Monday, March 05, 2007

Guaranteed Income for All Canadians --- Guaranteed Dignity...

An example cited by the Article on how a typical working poor live on an income from a part time job and the Governments (Federal and Provincial) benefits and claw back for Welfare recipient as compared to what a Working Poor will Receive under the Guaranteed Income Scheme now proposed by many social economists and getting the attention of Political Leaders and is listed as the top Priority of the Federal Government. The actual scenario may not be similar but the goals is to assure that all Canadians will be able to live in Dignity.

Families further ahead under income plan...
Myriam Canas-Mendes' actual income/deductions for March (based on February earnings)
Welfare Allotment
Basic needs, including the Canada Child Tax Benefit and National Child Benefit Supplement: $559
Shelter $583
Special diet (Canas-Mendes is a borderline diabetic):$585
Shelter fund, an allowance to cover heating costs from December to May: $183
Earnings: $879.44
Total: $2789.44
National Child Benefit Supplement: $226.42
Earnings: $439.72
Total deductions:$666.14

TOTAL INCOME: $2,123.30

Canas-Mendes' March income under a Guaranteed Annual Income Plan as suggested by economist Mike McCracken
Guaranteed Income Allotment
Adult: $1,000
1st child: $1,000
2nd child: $500
Earnings: $879.44

TOTAL INCOME: $3,379.44**

* In lone-parent families the first child would qualify as equivalent to a spouse.

**This is computed as a monthly income.
Further it is recommended to increase the child allowance for lower income children to $5,000 annually from the current $3, 283.

This is one among the plans suggested and the question is what’s the hold up?

"The Idea of entitlement". Many people don’t like the idea and when they hear about ‘guarantee’ most will equate with rights without the responsibilities.

And many also fear that with sufficient guaranteed income, many will just choose not to work. But in the contrary it will force Employers, because of the shortages of labour to offer attractive options for people to join the labour force, thereby making the program reserve only for those who can’t and are not capable of making a descent income..

It is expected that the Province of Saskatchewan, who’s government for the more than 3 decades is under the same New Democrats ( Socialists) will be the first jurisdiction to implement this Plan, as it did with the now Guaranteed Basic Health Care for all Canadians.