Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bibz and Pao Visit..

And who said Human is smarter than the Ape?
Nature's way of Delicing...

Me and the Bibs taking a shower by the falls

Mist.. Niagara Falls.. July 11, 2006..

Big Brother Pao (Popularly known as Jinggoy)

and Baby Iya ( Name Jinggoy calls Her- from Day One)

Both were back now back to their "home" in Northern California to enjoy the rest of the Summer. They also have a large family in California, on the Father side. Both grandparents, in the 80 s now and still in good shape and the kids and gradparents enjoy each others company.

Also Babe have to catch up on some summer reading assignment. Transferring from one school system to another, is a lot of adjustment on three of them, and the eldest who had already completed a two years college education has to take a year community college to qualify for university..that is to compensate the difference between our " grade 10" pre-college and the "grade 12" in most states and in Canada. Well, my say-- why rush? You only are an undergraduate once and postgraduate forever.. Take your time, I'd rather be an undergraduate forever...Working is hard and makes you age fast everytime finding out nothing to show after every hard day's work...