Friday, October 19, 2007

Take it or Leave it...

Prime Minister Harper responding to the Liberal Amendment to his Anti-Crime Bill...
Take it or Leave it..Government warns oppositions to pass the Bill without changes

That’s the message of PM Harper Minority Government to the Oppositions in the house for the Omnibus Crime Bill to be introduced after the Throne Speech that outlined the Government Plan of Action during this year’s session of Parliament.

That daring do challenge was the result of Opposition Liberal Leader Stephan Dion announcement that his Party is not ready for an immediate election for not supporting the Throne Speech.

Some of the provision of Tough Crime Legislation is the Automatic Refusal of Bail for Gun Crime and the other contentious one is the Strike Three you’re out Provision for individual convicted of Serious Crimes.

And still the other one is the raising the age of consent of sexual activities from 14 to l6...for details on this proposed change, you may read here the intentions of the ressurected bill , the move that will Bring Canada in line with other countries such as U.S, Britain and Australia.

The proposed bill revives Criminal Code reforms to:
*Automatically refuse bail to those charged with gun crimes.

*Provide longer mandatory minimum jail terms for gun- and gang-related crimes.

*Make it easier for police to detect and charge drivers impaired by drugs.

*Raise the legal age of consent for sexual activity to 16 from 14.

*Make it easier to prosecute and indefinitely jail "dangerous offenders" after three convictions for serious crimes.

With the omnibus bill, and the threat of a confidence vote on it – which could trigger an election if the government doesn't win – the Conservatives are boasting of having boxed in the Liberals.

"If they have a problem with the area on dangerous offenders and that's the hill they want to die on – standing up for dangerous offenders in this country – that's their decision," said Nicholson.

Liberal justice critic Marlene Jennings said the Liberal caucus would have to decide, given the government's threat, "if that's a battle we want to fight."

The Prospect of Election is still with us, if the Liberal do not support the Bill without Changes or do not support the bill at all, as promised by the Government every vote will be a vote of Confidence and the defeat of any bill as outline in the Throne Speech will be a lost of Confidence...

To read the details of this Take it or Leave it offer check the Threats Here..