Monday, November 13, 2006

And the Winners ARE:

The Signs say it all. The dis-advantage of having a house right at the Major intersections and being nice to have everyone post their signs and banners of every size and style and trying to re-arrange them myself to give each a view to motorists that are mostly non-resident of the Ward for the Candidates for councillors, and only one candidate for Mayor of the whole city bother to post a sign (out of 33 candidates, but a contest between Two).

At 10 AM today Polls will open until 9 PM tonight. Ontarians will Elect their town and city mayor and councillors and school board trustees for a term of three (3) years. Candidates are open to all Citizens of legal age, the reason why in every position, there are so many candidates contesting. The Process is simple; simply go to your designated polling place, present your notice of registration plus one photo ID or two IDs if no registration Notice (yes, you still can vote if you had registered before even without today's notice, or even voting for the first time, just bring an ID with your address and your date of birth and citizenship.) and mark your choice. It's Done.

Remember, everyone who's working today will be allowed a three hours window to vote. Just remind your Employers about it if you intend to vote, It's the law.