Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Babe is Here

The Babe is Here..

Who is Babe and who cares? Well, Babe is just your own average l6 years old, all Filipino Girl who just immigrated to the U.S. of A., December 2005 with her Mom, Dad, Elder Brothers Mik and Pao. But Babe or Bibs or Bibz is not your average l6 years old, she’s my niece, my Baby sister’s baby daughter and the darling of my four other sisters who happened to have no daughter of their own, but have plenty of love for a few daughters of someone and even sons.

Well, it’s school break and kids are restless just staying home. Though Babe’s parents can’t yet afford to send them anywhere, except some nearby dept. stores for maybe some window shopping, the Babe and his brother Pao deserve a nice leisurely trek during the break and see lots of places America can offer. So July 2nd they both landed at JFK to spend a little over a week with Auntie and Uncle (Mom’s twins) and watch for the first time a stage musical (the Phantom of the Opera) and tour most of Manhattan, Queens and Philadelphia to see cousins and other relatives. Altogether it was a memorable tour of the East.

July 11th bound to Toronto via Buffallo Airport. Why Buffallo? Much, much cheaper to fly within the U.S, border than to fly directly to any Canadian destinations, then just travel overland to the final destination..Money is hard to come by nowadays, you know.. I have to Pick them up at the Airport and it took me almost three hours drive for the usual two hours trip, because of the delay at U.S. crossing. What with all the securities concern and cross border smuggling of elicit drugs and the recent “terrorists” arrest in Toronto area.. Next time better bring in some portables with us..It’s kind of hard to line up for an hour with a full bladder.

It was also a very convenient flight plan since Niagara Falls, a “must see” for any tourist within the area is on the way to Toronto. What to do in Niagara? Plenty..Picture taking is number one. Then there is a tour of the Queen of the Mist as close as possible to the ‘falls’. Museums to visit and for the Gamblers in you, The Niagara Casino. Even Superman came to visit.
Babe and brother Pao enjoyed an afternoon at Niagara Falls.

In Toronto, they climbed to the top of CN tower not by ladder but by elevator, the world’s tallest free standing structure. The Lion Safari where they met most animals of every corners of the world in their man made “natural”habitat. And Babe together with Auntie and few town mates with birthdays within days celebrate hers in a “grand” our own way of Celebration (with Lechon, arroz con caldo, pancit, siopao, bitso bitso, and many more Manilenos like both of them had not even tasted during their growing up years in P.I.). For Birthday gifts, I give her one of her lists I spied on her “space” that she not aware of, 15.4 inches lcd screen all singing, whistling, and dancing “laptop” so she can post on her space without anyone trying to take a sideway look at their Desk P.C.. ,especially mom and dad. And Babe being Bibs, she just took it without even showing any emotion or excitement. Just like your average teenagers, very typical, sensitive, not wanting to be bothered, but bothers everyone at their convenience.. But we love her and her brothers and she is not your Average teenager, she’s my Niece and her name is Bibs, Bibz, Iya,Baby Iya,Ria and you can call her any of those, chances are she’ll ignore you anyway, just like she ignores me..but that's the way our Babe is, and we just Love Her the way she is..