Sunday, September 09, 2007

Drama at City Hall...Staged or Real??

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Toronto City Hall

Tempers and Insults flew at The City Council Meeting as the First days of the Cut of Services come into effect starting Today. The cuts were announced by Mayor David Miller few weeks ago after the Council defeated the new measures of "taxation" proposed by the Mayor to cover the shortfall. Now, they are blaming each others.

The cut that causes most concern, especially among the Seniors and Parents of Young Children is the closing of 130 Community Centres on Mondays and to the lesser extent of 16 Public Libraries on Sundays, until the city puts its house back in Order...

To read the council members throwing insults at one another check the Council Chamber...

Toronto Star

And also from the people who are directly affected by the cuts, the Seniors, the Parents of Young Children and the workers. Never mind the Politicians, they’re all full of hot air and they could had done something before these matters come to this point. The Provincial Government and even the Federals are ignoring their cries anyways. But just like anywhere, try to give themselves a raise and quietly and softly they become friends again..hehehe...might even see them having lunch together...

September 10, 5:00am current temp. 14 today's high 20 low 14...

Breaking News: PM Steven Harper threatened legal action against Election Canada if it doesn’t back off its decision of allowing Muslim women to vote covering their faces. Election Canada is an Independent Agency responsible for conducting elections and referendums and reports to the Parliament.

Last spring the Parliament passed Bill C-31, a law designed to have visual identification of voters and Election Canada is supposed to implement the law, not to make its own.

Today, Election Canada is holding a news conference to address the issue and to also address the Protests even from the Muslim Communities that do not agree with its decision. All political parties are solid in their opposition to the electoral body decision. Where’s JP Kingsley in times like this?

Toronto Star