Sunday, September 30, 2007

Party's Over-Tories (Conservatives) Plan Anti-Drug Crackdown.

Party is over, but who could blame him?

Federal Health Minister Tony Clement says, (Tories' drug strategies) the Harper government will soon unveil a $64 million drug strategy. It will involve increased criminal penalties, prevention and treatment programs and a crackdown on smuggling.

Lest everyone forgets, the proposal by the previous government of the Liberals to decriminalize use of Cannabis and possession of small amount had not been enacted and passed as law and the current Conservative Government of PM Harper decided to shelve it.

During an Interview after the a symposium designed to bring together Canada’s arts and health communities to combat mental health issues yesterday (Saturday), Health Minister Tony Clement announced the Party is Over and the Government in a few days will be in business of Anti-drug strategy.

Reported increases in arrests for possession and use of marijuana in major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax and Ottawa, was due to many young people under the impression that the Bill decriminalizing the use of Cannabis had been passed and many boldly use cannabis than ever before..

The Conservatives’ wide-ranging $64 million anti-drug strategy is expected to combine treatment and prevention programs with stiffer penalties for illicit drug use, and a crackdown at the border against drug smuggling.

Health Minister Clement in the past, opposes the harm reduction strategies which includes among others where governments provide safe injection sites for drug addicts where nurses supervise and provide clean needles to users to avoid spreading the disease such as AIDs and Hepatitis.

At a Canadian Medical Association meeting last month, he was quoted saying “harm reduction, in a sense, takes many forms. To me, prevention is harm reduction. Treatment is harm reduction. Enforcement is harm reduction.

A day after that speech, 130 physicians and scientists signed a petition condemning the Conservative Government “potentially deadly” misrepresentations of the positive evidence of harm reduction programs.

Dr. Keith Martin, a B.C. Liberal MP and former substance abuse physician, said that the renewal for safe injection sites operating license will not get approval from the current government. And he has this to say about the Tories anti-drug strategies:

“I can’t understand why the Conservatives are embracing a war-on-drugs approach that has proven to fail. By all means, go after the pushers. By all means, absolutely go after the organized crime gangs that are the real parasites in this situation. “But for heaven’s sake, treat the user as a medical problem and adopt the solutions that have proven to work in other countries.”

My Say:
Well, the former Liberal Government strategies of Fighting Drugs, its use and possession had not succeeded. I would give this Government a Crack at doing their plans and see if it will succeed where all others had failed. Drugs addiction has not only contributing to increase in criminal activities, but also cost society in term of more Health Care spending and also the interruptions of family lives and the economic loss is also huge.

Take a look at how many Grow-ops discovered by the Law in the Toronto area during 2006. Check and see why a new Anti-Drug strategies are needed...

A very Important Reminder to those who drive with a lead foot and say "ain't too drunk to drive tonight, darling". The New Street Racing Law takes effect Midnight tonight (Sept. 30, 2007) and the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) warms that this will be 'shock and awe' to those that have the inclinations to do following things.

>>go over the limit at more than 50 kms, car will be impounded on the spot and license suspended for one week immediately (pending resolution of the charges) and minimum fine of $2000.
and a few other stunts that might endangered those who want to share the roads. For those that still do not know, the immediate suspension of Licence of 1 week for these offences pending resolution of the charges, have no right for appeal.. take a look at what's coming on your streets and highways and drive accordingly or be very ready to get a Bus Pass out or have money for a ride home. The Police will just drive the apprehended driver to a safe place and it is your responsibility how to get home. Street racers warned..OPP warns street racers to get a bus pass don't blame me, I warned you...Mario Andretti!!!

UPADATE ON THE New Street Racing Law, October 1, 3:l5 am:

The law was in effect barely less than 24 hours ago and the Police already announced as of 8:00pm yesterday, Sunday that the already netted 28 drivers, breaking the 50 kms. over the limit. Following are the excerpt from the announcement:

For the 28 drivers charged today, the costs hit home immediately: vehicle impounded for seven days, driver’s licence suspended for seven days and, if found guilty in court, a minimum $2,000 fine.

It was enough to drive one young man to tears after he became one of the first stopped by the Ontario Provincial Police after the law — aimed at drivers doing more than 50 kilometres over the speed limit — came into effect today.

“A young man started crying as his mom’s car was impounded,” said OPP Sgt. Cam Woolley, unable to say if the tears were prompted by the temporary loss of the car, the potential fine, or in anticipation of mom’s wrath.

Another driver, who just got his new car, promptly lost it after he was clocked doing 174 km/h on Highway 401, which has a 100 km/h speed limit. “He only had the car for two days, and the car will be impounded longer than he owned it,” Woolley noted.

for more of the lead-foot who ignores the new traffic law check...some just don't get it

Now, don't wonder why vast majority of Ontarians are inclined to obey the law, instead of breaking it, the Pain of Penalties and the enforcement of the law that cater no favour to whom the "braves" (or idiots) who dare...

And before you go have a little Sunshine and have a pleasant week ahead.