Monday, April 30, 2007

Ontario on the "Red Alert" (Early Warnings)

Ontario set to go on `red' alert

Apr 29, 2007 04:30
AM Josh Wingrove Staff Reporter

Plans for a provincial red-alert disaster information system were announced by the Ontario commissioner of emergency management yesterday.

The "Alert Ontario" system would be used in life-threatening situations for the public, including floods, tornadoes and pandemics, said Jay Hope. It would be employed in the same way as the Amber Alert missing-child system *, with broadcasts, road signs, email, text-messaging and lottery terminals used to alert the public.

A third alert level is proposed for lower-level emergencies.
Hope emphasized the growing frequency of disastrous weather, and urged Canadians to be prepared. "Emergencies are growing more and more – if not here in Ontario, then all around us," he said.Toronto has had its share of freak weather over the past few years.

Two summers ago, in the midst of an intense drought, the city was hit with a rainstorm on Aug. 19 that dropped 10 centimetres in one hour. Water rose to over a metre deep along Steeles Ave. and washed out a stretch of Finch Ave.

This is one good idea the Emergency people come up with. With all the weather emergencies and natural disaster happening, much of the destructive results can be minimized or avoided by timely warnings.

*The Amber Alert Missing- Child System has proven very effective in locating missing children during its existence. It broadcast the Alert in all available Media outlets including Road Warning Signs, Lottery Terminals besides all the normal outlets.

In the other not so happy note, the Toronto Raptors Basketball is on the verge of Elimination in the first round of NBA playoffs, trailing the New Jersey Nets 3-1. It is still possible to win three in row, but with the former Raptor Vince Carter playing his best playoff games ever, and point guard Jason Kidd back in old form that brought the Nets to the Final few years back, it’s a little too much of an undertaking, but again things are possible. Otherwise time to reflect on what has to be done next season for another exciting basketball and a better performance for the post season. Overall it was a good season.

Defending Champs Miami Heats already eliminated by the Chicago Bulls and the Orlando Magic as expected was no sweat for the Detroit Pistons.

My bet, it will be between the Bulls and the Phoenix Suns in the Finals. What’s yours?