Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dual Citizenship..Time for Revisit..
Canada has been allowing its new citizens a choice to keep their citizen of entry and Canadian citizen to become citizen of other countries without giving up their citizenship, unless otherwise required to renounce as pre-requisite of the process.
Lately, during the crisis in Lebanon, an angry debate among the Canadians at home, regarding the complaints and criticism leveled at our government for the rescue effort that some (a lot) said is not fast and comfortable enough, forgetting that in a war zone, they were lucky to have been rescued and out in just a matter of days. The debate is about the wisdom of dual citizenship and how, so many people use them just for convenience and a "free ride" in time such as this..
O’ how easy it is to become a Canadian, get a passport, get back to the old country and still enjoy the right and privileges accorded to all Canadians, irregardless if you pay a cent in Taxes or Not. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen Canada in the last twenty years or so, just send your children up Here and when it’s time bombs and shells are falling from the skies and if it’s time no longer safe to stay around, flash your passport and Canada is going to rescue you just like the rest.
But please don’t scream and swear at our Public Servants; complaints about our half hearted efforts, and criticize our government for not doing enough just because you don’t get a "first class" accommodation and treatment during the rescue. Yes, we did everything possible under the circumstances. The PM even gone to the Region himself to pick some of our fellow Canadians; the country mourns for the Seven Members of a Canadian Family who were the innocent victims of the conflict and we want every one out of the country before another one falls victim to the cruel reality of war.
We can not dwell on the merit and the abuse of our Dual Citizenship at the Moment. But when time is back to normal, we will revisit the issue...