Sunday, April 13, 2008

RCMP siezed Protest Ship....

RCMP seizes seal hunt protest ship:

UDATE:The Minister was Right after all.

It's all about the money, environmental crusader told CBC's Barbara Frum
Apr 16, 2008 06:08 PM THE CANADIAN PRESS

HALIFAX–An environmental crusader at the centre of the anti-sealing movement is standing by comments he made 30 years ago in which he rebuked other conservation groups for exploiting harp seals for profit.

In a 1978 CBC radio interview, now being circulated on YouTube, Paul Watson slams Greenpeace and others for focusing protests on seal hunting because "it is very easy to exploit," even though the species is not endangered.

Watson, the 57-year-old co-founder of Greenpeace who later established the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, tells the interviewer that conservation groups campaign to protect seals because the animals are "cute" and their images help generate more donations than efforts to save other species.
"Oh, it's definitely because it's easier to make money and because it does make a profit," he says in the seven-minute discussion with Barbara Frum.

And now it is the same Mr. Watson and his organization who is raising Millions in Donations protesting the Seal Hunts which is neither for Conservation (seals are not among endangered species) nor for Cruelty as Experts in the Fields had declared that the methods of harvesting the Seals is as humane as killing of animals in the Slaughterhouse..Well it is because it is cute and easy to raise me and many who depends on the annual hunt for their livelihood this is like a scam no different than other schemes taking advantage of emotional issues for their own personal gains..Fisheries Minister Hearn was right after all: "a bunch of money-sucking manipulators"

for the rest of the story, it is here and the video here

They can Protest, yet they have to abide by our Rules, that’s all we ask of them!!!
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HALIFAX – An RCMP tactical squad stormed and seized the anti-sealing vessel Farley Mowat today, in a provocative move the federal fisheries minister said would prevent "a bunch of money-sucking manipulators" from interfering with the annual hunt.

Paul Watson, head of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, said the seizure of his ship and the arrests of two senior officers amounted to an "act of war" because the vessel is registered in the Netherlands

Seal Hunt is a legal livelihood for many Canadians in the East Coast for decades now and it is also strictly regulated like any legal activities such as fishing and hunting. Every year during the Season, there are high Profile Protesters adding their voices against the annual ritual and Europe is contemplating banning all Seal Products coming from Canada, well and good, we do not have problems with that.

But the issue here, while it is still legal for our fishermen and seal hunters to engage in their lawful livelihood, it is our Right and we reserve to exercise that right to protect them in our Water and Shores under our Laws and under the International Laws of the Seas.
And just to show that we are not strangers to confrontation and would not hesitate to do what we believe is right, we do have some little experience with those who showed disregards of our rules..

To be sure, the Canadian Coast Guard and the Fisheries Department are no strangers to confrontation on the water.
On March 9, 1995, as Spain and Canada were locked in an emotional battle over the overfishing of turbot just beyond Canadian waters, the coast guard patrol vessel Cape Roger intercepted the Spanish trawler Estai, which cut its nets and fled.
After a lengthy pursuit, the crew of the Cape Roger fired four bursts from .50-calibre machine gun across the bow of the Estai, which then stopped and was seized by RCMP and Fisheries officers