Sunday, November 19, 2006

Santa Claus is Coming to Toronto...

Santa Claus Parade which signals the start of the Holiday season will be happening today (it is happening now as I'm typing this post), as it does every year for the last 102 years, the Tradition that was started by Timothy Eaton in 1905, the founder of Eaton's Dept. Strores and still being carried today albeit by different sponsors. As most Canadian are aware Timothy Eaton's no longer in business for quite sometime, and since 1977 , the parade is sponsored by n0n-profit organization funded by businesses.

This year's parade will showcase 20 new clowns in addition to the already 120 that will accompany the Children and sponsoring Floats along the 6 kilometers route. It will be participated by 1500 volunteers starting in ages from 8 to 80 years old and be watched by half a million spectators of all ages along the streets of Toronto. It will be broadcast in most US cities in its entirety from now 'til Christmas. Canada Post Employees will be on hand to collect letters for Santa. So children have your letters ready and addressed to:
North Pole
Ho Ho Ho

And don't you worry if you missed handing your letter today. Drop them at any mail box, anytime time 'til Christmas and the good guys and gals at the Post will deliver them in time. Or just email it to Santa, but the old fella still wants it the old fashion way..ho ho ho..