Sunday, February 03, 2008

India's 'Doctor Kidney' safe at GTA (Toronto Area)

Dr. Amet Kumar is wanted in India

The Doctor wanted by Indian Police and has been the subject of the rarely used RED NOTICE warrant for being the suspected Leader of the underground Kidney Trafficking Ring that illegally harvested hundreds of kidneys by either duping the source or forcing at gunpoint to give up a kidney for transplant to wealthy clients, Indians or Foreigners, is for the Meantime Safe with his Wife and children at his Greater Toronto Home..

It is illegal in India to sell a kidney; the Interpol warrant charges Kumar with "crimes against life and health" and being part of a criminal enterprise.

Neighbours said the Kumars, wife Poonam Ameet and two sons ages 5 and 4 moved to the Area last April and the children attend a local private school..

Documents obtained by the Star show the couple bought a 4-bedroom home at Pali Drive (city of Brampton**) in a predominantly Indian neighbourhood of Bovaird Dr. and Airport Rd. In April 2007 for $610,000..***
**Brampton is a city southwest of Toronto approximately 30 kms from downtown with Mississauga in Between..
***$610,000 is above average for a house in the area, which usually top at $500,000..

Neighbours have a mixed impression towards the doctor; some say he’s some kind of introvert, some say he’s candid and up front and some said they joke about him at parties that he must be loaded to have such a young and beautiful wife but none was prepared to hear about the news of what he was alleged to be...

A spokesman for the RCMP said that they have limited information about the Indian Investigation but had been in touch through Interpol...

Modus Operandi: Teams of Kidney Scouts roamed the labour market in Delhi and cities in Uttar Praddesh, the poorest Indian’s state in search for potential donors..some prospect were offered outright for one of their kidneys for $1000 to $2500 and others were forced at gunpoint or drugged...The syndicate charges $50,000 for Transplant....