Monday, November 27, 2006

Will it Work??

A reader of Ms Tordesillas Blogsite based in the Philippines has suggested a Grand Jury System introduced as an integral part of the Philippines Justice System and I believe it is admirable and very interesting subject but the Big Question is: Will it Work? Or put it Bluntly, will our Political Masters let it Work?

My Comments to his Suggestion that I also posted at Ellen’s Blogsite is the following:

Grand Jury System as summarized by Marlowe Camelo, will work in any First World country, or any developing country where the political condition is somewhat Mature and no intervening personal Interest among its political players is Involved. In The Philippines everything were tried. The special body created to investigate Corruptions and Wrongdoings of Public Officials, the Office of the Ombudsman is Corrupted. The Special Court established to deal with the known and already indictable offense, and specifically the Marcosses Lots has not resolved that single case or maybe even another place where politics and politicians extend their playing ground.

For the Meantime I suggest, until the political climate can get rid of its disease of Corrupting even a Court System, to reform the Justice System as it Stands now. Trial Judges, should be assured of their independence by extending to them the Security of Tenure, Security of remuneration and a no-nonsense enforcement of Ethical Code of Conduct among Practitioners and that Include All Public Prosecutors and even Defence Lawyers. Jury Systems, both the Grand Jury and trial by Jury could later be integrated into the system in stages and gradually either by province to province or region by region.

Right now, there is no Magic Formula that can cure the ailing Justice system. We should start with the Personalities first. Streamline the process, speed up the disposition of cases by not allowing the Antics and Technical manuevering by counsels. And lastly, Remind all the Politicians that in this Part of the World even talking to or writing to the Court Personnel regarding any case in the Process is a NO NO.