Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Root of it all..the Democracy that is the Philippines.

Here is an instant recall from my file and I believe also published in Talking Points section of the INQ 7 in which I cited the “real” problem that seems to have been overlooked because of the crisis after crisis that are the resultant effects of the root cause, that is being ignored since the very people that ruled the country ever since belong to the Elites or if not want to become one at the expense of the ‘masses’ and I quote from my own.
“The biggest problem that besiege the country is not the current crisis that hunts the government of the day, but the same one that has been there from the start. It is the economic inequity between the majority — the masses — and the very few in the “ruling class” who control just about every aspect of the economy and thereby control the political landscape.

The government keeps changing hands among limited groups in the “ruling class.” These are the only ones who can contest the positions and, hence, maintain the status quo. And so the problem continues. While the population (thanks to the “church”) has doubled or tripled, the same “rule makers” control most of the agricultural land, the mega-businesses and the political parties to protect their interests.

Tackle this “crisis” and everything will just fall into place.”….