Thursday, September 14, 2006

Shooting in Montreal, one slain, 19 injured.

A lone gunman, Identified as Kimveer Gill by the Montreal police (in picture), wearing a black trenchcoat, carrying an assault rifle, stalked and started firing at Students of Dawson college in Montreal, Quebec yesterday at around lunch time and when it was over one woman was dead, 19 others wounded, several critically and the gunman shot dead by the partrolling police officer. This sad incident in Montreal brings back memories of almost seventeen years ago, when Marc Lepine, another psychotic who blamed women for all his troubles, gunned down 14 women and wounded scores at Montreal 's Ecole Polytechnique before turning his weapon to himself.
Now, we will again ask ourselves: why? There will be debates, inquiries and new laws that will follow. But for now, we are not sure of what really happened yet, but if the gunman was stopped by an officer then, we can thank the officer for the quick action that may have save more lives. It's is not time to speculate the motives, the reasons and the quest for answers yet, but to pause and grieve the lone victim and even the gunman, and to pray all the injured a speedy recovery.

In his online blog entries Gill made some reference of his hatred and anger toward society and authorities. But no one has suspected that it will come to this end.