Sunday, October 29, 2006

San Francisco where the Babe, Mom, Pao and Aunties this weekend.

Received these pixs emailed from northern california by the point and click photographer Pao. Mom, Auntie J (mom's twin) and auntie N visiting from new york and toronto and sightseeing the City by the Bay.
Pao towering over mom and aunties..
The Bibs, may like the mcdoo, and all those fast food junks and put more pounders than the months she's been in america.. hehehe, bibs diet naman...trying to catch up with auntie?Don't worry..lots of time.
The Twins "kapid" or "kambal" by the golden bridge.
and in the center and always the center of everything is the one and only Bibs, Babe,or Iya. Take your pick, she may respond to anyone, but only at her pleasure. No, just kidding, she's a very good daughter and a very sweet niece.. love you babe..bye for now..

Reminder: Municipal election for the Province of Ontario is fast approaching. Monday, November 13 is the day. Check your Election Notice ID's for Advance Polls or Instructions for voting-on-line. By all means go out and vote..It's you're town and city, participate...