Monday, January 15, 2007

WANTED: For Fraud in Canada and in the Philippines..

Have you seen this Woman? Report sightings to your nearest Police Authorities. A Canada Wide Warrant was issued for the arrest of Janice Del Rosario and her Husband Kaye for fraud and failure to appear for deportation to the Philippines after their Refugee Claims had been denied.

The Frauds whose victims are acquintances were skimmed of their millions in an old Pyramid Schemes. The couples have warrant of arrest issued outstanding for the same crimes in the Philippines, when they landed in Canada as visitors and claimed Refugee Status but was denied and ordered deported, but during the period of appeal and final order remained in Toronto Area working on their scams victimizing scores of vast some of money.

For details you may go to:

On the lighter side, we finally having the feel of winter here in Toronto. Today, we are getting freezing rain and light flurries and temperature in the milder low of -2 to -7 C and is still high seasonal, but there is a forecast of l5 cm. of snow within 24 hours. Driving is slippery and walking is dangerous with the combination of icing and snow. Time to bring out the toques, the boots, and the mittens and shovels and don't forget to fill up your windshield washers. Global Warming and all, this is still the North, cold and freezing and a long winter...