 12 years behind bars after he was wrongly convicted of first degree murder of her 4 year-old niece Valin Johnson, by strangling after sexually assaulting her.

Marco Trota remains in custody convicted of second degree murder of 8 month-old son Paolo, while his case is under review by the Supreme court.

Brenda Waudby was charged with the 1997 beating death of her 21-month-old daughter, Jenna Mellor.
Those charges were eventually dropped and Jenna's babysitter was convicted this year of beating her to death.

Altogether there were l3 convictions all involving the killings of Children as the results of Expert Testimonies of Dr. Charles Smith, Pathologist for Hospital for Sick Children from l991 to 2002.

Yesterday, Ontario’s Chief Coroner released a damning report prepared by five international experts on Dr. Charles Smith's work that found that he likely made errors in 20 cases in which people were charged with killing children.

In 13 of those cases, people were convicted of criminal offences. One of those individuals was Mullins-Johnsons.

Mullins-Johnsons 36, was released from prison just over a year ago after independent experts concluded that her niece Valin had died of Natural Causes.

Now here is what all the parties have to say except Dr. Smith or his Lawyers:

Mullins-Johnsons: ( wrongfully convicted of sexually assaulting and strangling his niece): "I was put into an environment where I had to hide a lot," Mullins-Johnson said softly, as he faced the cameras.
"I was in an environment where potentially my life was at risk every day."
Mullins-Johnsons also said that he felt the sense of relief that finally people believe him.

Dr. Barry McLellan, chief coroner for Ontario:
"I am very surprised with the overall results of the review and concerned about the results," said Dr. Barry McLellan, chief coroner for Ontario, whose office prepared the report.
McLellan said his office is now studying cases handled by Smith from the time he was hired in l981 to l991.

Lawyers for the Association in Defense of the Wrongly Convicted, who fought for Mullins-Johnson's release, sharply criticized Bryant (Provincial Attorney General) for not immediately calling a public inquiry:

"Of course, confidence in the administration of justice has been severely affected by today's announcement and rightly so," lawyer James Lockyer said. "And it takes a public inquiry then to restore that public confidence in the administration of justice."

And from the Politicians:

Attorney General Michael Bryant said he found the report profoundly disturbing, and didn't rule out the possibility of a full public inquiry into cases in which Smith either performed autopsies or provided professional opinions into baby deaths in Ontario.

"It's unacceptable that it happened," Bryant said. "It's wrong. Now we need to not only get to the bottom of it but prevent it from ever happening again."

Bryant said former chief justice Patrick LeSage and a medical expert will conduct a review of Smith's work to determine how things went so wrong, and how similar miscarriages of justice can be prevented in the future.

Me and my big mouth Address to the Attorney General: "Call a Full Public Inquiry Now, which you should be had called long time ago. Remember in 2002 that Dr. Smith was Reprimanded with Caution by the College of Physicians and Surgeons for his works on Three suspicious deaths?"

The 18-month review on Dr. Charles Smith’s work was done by 5 internationally respected Medical Experts from Canada, Finland, Northern Ireland and England.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

PROUD FM 103.9 Toronto Gays' Station on the Air

Tomorrow April 16 at 6.00 a.m. the first ever GLBT FM station will hit the airwaves. PROUD FM 103.9 was granted a license after a 10- year wait, not because of the homophobic attitude of the Licensing Body the CRTC (Canadian Radio And Telecommunication Comm..) but the availability of Air Space.

Claiming to be the first commercially licensed radio station to specifically target the gay, lesbian and transgendered communities, the Prime Time morning slot will by hosted by a couple of a very well-known commodities Ken Kostick and the (still not outed) Mary Jo Eustace. The pair had been together for more than 600 episodes of "What’s for Dinner" T.V. shows.

For Kostick and Eustace, it's been an easy transition – they like to bring up the fact that years ago, Eustace outed Kostick on television long before it was fashionable ("We though it was an obviousity, but not to all the viewers. Many thought we were married. Can you believe that?" she says). Although as they've been pre-taping a few pieces and preparing for tomorrow's debut, there have been a few slips of the tongue that come with the new gig, although none of the Don Imus variety.

