Sunday, May 20, 2007

Toronto the Good...Are we still are??

Going home at 3 am after a night at the bar with a male friend, Toronto Journalist Jessica Hume decided to take a short cut walk home across the darkened road in her neighborhood only to be confronted by three stocky "scumbags" who robbed them both with force and violence. The male friend was beaten and stabbed and Jessica was able to get free and called 911 and the arrival of Police and Paramedics within minutes prevented any more serious injuries and consequence to the criminal acts.

And the Journalist is wondering what is happening to Toronto the Good where she grow up. And I ask the same question: what is happening to the city known only not so long ago as the Toronto the Good and the Cleanest city in North America? Have we gone downhill the way of most Metropolitan cities? Are our politicians not doing their jobs? Or are we getting complacent, taking everything for granted?

It is no longer safe to walk at night or any time of day without getting confronted by streets "hustlers" and small time druggies. And there are purse snatchers lurking in the malls, subways, though not as common, but one incident just too many for this city where years ago such are unheard of. And there incidents of Gun violence in our city streets, especially among our youths.

Well, for us residents of the city we can do our part by firstly, do not be a part of the problem, secondly, report any suspicious acts or any incidents either by calling the anonymous tips line (222-tips) or report them by calling your local police, or in emergency 911. If you pretend to be blind and deaf, you maybe contributing to the problem.

And for any refuse take a little walk. There are garbage catchers everywhere, in the bus shelters, every street corners. Put those garbage in their proper places.

Let's put back our city where it was once, the Good and Clean.

For Jessica Hume’s first person account of her experience click this links:

‘Tis the season for B and E (Break and Enter) and here are the tips the Toronto Police Service how to avoid becoming the victim:

Keeping the B and E artists at bay
There are ways to protect yourself from theft. The Toronto Police Service offers the following tips:

• Avoid incentives. Keep windows clear of valuables.

• Get to know your neighbours, even when living in a high-rise.

• Away for a short time? Set lights on timers and leave a radio turned on so anyone contemplating a break-in thinks someone's at home.

• Away for a while? Have a neighbour pick up the mail, cancel newspapers, make sure the grass gets cut.

• Avoid leaving car keys by the door, and be especially careful if you have a posh car in the driveway – it provides greater incentive for thieves.

• If you live in a high-rise, report broken security cameras and parking-lot lights, and doors that are either being left propped open or aren't working.

• Don't be a victim of courtesy and allow strangers to enter a building behind you.

–Surya Bhattacharya

Now, don’t tell I don’t warn you. Have a good Spring and Summer ahead to all...