Saturday, July 01, 2006

Intro to the true north strong and free and me.

I have been commenting on many blog sites, mainly based in the Philippines, particularly the PCIJ, MLQ and Ellen Tordisillas and my comments mostly touched the Politics, Governance and Events that involved Canada, particularly the province of Ontario where I reside. As always comparison between the two countries is unavoidable. I got quite a few flaks for my thoughts on these subjects, especially on the governance between the two Governments. But my aim is not to Brag about the type of Governance we have here, the system of how the Nation as a whole exercise and enjoy the Democratic Society as I believe should be enjoyed everywhere, these already by itself no need to be shout about, it may not be perfect, as no society come close to perfection yet, But to impress to all other society and government striving hard to enjoy the same. The Phrase "True North Strong and Free" is the Slogan we always carry along with our Proud color the Maple Leaf. For we are indeed in the farthest north and free.