Sunday, July 09, 2006

What name shall we call 'ye'?

Is that your child? Question often asked by curious onlookers to mothers of "mixed breed" children. Experts are telling us that in the next generation, major cities of Canada, Toronto in Particular, will be populated by a majority of mixed race citizens that until now has no "label" yet on how to call themselves, when asked: what's your race? or what's your nationality?

In 17th century many offspring were born as the result of mingling by the European Fur traders and the Native Indian Women. Their children are called "metis" and is now officially recognized as one of Canada's three aboriginal "people". The Eskimo or Inuit, The Canadian Indian or the Natives, the other two.

Latest statistic shows that of Toronto and Area approximately 3 and half million residents, close to half million are in mixed race relationships, married and common-law. Not only that they are in mixed relationship from one single identifiable race, but from already mixed race, making the offspring with a mixtures of several races. That is not a problem to deal with in a country, now at the time when multiculturalism is alive and well, and the Equality Rights are guarded by each and everyone as one among the greatest virtues of being a Canadian, but unlike the Metis which can easily be identified by their parentage, the question that could be for now be a guessing game, what shall we call our super-breed, mixed- race Canadians that will surely inhabit this Strong North Strong and Free in the Future??