Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lord Conrad Black of Crossharbour, Guilty on Four Counts...

Monica Prince, a juror in the Conrad Black Trial with daughter Denean and granddaughter Nicole.

The Fall of Conrad Moffat Black, Baron Black of Crossharhour...

After Twelve Days of Deliberation, the jury of Twelve, told Judge Amy Ste. Eve, that they had a Unanimous Verdict.

Conrad Black is Guilty on Four Counts, Not Guilty on Nine Others.
*one count of Obstruction
* three counts of Mail Fraud
His former business associates Jack Boultbee, Peter Atkinson and Mark Kipnis were also convicted on three fraud charges each.

The Jury Job is Done...

And now we’ll listen to what one of the Jurors has to say about the Trial:
(Pls. note that Jurors in the U.S. may talk to the Media after the verdict had been handed down, while in Canada it is Illegal to do so.)

Labeled by some Canadian Media as "blue collar jury" for having members drawn from blue collar workers of Chicago, and despite avoiding the Media during the trial, the label did not escape the Members of the Jury. And they are out to show that they will be able to hand down a verdict Fair and Square as one of the Jurors said during the pep talk among themselves:

"They're calling us country bumpkins. They think we're too stupid to figure out this case."
And the Jury the Media called "country bumpkins" and "blue collar jury" came back with a Unanimous Decision...How fair could you Get?

For more of what Juror pictured in this entry, has to say about the case clik the links:

-Frauds... Scams... Mail Frauds will somehow catch up on you, Mr. Black should have known. Investigated for the same wrongdoings by the RCMP in the past, but was never charged for lack of evidence, he had a choice, and His had caught up on Him...and the stain will mark the Legacy of a very intelligent man, although somehow vain, an accomplished Biographer, and a business Magnate.
Now, he wanted his Canadian Citizenship Back, after renouncing it, in order to Become a Life Peer in the British House of Lord. (house resolution of l919, would not allow a Canadian of British subject, now Canadian Citizen to become a member of any British Royalty or granted a peerage, whatever that means). And the reason why, because of the agreement between the two countries for its citizen to serve her or his sentences in each home country for the conviction in the other, and Lord Black figured out that Canadian Jails, if it comes to that, is still Home....

Pot laws thrown out, CBC reports

Jul 14, 2007 04:30 AM Canadian Press
Prosecutors say they plan to launch a speedy appeal of a Toronto judge's ruling that Canada's marijuana possession laws are unconstitutional.

CBC News reports the judge made the ruling in dismissing charges against a 29-year-old Toronto man charged with possession of 3.5 grams of pot.

The man's lawyer argued that the federal government made it policy, under Health Canada's Marijuana Medical Access Regulations, to provide marijuana for medicinal purposes, but never made it a law.

CBC News reports that Judge Howard Borenstein agreed that this brought all possession laws into question and dismissed the charges.

Borenstein says he'll wait two weeks before making his ruling official.
Defence lawyer Brian McAllister told the CBC that the ramifications of the ruling, if it stands, could be "pretty big."

Warning: Don’t go out as yet popping those weeds in Front of the Cops, be a little discreet, not good for the Kids...