Sunday, July 02, 2006

Separation of state and church

true north strong and free and me

So much have been said and written about this subject; but until today, only in this country(the Philippines) that the debate is still raging on. And I can somehow figure why. Whoever affected by the Meddling of either the State or Religion against each other can always suddenly become an overnight expert on constitutional matters. But only depending on which side of the issue his or her interest lie.
This case is a classic example. The Religious Experts, believe that the bishop acted properly as a citizen to lead an impeachment proceeding (forgetting that he is still an active religious leader and has not relinquish his religious influence yet) and the State Experts, believe otherwise.
The State Experts always believe that the doctrine of Religious Freedom means that all Religions are just free to worships which ever God they wish and forget and ignore the Corruptions, the impropriety of Governance, and also “hub hub” with them religious leaders for the “block” votes during elections, and the Religious Experts will say Got You…

The above comment I lifted from my own comment I posted on PCIJ Blog site. The Subject is about Malacanang Palace, Meaning the President, invoking the Doctrine of Separation between the State and the Church, that until now is not clearly defined, or if defined not clearly understood, if clearly undertstood not clearly accepted by the different segments of the so-called enlightened Oligarchs and the Ruling Dominance which are the Catholic Church and the Few "Rulemakers" which for Generations now been passing between themselves the power "to rule and plunder the very own country the professed to love and die for". What a bunch of A--holes...