Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Justice - Philippines Style...The Lady is Blindfolded but Still Can See

JuStice Philippine Style...

Read in Philippines Daily Today about the Incident where the Grandson of late President Marcos, the country leading Commercial Model Borgy Manotoc was involved in a violent incident where another member of the country elites was the alleged victim.

Instead of the Police Authorities investigating the Case to find out who started the incident, who assaulted who and file proper misdemeanor or felony charges in Proper Court, the case now involves the battle between the alleged victim's lawyer and the alleged assailants' lawyers.

Before any investigation has even started, Manotoc already offered an apology and the mother, House Representative Imee Marcos was alleged to have already talked to the victim’s mother Mara Pardo de Tavera (Spanish sounding name) and she said Ms Marcos sounded apologetic.

To my understanding the way the press summarized the incident this was what happened:

Carlo the alleged victim was attempting to talk to Borgy’s Girlfriend (this is somewhere in some kind of high end Bar) and He was Ganged Up by Borgy and His Group.

But hold on. There will be about a dozen versions of this incident and even the Superintendent of the Police has his own version and so are the lawyers of the victim (why would the victim needs a lawyer, isn’t this the duties of the Public Prosecutors? Or the victim already filing a civil case?) and the alleged assailants and even the "girlfriend".

Here are some statements (or quotes) from the Philippines Justice Officials and all its related relatives:

Chief Superintendent Corpus referring to the Victim’s:
They did not bring any documents with them yet, such as the medical certificate. But we are ready to accommodate any case they intend to file. We will assist them."

My say:
No Chief, It is your official duty to determine if a case needed to be filed, and have all the evidence prepared including the medical reports and all the victims responsibilities are to be the witnesses to your prosecutors’ case.

Herminio Barrico Jr (alleged victim’s mother lawyer):

We are still going through the (formalities) of preparing the case. There is nothing definite yet," Barrico said, adding that they might file the case by the end of the week.

My two cents=90 centavos:
Again, all the while filing of Criminal Charges are the lone responsibilities of the Prosecutors, we call them in ours, Crown Prosecutors and in the States for States Cases, States Attorneys, or Asst. U.S. Attorneys for Federal Cases. I maybe wrong, but never heard of private lawyers filing criminal case.

And here’s an Interesting one from Police Officer Garcia when Borgy presented himself for investigation but was advised to seek counsel of a lawyer but said he was told by a Lawyer to Just wait for the Case and He will Just File Counter Charges.

I am confused:
What is this? A threat? Here's a victim ended up being charge by another private lawyer? I will put it this way. Somebody punched my nose, the cops charged the bugger; let's say the judge or jury decided not guilty for lack of evidence; now his lawyer file a counter charge against me - might as well punch the lawyers nose and file counter charges against him later. Guilty or not guilty.
Note: An alleged victim could be charged by the Cops in return for michiefs or even serious crimes if testimmonies leading to the charges were false. But not by the Accused Lawyers.

My Final Comment:

And we are wondering why Philippine Justice seems to be working Just Fine? Something for the Rich and the Famous and the Wealthy. And if you happen to be poor like me, well at least I’m out of reach of the "blindfolded" lady, the symbol of Philippine Justice, Just-Tiis na lang (Just Suffer, whatever the consequence), or if you believe in Prayers and Miracles, that's one of the options, the other, the lest desirable, unto thy own hands, Justice is Served...