Saturday, September 01, 2007

Gunfight at the Cigar Store...

Police checking a 'getaway van' with a blown out rear and driver side window after a shootout between the armoured truck guards and the robbers during a foiled robbery. Hospitals are advised to lookout for gun wounded patient as the police had suspected one or more of the robbers been wounded....

Score 1 for the good guys, 0 for the bad guys.

One robber maybe wounded after a shootout between the Brink Guards (armoured courrier) and suspected three robbers during an attempted “hijacked” during one of the cash pick ups.

One of the guards suffered a gash on the forehead where he was pistol whipped by one of the robbers. The guards who gave his name only as Steve said he was OK.

Police advised hospitals in the area to look out for gun-wounded patient.

The robbers abandoned their first get away car with blown out rear window and driver side glass.

Witnesses said at least three men bailed from the shot-up minivan, ran south across the road to a semi-vacant parking lot and jumped into another vehicle to flee the scene.
The armoured car pick up at the same high end cigar store at the same time every time and may have been stalked out by the robbers. Plenty of cash on that truck, plus the cigar are selling at $500 per box, could be Cuban and perhaps the reason why the Robbers choose the particular store just in case all they can snatch are the loots from that store. Only the guards can open the safe once the cash on them...Usually on this type of Robbery the Bad Guys get away with something, not a shootout “stolen getaway van”.

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