Sunday, December 02, 2007

First of Many-Snow Storm hits GTA

not a nice day for biking

First major snow storms hit most of Midwest and Eastern Canada, including GTA.

Well, the weatherman forecast this is going to be the year of La Nina, meaning a cold and bitter winter and more snow. Well, He is right if last night is the indicator. Woke up for my mid-morning coffee walk and have to struggle a 10 minutes walk to Tim Hortons into a 20 minutes and had to stop to help a woman driving her brand new Honda Accord stuck in a driveway in a “fresh” snow. Finally a fellow helping me pushing the car decided to ask her if she will allow one of us to drive and she willingly allowed the fellow to do it and it was the driver, not the snow that got the car stuck, she was spinning the wheels so hard. We gave her a quick tips of how to get unstuck in snow in any kind of situation, whether driving a four wheels traction or rear wheels or front wheels.

After the coffee, went back home, cranked up the old trusty snow thrower and made two passes over my neighbors walkways, shovels the edges and went back browsing the net.

And the weatherman says more snow expected for tomorrow, Monday and warning the early morning motorists to work to drive according to road conditions. And don’t forget to maintain that safe distance to the car in front.

To look on how the boys and girls work so hard to make our roads and highways safe to drive and ready during and immediately after a major Snow Storm, check this Video courtesy of the toronto star.

And to monitor the conditions and collisions and road emergencies, here are the maps of the of the monitoring cams and overhead displays along the major highways and roadway

For Southern Ontario Residents you may check here for up to the minute Weather Warming and do it before you go out especially on inclement weather to make sure you’ll get where you’re going....