The Mid-Day show will be dejeeyed by Deb Pearce who has this to say about the new station:

"At Jack FM, ( a sister FM station) I didn't want to be looked at as a lesbian, I wanted to be thought of as the talented woman on the morning show. So now I'm exactly who I am and I don't have to change pronouns, I don't have to pretend I have a boyfriend or say I went for dinner on King West last night, instead I'll say I went to Drag Idol on Church St. It's just a sense of honesty that I enjoy," she says.
"This feels like sort of an arrival. And almost a validation, it's important there's enough of us that exist to have a radio station built about taking about our issues, or gay people talking about any issues."

On in the Afternoon Slot enter Maggie Cassella, the lady of Rant, better known for her Loudmouth that being a Lesbian and here what she has to say:

"It is what it is, and they hired me to do what I do. To be honest, I've never had any issues since I moved to this country," said the American ex-pat. "It's never been about me being a lesbian, it's been about me being a woman who's loud and aggressive and that doesn't always work on television, but with radio, every time I check myself, they say no, no, no, don't check yourself."

There is something new coming out of this city in particular and the country in general every now and then and it is healthy. We have evolved. For the Listeners it is chance to hear how different sexual orientations sound or no difference at all.

Addendum:: You can Listen to the Station Live at:

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Justice - Philippines Style...The Lady is Blindfolded but Still Can See

JuStice Philippine Style...

Read in Philippines Daily Today about the Incident where the Grandson of late President Marcos, the country leading Commercial Model Borgy Manotoc was involved in a violent incident where another member of the country elites was the alleged victim.

Instead of the Police Authorities investigating the Case to find out who started the incident, who assaulted who and file proper misdemeanor or felony charges in Proper Court, the case now involves the battle between the alleged victim's lawyer and the alleged assailants' lawyers.

Before any investigation has even started, Manotoc already offered an apology and the mother, House Representative Imee Marcos was alleged to have already talked to the victim’s mother Mara Pardo de Tavera (Spanish sounding name) and she said Ms Marcos sounded apologetic.

To my understanding the way the press summarized the incident this was what happened:

Carlo the alleged victim was attempting to talk to Borgy’s Girlfriend (this is somewhere in some kind of high end Bar) and He was Ganged Up by Borgy and His Group.

But hold on. There will be about a dozen versions of this incident and even the Superintendent of the Police has his own version and so are the lawyers of the victim (why would the victim needs a lawyer, isn’t this the duties of the Public Prosecutors? Or the victim already filing a civil case?) and the alleged assailants and even the "girlfriend".

Here are some statements (or quotes) from the Philippines Justice Officials and all its related relatives:

Chief Superintendent Corpus referring to the Victim’s:
They did not bring any documents with them yet, such as the medical certificate. But we are ready to accommodate any case they intend to file. We will assist them."

My say:
No Chief, It is your official duty to determine if a case needed to be filed, and have all the evidence prepared including the medical reports and all the victims responsibilities are to be the witnesses to your prosecutors’ case.

Herminio Barrico Jr (alleged victim’s mother lawyer):

We are still going through the (formalities) of preparing the case. There is nothing definite yet," Barrico said, adding that they might file the case by the end of the week.

My two cents=90 centavos:
Again, all the while filing of Criminal Charges are the lone responsibilities of the Prosecutors, we call them in ours, Crown Prosecutors and in the States for States Cases, States Attorneys, or Asst. U.S. Attorneys for Federal Cases. I maybe wrong, but never heard of private lawyers filing criminal case.

And here’s an Interesting one from Police Officer Garcia when Borgy presented himself for investigation but was advised to seek counsel of a lawyer but said he was told by a Lawyer to Just wait for the Case and He will Just File Counter Charges.

I am confused:
What is this? A threat? Here's a victim ended up being charge by another private lawyer? I will put it this way. Somebody punched my nose, the cops charged the bugger; let's say the judge or jury decided not guilty for lack of evidence; now his lawyer file a counter charge against me - might as well punch the lawyers nose and file counter charges against him later. Guilty or not guilty.
Note: An alleged victim could be charged by the Cops in return for michiefs or even serious crimes if testimmonies leading to the charges were false. But not by the Accused Lawyers.

