Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Brothers' Grandsons

Grandpa and Josh in tha backyard somewhere in San Pedro, Laguna in his portable swimming pool. Kids and water and grandparents are inseparable.
New born baby Josh. Made my Brother and his Wife world back to normally happy when their first and only grand-daughter and family left for the U.S. (previous blog).

Baby Manuel was born just recently to my niece in the beautiful city of Toril, Davao, a few months after my elder brother and my best friend passed away suddenly of heart attack. A Grandson, his first, he had never seen. Rest assured my dear Brother, he will be in good hands. Another child born, your very own grandson to carry on. Peace be with you ever more.

At peace with himself, few days after birth. A split image of Grandpa and ears like mine.