Friday, January 26, 2007

PM Ready to Pay Arar.. Reports

PM Harper will announce today a settlement reached with Maher Arar for the Government role of his torture on the hands of the Syrian Authorities. The package reportedly includes more than $10 millions for Mr. Arar and $ 2 millions for legal fees and an apology. Mr. Arar sued the Government for the sufferings, and violation of his rights, after the inquiry concluded that he was innocent and was not involved in any terrorist act or membership in any terrorists organization. Mr. Arar was Deported by the U.S. authorities upon his stopover in the U.S. on return trip to Canada. The Inquiry held the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) of supplying the U.S. intelligence that labeled him as an Islamic Terrorist. The U.S. has claimed that their intelligence on Mr. Arar was gathered independent from the RCMP. The reason behind Mr. Arar deportation to his Native Syria was that the U.S. hoping to extract information from him would rather have the Syrians do it Via Torture, which by Law can not be done in the Good Old U.S.A. (Outsourcing).

But despite Justice O’ Connor findings that Mr. Arar was an innocent Victim of Canadian, U.S. and Syrian Government Action, so far only our Government has owned that responsibility and true to the Arrogance of Her Super Power, U.S. Ambassador to Canada David Wilkins told Ottawa this week to butt out of America’s Affair, albeit politely...

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