My Final Comment:

And we are wondering why Philippine Justice seems to be working Just Fine? Something for the Rich and the Famous and the Wealthy. And if you happen to be poor like me, well at least I’m out of reach of the "blindfolded" lady, the symbol of Philippine Justice, Just-Tiis na lang (Just Suffer, whatever the consequence), or if you believe in Prayers and Miracles, that's one of the options, the other, the lest desirable, unto thy own hands, Justice is Served...

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Canadian "Charter of Rights and Freedom" - Twenty Five Years After...

The Queen and Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau signing the Charter of Rights and Freedom, the Constitution Act of l982..

Twenty Five years after the Charter:

Twenty Five Years ago the "Constitution" came home and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was born.

Canada was created as a Nation by the British North American Act (BNA), an Act by the British Parliament and also the Supreme Law of Canada.. Until the repatriation of the Act, it can only be amended by the British Parliament. It was repatiated in l982.

And since that drizzly ceremony on April 17, l982 where the series of signatures, including that of Queen Elizabeth II was affixed to the Document, Canada has it’s own Constitution drafted and enacted by our own Government. Otherwise known as the Constitution Act of l982, the Charter of Rights and Freedom was entrenched in the Constitution and become the basis of hundreds of Challenges that have gone all the way to the Supreme Court to determine how far
the country will go on abortion, same-sex marriage, the death penalty, private health care, police powers, Sunday shopping and freedom of speech.

Many laws were struck down as unconstitutional and many were upheld.

In this entry I will post the few notable challenges and the resolutions:

Oakes (1985)
Established the framework for analyzing all Charter claims – a multi-part test that requires courts to consider whether the government can justify unconstitutional laws or practices. After being charged with drug possession, Edward Oakes successfully argued "reverse onus" provisions in the Narcotics Control Act, which required accused people to prove they were not in possession of a narcotic, violated presumption of innocence.

The Oakes case becomes the basis for which the Courts will determine the Justifiable and Reasonable Limits to all rights. It is now popularly known as the "Oakes Test". You pass the test you win your challenge..

B.C. Motor Vehicle Reference (1985)
Landmark case giving judges sweeping powers to apply the Charter, including striking down laws, a cornerstone for judicial activism. The case involved a challenge to a B.C. law that imposed jail terms on anyone driving with a suspended licence.

This case was the basis where a judge, even in the lower court could declare a particular law unconstitutional and that will make the law ineffective until it is repealed or replaced or modified by the Parliament (Federal or Provincial).

Chaoulli v. Quebec (2005)
Quebec's ban on private health insurance struck down. In 4-3 ruling, Supreme Court says Quebec government can't prevent people from buying private health insurance for procedures covered by medicare. George Zeliotis, tired of waiting for a hip replacement, had joined forces with Dr. Jacques Chaoulli, who wanted to set up a private medical clinic for the procedures. Case regarded as a referendum on Canadian health care.

Although most basic health care procedures are covered, it is a first come first serve basis. This challenge allow private insurance coverage for procedures already covered by the Universal Health Care.
Note: The federal government has just enacted a law regarding the "wait time" for medical procedures. The law specifies the maximum "wait time" for which a procedure should be performed. That is for electives or non-emergencies.

Security certificate limits
Charkaoui v. Canada (2007)
Supreme Court rules that aspects of Canada's security certificate regime used to detain and deport suspected terrorists violate principles of fundamental justice. People detained on the certificates were generally not allowed to see evidence against them on the grounds it involved "national security."

These particular provisions of Immigration Law, also used to combat suspected terrorists under the anti-terror law also extend the Charter Fundamental Rights to even non-citizens or even illegal aliens.

Most of these challenges were funded by the Government Legal Aid programs, but were slowly but gently cut and some were pro bono basis...

