Friday, September 01, 2006

AIDS Stay - Behinds

About 150 delegates of last month International Aids Conference Stayed in Toronto and filed Refugee Claims according to The Toronto Sun headline today.

Most of the Claimants are Aids sufferers, including an activist from Eritrea who has to dash away from two state agents assigned to keep an eye at him, at the Airport before departure.

Some claimants claim discrimination in their own country for being an AIDS sufferer and that is a valid reason for refugee claim. Some I believe would just want to take advantage of our Taxpayers’ paid medical care that all Canadian Citizens and Legal Residents enjoy, that maybe suffecient ground for refusal, but for humanitarian reason that could be taken into consideration. Most of this delegates are from African countries selected among the sufferers with strict conditions from their government to come back with their delegation. But for the desperate few, especially the activists that may have spoken against their government during the conference, coming back would be just a fastest way to their demise. And for the poor, who cannot afford the expensive medication for controlling the ravages of the HIV, Canada’s Health Care system is the only way to prolong their lives or at least living and dying in dignity. Immigration Canada said it might take at least a year to process all the applicants. This matter won’t raise much eyebrows among the public except for the few issues which I would like to touch in this blog.

>>Most of these Claimants may not be aware that knowingly spreading the virus, or not informing their sexual partners of their infection is a Criminal Offense in Canada. That before granting Refugee status to any deserving claimant, each should be made aware and be trained and schooled for safe sex and fully made to understand the consequence of unsafe sex. That if an infection result to death of a future partner(s) that they are subject to a Charge of Intentional Homicide and be Punished accordingly, regardless of their disease.

>>That if they are incapable of working for a living that the Taxpayers’ social assistance provided will be used solely for them and not for the purpose of helping their kins and extended family members. Otherwise, if they are independently able to avail themselves of gainful employment or engagement in lawful business, then they have the rights like any other citizens and legal residents.

>> That during the filing to the time of resolution of their case, that they all are entitled to the Health Benefits and Social benefits, either in detention (usually at a holiday inn or minimum security center) or if granted freedom from detention that they be monitored strictly and make sure that they do not spread the virus that they as delegates to the Conference had come together in our City to find ways and solutions to stop the spread of our modern day plague.

Not much to ask for those who ask our understanding and our generosity...