Sunday, September 23, 2007

Referendum Issue..same, same or Proportional Representations?

Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory, campaigning in one of the Ridings vowing to address the Energy Issues (fast-tracking of More Nuclear Plants) if he wins the Government this October 10 election...

Energy Issue is taking centre stage as the election campaign enters final stage...

Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory vows that if he is elected Premier that he will fast-track building of more Nuclear Plants by any means possible, an apparent reversal of the stand he took a few months ago.

The stand in which earlier this year, Tory called for the resignation of Environment Minister for exempting the Liberal Nuclear Plan from Provincial Environment Assessment, as Minister Laurel Broten noted that The Environment Assessment for Nuclear plans is entirely Federal.

The pledge came yesterday as energy issues took centre stage in the campaign to the Oct. 10 provincial election, with NDP Leader Howard Hampton calling for lower electricity rates to help struggling Northern Ontario mills and Premier Dalton McGuinty rejecting the idea.

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Referendum Issue:
This coming provincial election, there is also a question regarding the reform of how the MPP (members of Provincial Parliament) would be elected.

At present we have a direct voting system known as First Past the Post or whichever candidate in a Riding, whether representing a Political party or independent, gets the most vote, will represent the Riding. This year there will be 107 Members, Four more than the last parliament. The Party who wins the most seats wins the Government and its leader will become the Premier.
That is regardless of the Popularity vote.

The referendum will ask the voters if Proportional Representation will be introduced by 2012. The Parliament membership in this proposed referendum will compose of 90 directly elected members and 39 from the parties in proportion to their popular votes. Thus, other parties with garnered some popular votes, but do not translate to winning any seat, will have representation in the Parliament out of the 39 remaining posts. The Green Party, which fields candidates in all ridings this election but may not win a single seat, will have a chance to have members appointed by the a Party to represent the total popularity votes out of the 39 reserved seats (the Green, according to the polls could cast 10% of the Popular votes).

This Proportional System, as some critiques would suggest would undermine the individual Accountability of the Member as he or she is only accountable to the party he or she represents, but not the constituents of any riding. While its supporters insist that is a fairer systems, a chance to have a non-seat winning party or even a Party whose share of popular votes does not translate to equal percentage of seats, voices heard in the Parliament, instead of just in the Media and in the Streets.

Well, in the End issue as important as this will be decided by the Ontarians. This system will be popular among the supporters of weaker Parties, such as the New Democrats, always the 3rd party among the 3 Mainstreams, (in the last provincial parliament, all members represent only these 3 major parties) who consistently gets 18 to 20 % of the Popular votes, but only wins 10% of the seats. But for the other Two main parties and their supporters , this system is foreign and my bet will soundly rejected.. And considering that the two main parties command somewhere in the 70% of the votes, the Chances of this Referendum issue to win the Yes vote is very dim indeed.

And by the Way, the Alimodiananon sa Canada, the association of town mates from the the town of Alimodian, Iloilo along with our town mates in the U.S.A. and all over the world, celebrated our Town Fiesta Yesterday, Saturday, September 22, in honor of St. Thomas of Villanova, the Patron of the Poor and also our town patron Saint.

A mass was said by a visiting Priest from General Santos and after we had a buffet of all kinds of Filipino dishes including the always omnipresent Pizza for the kids, who always would scream Pizza, and also the olds..
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