Some of the Provisions of the Charter which I like the most are:

Fundamental Freedoms
Fundamental freedoms 2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
freedom of conscience and religion;
freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
freedom of peaceful assembly; and
freedom of association.

Equality Rights:
Equality before and under law and equal protection and benefit of law 15.

(1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

Through a series of court decision, "sexual orientation" is now included as one among the groups that are entitled to Equality. The coverage is now complete..

And to make sure that each and everyone must be Aware that with these Rights and Freedoms, come the reminder that without Responsibities and Reasonable and Justifiable Limits, such rights will be subject to abuses and failures inherent to human individual. Section 1 is the Check and Balance of the whole Charter.

Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms
Rights and freedoms in Canada
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

There you go, the Supreme Law of the land, may not be perfect, but without it, might as well live in the Jungle....

Monday, April 02, 2007

The 'Dinos' are Back in Uniforms of the Toronto Raptors...

Jorge Garbajosa of Spain and Andrea Bargnani of Italy. The two Europeans are among the few of their fellow Europoeans who made the Raptors a very exciting team to watch and improve their chances for that ultimate prize in Basketball.
From Georgia Tech, Chris Bosh, power forward, centre and the Leader of the Team. We call him CB4, a hard working, scrapping and a very talented athlete. As compared to the much ballyhooed Vince Who???
Last night after beating the Charlotte Bobcats, the Raptors clinched the playoff spot in the Eastern Conference and lessened the Magic number to Three for the Atlantic Division Title.

In a city thirsting for Champions since the Major League Blue Jays won a back to back World Series Championships in early 90s and the Hockey Team, the Toronto Maple Leafs last won the Stanley Cup in 1967, this city and the surrounding communities and the whole country are jumping into the bandwagon along with the Long-Suffering fans of the Raptors for welcoming the new Sport heroes, the Toronto Raptors (Dino's).

The team was in the Playoffs five seasons ago, under the leadership of much anticipated, "Michael Jordan" of the future in Vince Carter, the Athletic, Acrobatic master of Dunks, but after getting into the second round and got beat by the NJ Nets on the final 7th game, they started the downward spiral and was not in the playoff since. And Vince faded away in NJ with his acting hurt very bad and back in the game a few minutes later. To me he’s a wasted Michael, but heck he is already a very wealthy man. He once said that he not only aspires to be like Jordan, but better.

With the new make up of the Young Team, (only Morris Peterson, been to the playoff with the team) under the Leadership of Chris Bosh (CB4) all of 23 years old, and a collection of talented European players in Spaniards Jose Calderon, Jorge Garbajosa and this last year Number One draft pick Andrea Bargnani of Spain (Jorge Garbajosa is out for the season of injuries and Bargnani is out recovering from emergency appendectomy), Big man from Slovenia, Rasho Nestorivic, a veteran NBA centre and the speediest of the Point Guard, T.J. Ford, (have you had a Ford lately?), the goal of Managements and the Coaching Staff is not just to qualify for playoff but win the division, the conference and onward the NBA Championship.

But before getting there, there is the Shaq and the Miami Heats, the defending Champions to deal with and the Detroit Pistons, who’s been there, done that and would want no other less than going back there. So it will be a very exciting Post Season basketball and being a Raptors fan, we believe we will win this Year Championship, Shaq and all.

To see the 17 beautiful "Raptors Dance Pak visit this link.
For the Team Official site and more of the Cheering Squads go to:

To head coach Sam Mitchell, his staff and all the members of the Team, including the "dance pak", let's do it....

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Don't Worry...Be Happy or Not..Happiness Demystified or Further Confused?

Lately, there were a few entries among bloggers about the subject of " happiness". And Today in the Sunday Star Edition on line and print, Linda Hurst, a long time writer and columnist of the paper, has a very timely article on the subject with views of many "experts’ and studies that were done on the subject:

Some of the selected excerpts I will print here, or read the whole article at this link:

Low expectations may trump wealth, Psychologists and social scientists have long studied happiness. Now economists are looking at ways of incorporating it in their own models. There's just one problem: satisfaction may have nothing to do with money. And, as Lynda Hurst discovers, the real key to happiness may well be low expectations.]

