Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all moms and to all mothers dearest to me. Firstly, my very own late mother, who dearly raised the eight of us. Picture above was taken in Cainta during her 76th Birthday. Middle was with youngest and elder sisters at the Niagara Falls during her Second Visit in the early 90s. The bottom one was taken somewhere in Ontario where a town is a replica of centuries old traditions and cultures (just for tourists and cultural history).

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To my dearest baby sister (the other half of the twins) who brought us the Bibs and two wonderful boys, now all grown ups and about ready for college and university.
Above was during middle child graduation from Elementary. Middle with cousin, who now is also a mother just fooling around. At the bottom was the bibs at 6 months and chubby with kuyas and mom...

And to my two nieces, my brother's daughter with her son and daughter in-law with her daughter . Mother and daughter were vacationing from Philadelphia and were visiting uncle (my nephew who passed away suddenly at very young age) at Sta. Rosa Memorial Park.

And to my niece from Toril, my late Bro's daughter and grandson Chico showing his "treasure" to grandpa he had not seen.