Thursday, August 02, 2007

Something Good for the Health of Womanhood...

Dr. Jenny Blake, chief of obstretics at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, who has treated Cerivical Cancer patients, has already taken daughter Allie DePetrillo, 16, for HPV shots at her expense and she takes issue against those who questions the merits of the vaccine..

Girls to Get Cervical Cancer Vaccine... Gardasil..

Premier to announce $39 million voluntary immunization program for Grade 8 students
Starting this fall Grade 8 girls a cross Ontario will be offered Free Vaccines to prevent them from sexually transmitted virus that cause cervical cancer.

This program was financed by the Federal Government $300 millions voluntary vaccination program across Canada. In Ontario it is expected to immunize up to 84,000 students this year and will continue for at least another 2 years. After that it is not know if the Province will take over the program.

The vaccine, Gardasil, immunizes against the most deadly forms of Human Papillomavirus (HPV), the leading cause of cervical cancer.

It's the second most common cancer for women aged 20 to 44, after breast cancer.
In Ontario, some 550 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 150 die every year.
Gardasil is already available in Ontario but OHIP does not cover the $400 per person cost of the vaccine. Some employee benefit plans may cover it.

Health Canada approved Gardasil last summer for use in girls and women aged 9 to 26.
(Anyone under the age group who wish to have the vaccines, talk to your Doctor and check the coverage of your Extended Care, or your parents or guardian, otherwise be ready to fork out $400.)
Note: The Universal Health Care are not the same for every Province. Basic care like Hospital care for all sickness and illness are covered including procedures and medical bills and hospital stays with no limit, including medications during confinement, but maintenance medication and prescription pills are only covered fully under a separate Drug Plan Programs for Senior Citizens, Physically and Mentally disabled, indigents, social assistance recipients, or disabled due to health or accident, minors and basically all those that can not afford or without means. And there are medications and appliances not covered by these Drug Plans, but most often covered by those who are gainfully employed thru the Extended Insurance Plan by Employers. And that could include medication for ED (erectile dysfuncitons) and other lifestyle drugs...

The vaccine protects against infection from four separate strains of HPV, which combined, cause 70 per cent of all cases of cervical cancer.

But a Canadian Medical Association Journal paper, released online yesterday, says there is no "epidemic" of cervical cancer in Canada to warrant a vaccination program for girls
(Can’t understand the contention of the CMA, to me 400 deaths annually is a concern)

Across Canada, cervical cancer kills 400 women each year.
Worldwide, about 250,000 women die from the disease annually.
Eligible expenses for people taking the altruistic step of donating a kidney or part of their liver, whether to a loved one or a stranger, must be pre-approved by officials. Once that approval is obtained, the program will reimburse donors up to $5,500 for any travel, accommodation or meal expenses, or for lost income. August 3, 2:45 PM eastern daylight....