Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Now back to the favourite subject:

Two proud colours flying over the Queenston Bridge Crossing; U.S. - Canada Border. Picture taken from inside the car by Pao on the way to Buffalo International via New York City to drop auntie (chaperone and guide) on flight back to their home in California.
Getting ready for a long drive and a long flight. The two vacationers saying goodbye to our city and a good summer and first tour out of the new country since arrival in December '05. (Take note of the carry bag by bibs feet, her very own laptop, a b-day gift from "dear uncle".)
The Bibz celebrating her l6th along with auntie and few townmates whose birthdays on the same week or days with each other in our backyard. A good excuse to get together with "kasimanwas" for a day of fun and laughter and news, trivial and not-so-trivial. (the young tall fella' in the picture is not among the birthday celebrants; his, is still in February, get out of the pix, Pao).
The beautiful people of Alimodian, cousins, townmates and friends. Three generations of Alimodiananons. Together everywhere. The Man sitting, fourth from left is the President (life termer) of our Association Canadian Chapter. He's as good looking as 'Erap'. Me, at extreme right sitting, always with a shiny "hair style".
Baby Manuel at one month old. Pix scanned from prints mom's sent from Toril, Davao. Growing fast..
At two months old..beautiful just beautiful...