Saturday, August 19, 2006

To the Eyes of those who are there, he would not really amount to anything.

Rep Locsin maybe partly right, that to the eyes of those who are here, we amount to nothing. Really? And what would we amount had we stayed and become the victims of Political Assassinations? Unemployment? If we get sick and can't afford the treatment, because we could even hardly afford our daily sustenance? That the representatives we voted to represent us, our interest, instead once in power, more too often are the ones who betray our trust. That the the government who swear to uphold the law and the constitution is the same that is accused of corrupting its own subject. He was talking to the Ateneans, mostly, the very rich and wealthy among the society. But unknowing to the Honorable Representative there are a Lot of us who amount to something in the eyes of our neighbors, our employers, our leaders, our new country, to our fellow citizens who for reasons of their own, left their own native land and homeland and never look back.

Some of us may go back home and see our last days in the arms of our beloved Philippines. Some for the reason that we left a few or many family members we want to spend the twilight years of our lives. Some for the reason, that with the pension in dollars and the benefits we can carry all over the world, it is much, much cheaper to live there than in our adopted country. Some for the reason, that Rep. Locsin himself, has beautifully articulated in his speech.

And then for our children, who other than the color of their skin, can no longer consider themselves the nationality of their parents, but of the land they were born. That someday they will grow up and come to realize that they are equal to men and women of all colors, race, original nationalities and opportunities in life. Then and maybe then, we will amount to something wherever we are...

This piece is in response to Rep. Locsin Jr. speech delivered at the 40 anniversary commencement of School of Business, Ateneo de Manila, 6 August 2006. For complete text of the speech here is the site:
And here the particular quote which my thoughts and response is addressed to:

"To those back home, a man might seem to have amounted to something abroad; but he will never really amount to anything in the eyes of those out there. That is why we all come home all from rebellious youth and wanderlust all back to our original faith and native country; to die in their arms at last; but, before then and better yet, to amount to something as only we can in the estimation of our own kind."