"I've been rich and I've been poor. Believe me, rich is better."
Mae West, Gertrude Stein and sundry others

Yes, well, no argument there. It's better.

But it's not nirvana.

The age-old assumption that when it comes to money, more equals better, is proving to be just that: an assumption.

Turns out that once people have their basic needs covered, more money can buy more things – luxuries that have morphed into essentials – but not more satisfaction.

Me: More satisfaction = More Happiness.

And now from the "experts" on the newfound studies results that says
link between rising income and rising well-being has broken down.

Leading British economist Richard Layard has this to say:

"How else to understand the "paradox at the heart of our lives?" . We have more money, more food, nicer clothes, faster cars, bigger houses, more gadgets, more holidays and, above all, better health, but "as Western societies have got richer, their people have become no happier".
Layard, a policy adviser to U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, is already calling happiness economics a "new science." Others say it's neither new nor a science.

Economist John Crispo, former Dean of University of Toronto Rotman’s School of Business added his piece:

Economics is vague enough as it is.. How on earth do you measure happiness? What happens if you do? I'm unhappy about taxes – what are you going to do about it?"
Crispo thinks the traditional indicator of rising incomes is still the best way of assessing well-being: "Don't tell me people at the bottom wouldn't feel better if they had a little more income."

The Writer Linda Hurst:

Nobody is. But researchers say the feeling doesn't last.

Our wants are relative, not to some absolute measure but to what other people have. "Status anxiety," envy and one-upmanship all run deep in the human psyche, and the bounty of the free market caters to them all. Coveting and acquiring things once seen as frills but now necessities keeps us on an endless treadmill.

More from the Experts and Scholars:

University of Toronto Philosopher Mark Kingwell (he has written books on the subject)
"But if Western governments ever decide to attempt to maximize citizens' happiness, they'll first have to figure out what, exactly, it is. Good luck."

"No economic measures can fully grasp the fullness of what happiness means, because happiness is a contestable concept," he says. "And that contest is philosophical, not economic.
And he wryly noted in his book Better Living published in l998 "engaging in arguments about happiness is one of the key forms of human happiness."

Now it’s getting confusing, isn’t it?

And now back to Linda Hurst, the Author of this article:

Just as well, because there are arguments aplenty. Researchers can't even (yet) explain some of their findings. To wit, the "chicken-and-egg" question: happy people tend to earn higher incomes, but is it because they're better workers or do they work better because they're happy?

And here the one that makes a little sense:

In an echo of Oscar Wilde's famous maxim, "It is not enough that I succeed. Others must fail," research has found that personal gain is far sweeter if it's denied to others. You get a pay raise, good; your peers do not, better.

It's called the economics of position. One study of Harvard students and staff found that, given a choice between earning $50,000 a year while other people make $25,000, or earning $100,000 a year while other people get $250,000, the majority select the first option.

In other words, many people would welcome $6 if someone else got $5. But they'd be even happier with $5 if the other guy got $1.

This is getting too long so I’ll just add one more from another Harvard Guy and this is what he has to say:

Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert says human beings are the only animals that think about the future, and much of our happiness depends on projecting what will make us happy.

"We treat our future selves as though they were our children," Gilbert writes in Stumbling On Happiness, "spending most of the hours of most of our days constructing tomorrows that we hope will make them happy."

But the kids inevitably turn out to be ingrates, complaining of the course taken, and downward we plunge.

Me: somehow I agree with the last expert, the Psychologist. But then we are entirely a different Class of Animals, and we, until today have not really understood the meaning of Life, never mind the meaning of Happiness. Prove of this, hundred different "animals" will give a hundred different opinions on the subjects..

This is a very interesting article, read it in it’s entirety from the link above and maybe you can have something to say what Happiness really means and they might make much more sense than all these experts had to say. Because Happiness is intangible thing and kind of hard to measure by any studies, but for me having a good health, without aching back, and creaking knees every time you take that one small step forward and back and perhaps a healthy bank account would be a great help. Don’t we all wish for the last part?