Sunday, May 04, 2008

Rudolph must die! --How about Chicken Little?

A reindeer is seen resting in a field with its fawn at the Toronto Zoo. For the first time in the zoo's history, newborn calves were "euthanized due to being male" for herd management reasons, officials said. (Michael Peake, Sun Media)

Wait until Santa finds out. Toronto Zoo starts killing male baby reindeer to manage the herd. Staff are heartbroken -- and furious By Mike Strobel

Toronto Zoo brass say ... Rudolph must die!
Dear Santa: I hope you are sitting down.

The Toronto Zoo is killing baby boy reindeer.
Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now Prancer...

The first was dispatched shortly after his birth April 8.
His mom, Hayzel, bellowed mournfully for two days. You could hear her from Meadowvale Rd.

The second met the same fate at the point of a hypodermic on April 22.
His mom, CUPE, is named for the zoo staff's union.

And their only fault were being born of the wrong gender, boy!! one is coming anytime soon, and hoping it is a girl...
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Lucky Clucky feasts directly from the bowl of plenty while behind her Sally and Heidi forage on the backyard lawn. The chickens are illegal in Toronto, a situation their owner is hoping to change.

It is Legal in New York, Portland, Chicago and Seattle and dozens other cities in the U.S., but Toronto By-Laws forbid poultry for Health reasons but allow raising Pigeons provided they rest, roost or perch only on their owner’s property.
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