Monday, August 14, 2006

To be Gay or not to be:

A certain Isagani Cruz is now a centre piece of so much controversy in the Philippines for the the piece he wrote for Philippine Daily Inquirer which to some was interpreted as biased against one of the most visible groups in the country; the Gay community. My take on the issue, which I also posted (as comment) on some of the "country blogsite" is reprinted here:

Sexual orientation is now one among the groups (others are race, colour, sex, physical and mental disability, and age), that are included in tha Anti-Hate Law of Canada.

The Law (Criminal Code) states that discussion, publication, and broadcasting of material or writing in any forms (movie, literature, novel) that promote hatred toward or among the groups is a criminal offense. Exemption maybe applied to if done in private, or in context of religious discussion. So if you’re in Canada, before speaking or writing your thoughts and views and opinions put them to test first.

By the way, same sex marriage has now been recognized legally and accorded the same legal status and benefits as traditional marriage, which is between a man and a woman. And also the issue of sexual orientation is no longer an issue in this country. It was a divisive one, but we were able put it to rest and in the end, One Great Canadian once said “The government has no business in the nation’s bedrooms." And with that a pleasant day to all..

And here is one more:

Opinions are opinions, but there are times that some of our opinions are better keep for ourselves. There is one simple test, especially for those whose opinion is widely dissiminated, to pass before considering going along and share them with others. It is going to create hatred toward or among the intended group? Is the benefits of opinion proportional with the harm or lesser than it might cause? We must remember that many tragic events had resulted because of some peoples’ opinion that could have been better left where it started, in the head of its creator.

I would like to make it clear that I, being a card-carrying member of the Conservative Party of Canada, supoorted the stand of my Party which is against same-sex marriage. But the Court through its ruling on a case brought before it decided that the law which states that marriage is only legal between a man and woman of legal age is in violation of the Rights to Equality. The court has decided and to that we all must abide. For the sake of Unity and the Common good of our Society, we have to tolerate and accept our diversity in every aspects of our life including our cultures, lifestyle and way of life. This True North will be forever Strong and Free...