Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Philippines' Association of Colleges and Universities Annual Picnic

Today, I was downloading pictures taken by my niece Bibs and nephew Pao during their Toronto holiday last month and some of the pictures were taken during the Annual Philippine Colleges and Universities annual Picnic.
For the past several years now, the Philippine Colleges and Universities Alumni Association of Greater Toronto Area hold an annual Picnic at Centennial Park in the City of Mississauga. A very prosperous and progressive city Bordering south of Toronto, lead by Mayor "Hurricane" Hazel Mccalllion, the ageless (in her 80's) unchallenged, uncontested, beloved mayor of one of Canada’s foremost city for more than three decades. As if Hazel needs my plug here.

The annual event is your typical reunion of alumni, faculty and staff and families of most educational institutions represented by few and some by many. From Centro Escolar, to Central Philippine University of Iloilo, U.P. and U.E., Ateneo and La Salle, for one day in one summer’s weekend get together and just have fun, fun in the sun. With lots of beer and the Cops just look the other way around. Guys, just don’t drive drunk.. For one day in summer, no politics, no war, no terrorism, just fun in the sun!!..You just wish.. it’s the same the day after...